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In order to dominate your competition, it takes business intelligence and analytics to make smarter decisions. Check out these best practices for developing business intelligence.

COVID-19: New Entrepreneurs Finding Motivation Amidst Misfortune

The COVID-19 pandemic is the worst event to have rocked the global economy since the economic crisis of 2008.…

Joseph Chukwube
September 11, 2020
Business Intelligence

Why Now is Actually the Perfect Time to Give SaaS Users Ad Hoc Reporting

It might be time to consider how much stickiness and utility self-service (ad hoc) BI could bring to your…

Mike Brody
September 1, 2020
Business Intelligence

How to Get All Your Ad Data into Google Analytics

Not long ago, it was common for marketers and web analysts to spend the bulk of their day staring…

Constantine Yurevich
August 7, 2020
Business Intelligence

How to Create a KPI Dashboard on Google Data Studio Using Templates

If you work for a marketing agency, and whether it’s with paid ads, SEO, social media, email marketing, or…

Johannes Rastas
August 7, 2020
Business Intelligence

How RPA Technology Will Help Your Organization Come Out of Crisis Mode

Times are tough, but businesses are tougher, and that’s why they survive. Innovation and adaptability are the two primary…

Shardul Bhatt
August 4, 2020
Business Intelligence

Start Integrating Data-Driven Decisions in Your Business Through BI

Until recently, business intelligence (BI) software was the prerogative of big businesses that had many technical and data science…

Sergey Grybniak
July 9, 2020
Business Intelligence

Why Data is the New Kid on the Digital Block

Data has always been fundamental to the success of digital. Like Batman and Robin, they have supported each other…

Alex Toma
July 7, 2020
Business Intelligence

8 Tips for Designing Your BI End User Training Program

A couple of years ago, our Client Advisory Board meeting featured a panel discussion titled “Understanding the End User,”…

Mike Brody
July 4, 2020
Business Intelligence

UiPath vs Blue Prism: Comparison Between the Leading RPA Providers

30-seconds summary: RPA- A Closer Look: The way businesses operate is changing and investing early on in Robotic Process…

Amit Dua
June 23, 2020
Business Intelligence

How Relationship Data Can Create Operational Success

No matter what industry you’re in, growth is always top-of-mind. Client roster growth, revenue growth, operational growth… they’re all…

Dan Dowling
May 25, 2020
Business Intelligence

How Data Can Help You Recession-Proof Your Career

He irritated the executives at Procter and Gamble (P&G), but succeeded in getting them to think differently. Never satisfied…

Daniel Codella
May 21, 2020
Business Intelligence

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