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Cloud Computing

What is cloud computing? Check out these articles to learn how cloud computing impacts your business and what you can do to achieve success in the cloud.

Cloud Financial Management – The New Focus of the AWS Well-Architected Cost Optimization Pillar

In July, AWS updated the cost optimization pillar of their Well-Architected Framework to focus on cloud financial management. This change…

Nicole Bavis
August 21, 2020
Cloud Computing

Public Cloud Adoption Statistics & Market Shares Through the PMC Lens

While we monitor the market as a whole, cloud adoption statistics are indicators of market share among the large providers.…

Andy Richman
August 18, 2020
Cloud Computing

What Are the Benefits of Cloud Managed Services?

Data and information management is important to every modern business. And without proper cloud management, you are risking your business…

Vinod Janapala
August 6, 2020
Cloud Computing

Why Early-Age Startups Should Switch to Cloud Storage

Importance of data in the digital world Data is the new oil - Clive Humby In 2006, he coined this…

Dhruv Mehta
August 4, 2020
Cloud Computing

Is This the One Use Case Where a Multi-Cloud Architecture Actually Makes Sense?

There’s a lot of talk about multi-cloud architecture – and apparently, a lot of disagreement about whether there is actually…

Katy Stalcup
August 1, 2020
Cloud Computing

Where Are You on the Cloud Spend Optimization Maturity Curve?

Cloud spend optimization is always top of mind for public cloud users. It’s usually up there with Security, Governance, and…

Jay Chapel
July 30, 2020
Cloud Computing

Hybrid Cloud Security: Benefits and Challenges

There is no doubt that cloud computing technology is now reaching all sizes of businesses and markets, offering a great…

Asim Rais Siddiqui
July 22, 2020
Cloud Computing

AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Free Tier Comparison

Whether you’re new to public cloud altogether or already use one provider and are interested in trying another, you may…

Nicole Bavis
July 18, 2020
Cloud Computing

Optimize Performance & Cut Cost with AWS Autoscaling Services

One of the best ways of getting the most out of the AWS Cloud platform is autoscaling, and it is…

Dirghayu Dave
July 9, 2020
Cloud Computing

The Multi-Cloud Environment in 2020: Advantages and Disadvantages

Now more than ever, organizations have been implementing multi-cloud environments for their public cloud infrastructure. We not only see this…

Nicole Bavis
July 7, 2020
Cloud Computing

Remote Work and What It Means for the Future of Network Architecture

If you had asked any pundit going into 2020 about remote work trends for the coming year, most would have…

Jeff Harrell
June 30, 2020
Cloud Computing

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