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In order to dominate your competition, it takes business intelligence and analytics to make smarter decisions. Check out these best practices for developing business intelligence.

What Is the Difference Between Agile Testing vs. Traditional Testing? Are You Making the Right Choice?

Faster product delivery is the need of the hour today for IT businesses to stand strong in the competitive…

Mitul Makadia
May 15, 2021
Business Intelligence

5 Steps Toward a Successful Annual Budget

Creating a successful annual budget is one of the most important things you can do for your company. As…

Hailey Friedman
April 20, 2021
Business Intelligence

Estimating the Cost of Embedded Business Intelligence Solutions

Business intelligence (BI) solutions are costly, and embedded business intelligence solutions even more so. Why? Because embedded solutions have…

Mike Brody
April 19, 2021
Business Intelligence

What are the Features of a Comprehensive BI Solution?

Even organizations with niche requirements find security in comprehensive BI solutions. Since it’s virtually impossible to anticipate the myriad…

Mike Brody
March 16, 2021
Business Intelligence

9 Key Benefits of DevOps

DevOps has quickly garnered the IT industry’s attention and for all the right reasons. With the ever-changing and fast-paced…

Mitul Makadia
March 12, 2021
Business Intelligence

20 Stats Proposal Managers Need Before Making That Next Big Decision (New Data)

The legendary Ted Lasso once said, “Takin’ on a challenge is a lot like riding a horse. If you’re…

Jamie Feigenbaum
February 19, 2021
Business Intelligence

How Call Centers Can Implement Intelligent Technology to Improve Operations

Technology is everywhere, affecting everything. Intelligent technology, however, is possibly having the biggest impact of all. This type of…

Richard Conn
February 18, 2021
Business Intelligence

How to Integrate and Align Data to Maximize Revenue and Growth in Your Organization

As your company develops a strategy to meet its goals, it is worth taking a look internally to see…

Heather Quitos
February 12, 2021
Business Intelligence

Every Statistic Has a Who

38% of Americans consider themselves flexitarian. 36.5% of Americans are clinically obese. 93% of people believe breakfast is essential,…

Elliot Begoun
February 9, 2021
Business Intelligence

5 Artificial Intelligence Predictions for 2021

AI has expanded its grip on our lives throughout the past few years. Even as a global pandemic, COVID-19…

Lovepreet Dhaliwal
February 2, 2021
Business Intelligence

What Agency Edge Research Can Tell You About Your Clients

Even before the pandemic hit, many of my agency clients expected some form of an economic downturn in 2020.…

Drew McLellan
January 18, 2021
Business Intelligence

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