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Cloud Computing

What is cloud computing? Check out these articles to learn how cloud computing impacts your business and what you can do to achieve success in the cloud.

Cloud Solutions for SMEs: Pros and Cons

The cloud has not only conquered large corporations in recent years but also offers some advantages for small and…

Peter Navarro
June 10, 2021
Cloud Computing

Everything You Need to Know About Serverless Architecture

According to MarketsandMarkets analysis, the serverless architecture market size is estimated to grow from USD 7.6 billion in 2020…

Mitul Makadia
May 27, 2021
Cloud Computing

How to Start a Transformational Change Management Process

More often than not, it’s the employees that find the problems in their business. And sadly, most employees avoid…

Kevin Shuler
May 24, 2021
Cloud Computing

Top 6 Reasons Why Businesses Move to the Cloud

Making the move to the cloud brings a multitude of benefits for businesses, regardless of their size. For most,…

Caterina Bassano
May 13, 2021
Cloud Computing

Gartner Predicts Public Cloud Services Market Will Reach $397.4B by 2022

Worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services is forecast to grow 23.1% in 2021 to total $332.3 billion, up…

Louis Columbus
May 13, 2021
Cloud Computing

The Rise of the Data Cloud: 5 Key Trends to Know in 2021

The Vs of Big Data were recently upgraded to 7 from 5, with Variability and Visualization joining the original…

Swapnil Bhagwat
April 11, 2021
Cloud Computing

AWS PrivateLink Now Includes On-Premise Access to S3

Since the introduction of Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), this service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) has delivered…

Vimal Patel
April 9, 2021
Cloud Computing

How to Transfer Files From OneDrive to Google Drive

Fast Facts Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are the two biggest corporate email providers. Both come equipped with lots…

Andrew Lopez
April 1, 2021
Cloud Computing

Creating Chaos Experiments with AWS Fault Injection Simulator

When digital systems unexpectedly fail, the consequences for businesses are huge. The cost of downtime can run to thousands…

Dirghayu Dave
March 31, 2021
Cloud Computing

Is Cloud Computing Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, it is! And sustainable, too. But it comes with a catch. Fortunately, main cloud providers have assertive initiatives…

Adam Goulston
March 17, 2021
Cloud Computing

Cloud Elasticity Was the Goal. Are You Achieving It?

There are three advantages of using public cloud: cloud elasticity, agility, and cost reduction. However – most public cloud…

Katy Stalcup
March 13, 2021
Cloud Computing

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