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In order to dominate your competition, it takes business intelligence and analytics to make smarter decisions. Check out these best practices for developing business intelligence.

These Are the Ingredients For a Self-Service BI Strategy

Self-service BI implementations are a bit like cakes in that they don’t turn out well without a tried and…

Mike Brody
August 27, 2021
Business Intelligence

7 Ways Business Intelligence (BI) Will Revolutionize Your Organization in 2022 and Beyond

Data analysis helps put your company ahead of your competitors. The use of business intelligence involves taking all the…

Eleanor Hecks
August 23, 2021
Business Intelligence

Data Compliance Survey: How Seriously Are Businesses Taking Data Privacy Laws?

Ah, privacy. No matter who you are or where you live, you probably appreciate its benefits in many areas…

Mary Dolan
July 22, 2021
Business Intelligence

How to Assess an Embedded BI Vendor’s Customer Relationship Before You Buy

Our relationships with enterprise software vendors are almost as important as the products themselves, and nowhere is this more…

Mike Brody
July 21, 2021
Business Intelligence

The Power of Recombinant Data in Search

An overview of recombinant data and how combining data sets such as keyword impressions, page sessions, related search listings,…

Chris Pitt
June 30, 2021
Business Intelligence

Tips for Using Data to Elevate Sales and Marketing Efforts

There is a virtually endless amount of data available when it comes to marketing, from social media, to email…

Christa Tuttle
June 29, 2021
Business Intelligence

Top 5 Embedded Business Intelligence Best Practices

Businesses thrive because they fail in new and exciting ways. Little failures every day add up to big lessons.…

Mike Brody
June 25, 2021
Business Intelligence

Data is the New Currency. Don’t Let It Slip Through Your Fingers

Flashy modern developments like cryptocurrency, blockchain, and the IoT have been billed as the currencies of the future. When…

Peter Daisyme
June 23, 2021
Business Intelligence

The Barriers to Digital Transformation – and How to Overcome Them With Workflow Automation

Enterprises around the world have been embarking on digital transformation journeys for years now. Even businesses that weren’t there…

John Milburn
June 15, 2021
Business Intelligence

What is the Difference Between BI and Analytics?

BI and analytics are both umbrella terms referring to a type of data insight software. Many providers use them…

Mike Brody
June 4, 2021
Business Intelligence

Natural Language Generation – Beyond Business Intelligence

It goes without saying that in order for companies to make better decisions, optimize processes, increase productivity, and drive…

Mitul Makadia
June 4, 2021
Business Intelligence

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