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How to Create a Strong Business Continuity Plan Step-by-Step

Having a business continuity plan (BCP) is becoming increasingly important to preempt any major road bumps your company could…

Mohit Oberoi
2 days ago
Small Business

Gross Pay vs Net Pay: 2023 Guide for Employers and Workers

It’s absolutely vital for business owners, executives, and employees to understand the difference between gross pay vs net pay.…

Mohit Oberoi
September 15, 2023
Small Business

W-2 vs 1099 Workers: Here’s What Employers Need to Know

It’s no surprise that many employers struggle with the classic W-2 vs 1099 worker dilemma when looking for the…

Mohit Oberoi
September 12, 2023
Small Business

How to Get a Business Credit Card in 5 Simple Steps

Are you wondering how to get a business credit card that meets your company’s unique needs? With so many…

Alejandro Arrieche
September 8, 2023
Small Business

How to Run an Effective Business Meeting

At Business2Community, we know that many managers and business people don’t know how to run an effective business meeting…

Kristoffer Holten
September 6, 2023
Small Business

Trello vs Asana in 2023 – How to Pick Which Project Management Tool Is Right for You

As project management tools become more and more necessary in today’s increasingly complex business world, you may already be…

Henry Stater
August 31, 2023
Small Business

What Is Gross Revenue? Explained With Examples

Gross revenue is the sum total of income generated from a business’s operations. This includes income from the sale…

Jimmy Aki
August 28, 2023
Small Business

Best Sales Tracking Software and Strategies Explained With Examples

Extensive sales tracking offers more than the ability to monitor your monthly or quarterly sales figures. It provides valuable…

Jimmy Aki
August 22, 2023
Sales Management

What Is Corporate Strategy? How to Design One for Your Business

Corporate strategy is essential for companies to thrive in competitive markets. It refers to the overall, long-term plan of…

Alejandro Arrieche
August 21, 2023

How to Use Strategic Initiatives to Turbocharge Your Business

Strategic initiatives are the secret sauces that fuel the growth and development of companies. While setting goals is easy,…

Jimmy Aki
August 9, 2023

What Is Strategic Risk? Explained Through Examples

In today’s fast-paced digital economy, strategic risk management is a fundamental aspect of any successful business, but despite this,…

Sam Cooling
August 7, 2023
Small Business

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