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Business Intelligence

In order to dominate your competition, it takes business intelligence and analytics to make smarter decisions. Check out these best practices for developing business intelligence.

The Best Employee Monitoring Software for Windows in 2024 | Remote Employee Monitoring

The best employee monitoring software lets you see everything your employees do on company-owned devices, be it laptops, desktop PCs,…

Aleksandar Stevanovic
November 3, 2022
Business Innovation

Best Employee Time Tracking Software in 2024 | Top 10 Reviewed and Compared

The best employee time tracking software will help you in monitoring employee hours, internet, and device activity so that you…

Krishi Chowdary
November 1, 2022
Business Innovation

The Best Employee Tracking Software in 2024 | Reviewed and Compared

The best employee tracking software can help with monitoring employee internet use, plus aid in detecting suspicious activity that puts…

October 28, 2022
Business Innovation

Best Business Intelligence Platforms – Top BI Tools for 2022

One of the quickest and most efficient ways of improving the day-to-day running of your business is to use data…

Jonathan Askew
April 1, 2022
Business Intelligence

What is Predictive Data Modeling? Top 10 Predictive Analytics Algorithms

What is Predictive Data Modeling? Predictive modeling is a statistical technique that can predict future outcomes with the help of…

Mitul Makadia
January 5, 2022
Business Intelligence

7 Proven Ways to Scale AI Projects and Speed Up AI Implementation In Your Organization

According to an Accenture report, 75% of C-Suite executives think that their business will go out of business within five…

Aabhas Vijay
November 30, 2021
Business Intelligence

Top 5 Benefits of Scaling Agile

Scaling Agile is the buzzword taking the software industry by storm and gaining popularity in other sectors like manufacturing, eCommerce,…

Mitul Makadia
October 29, 2021
Business Intelligence

Top 6 Application of Sentiment Analysis

With advancements in technology and fields like deep learning, sentiment analysis is becoming more and more common for companies that…

Mitul Makadia
October 15, 2021
Business Intelligence

Top 11 Tools for Regression Testing

Regression testing is a process of testing the software and analyzing whether the change of code, update, or improvements of…

Mitul Makadia
September 29, 2021
Business Intelligence

Empowering Developers with Conversational AI

AI and automation are rapidly becoming an integral part of modern software development and business applications. However, far too often…

Gleb Polyakov
September 21, 2021
Business Intelligence

Deep Neural Networks Addressing 8 Challenges in Computer Vision

As studied earlier, computer networks are one of the most popular and well-researched automation topics over the last many years.…

Mitul Makadia
September 6, 2021
Business Intelligence

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