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Impact of Cloud Computing in Different Industries

The global cloud computing industry is predicted to increase at a 16.3 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from…

Srushti Shah
January 11, 2022
Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing: Benefits, Disadvantages & Types of Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing is one of the hottest catchphrases in business today. It has transformed the way organizations store, access…

Matt McDermott
December 22, 2021
Cloud Computing

View on 2022: A Solution to E-commerce Supply Chain Woes Lies in the Cloud

The 2021 holiday season has been one filled with cheers and jeers for online retailers and their customers. E-commerce…

Lex Boost
December 18, 2021
Cloud Computing

How Cloud Leaders Succeed in Maximizing Their Investments

The return that organizations stand to gain from successful cloud implementations extends far beyond reduced infrastructure costs. The cloud…

Milind Halapeth
December 14, 2021
Cloud Computing

Why Cloud-Based Procurement Can Be More Beneficial Than You Think

It’s no secret that procuring is a complicated process to keep track of. As a result, visibility becomes increasingly…

Chintan Jain
December 9, 2021
Cloud Computing

What Value Does a Cloud Data Platform Hold For Your Business?

It has been roughly two decades since cloud computing first appeared on the scene, and yet, despite overwhelming evidence…

James Warner
December 7, 2021
Cloud Computing

7 Reasons Why Brands Move to Cloud Contact Center

Strong communication is precious between customers and the company. A cloud contact center can be defined as a capacity…

Shruti Bansal
November 26, 2021
Cloud Computing

3 Cloud Technology Trends to Invest in for a Better Contact Center Future

Some 32% of organizations were running their contact centers with cloud technology at the end of 2020. And within…

Laura Krajewski
October 18, 2021
Cloud Computing

Cloud Cost Management 101

Cloud cost management is one of the top priorities of tech companies today. Why? There’s no doubt that cloud…

Maxim Melamedov
October 15, 2021
Cloud Computing

Why Load Balancing is Vital to Cloud Computing Environments

Although cloud computing environments have been around for the better part of two decades, recent studies indicate that its…

Srushti Shah
October 6, 2021
Cloud Computing

What’s All the Investment Fuss About Cloud Computing?

As data computing needs become more demanding, traditional onsite data storage methods prove outdated. Just like the iconic line…

Andrew Zola
September 29, 2021
Cloud Computing

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