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Cloud Computing

What is cloud computing? Check out these articles to learn how cloud computing impacts your business and what you can do to achieve success in the cloud.

5 Ways Cloud Computing Helps You Succeed

Though the idea of “The Cloud” can feel almost celestial, as if data were flowing in a river above…

Bill Price
October 27, 2020
Cloud Computing

3 Reasons SaaS is Critical for Online Payments

If you’ve ever purchased software for your organization, then you’re likely familiar with the term SaaS, or Software as…

Bob Bennett
October 21, 2020
Cloud Computing

Infrastructure-as-Code: 3 Pipeline Scenarios for Continuous Integration & Delivery

Infrastructure-as-code (IaC) takes all of the proven techniques of DevOps software development and applies them to cloud infrastructure. It’s…

Anshul Patel
October 16, 2020
Cloud Computing

Digital Leaders’ Conversations No Longer Focusing on “Work from Home”

We’ve been talking about work from home for the greater part of 2020. But for digital leaders, the conversation…

Tricia Morris
October 7, 2020
Cloud Computing

Tips for Purchasing Software Through Cloud Marketplaces

One of the activities we are engaged in is the cloud marketplaces run by the large public cloud providers.…

Andy Richman
October 2, 2020
Cloud Computing

Does Your Startup Really Need Microservices?

It seems impossible to be in the tech industry and not at least have heard the term “microservices” in…

Alex Sokolov
October 1, 2020
Cloud Computing

Why Open Source NLP Libraries Have the Edge on Cloud Services

The business value of natural language processing (NLP) is indisputable, and there’s never been a time this technology has…

David Talby
September 30, 2020
Cloud Computing

5 Reasons Supply Chain Management is Evolving Because of Cloud Technology

The advancement of cloud technology brings with it major improvements to supply chain management. Offering a wide range of…

Nicholas Shaw
September 11, 2020
Cloud Computing

Your Approval Workflows for Cloud Resource Provisioning Are Costing You Money

ITSM tools like ServiceNow have capabilities for creating approval workflows and processes for change control tracking such as cloud…

Chris Parlette
September 8, 2020
Cloud Computing

AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud Governance Models

The deliverability of cloud governance models has improved as public cloud usage continues to grow and mature. These models…

Jay Chapel
September 4, 2020
Cloud Computing

Complete Guide on How to Become an AWS Solutions Architect in 2020

AWS is a big guy in the cloud computing world for a lot of justified reasons. AWS server’s capacity…

Vinod Janapala
August 25, 2020
Cloud Computing

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