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Social media has helped change the way we do business. Read the latest social media news and tips to learn how you can create social media marketing campaigns.

Cambodia Prime Minister Faces Meta Platforms’ Suspension

What The Prime Minister of Cambodia Hun Sen faces expulsion from Meta platforms Why Meta's oversight board says he has…

Stu Clelland
June 29, 2023
Social Media

100+ TikTok Statistics for July 2024 – Users, Revenue & More

From hilarious lip-sync battles to jaw-dropping dance challenges and even the occasional life hack, TikTok is your one-stop destination for…

Nicole Kolesnikov
May 22, 2023
Social Media

TikTok Launches Enforcement System To Punish Policy Offenders

TikTok is working to make it simpler for users to follow its rules and know what's happening to their profiles.…

Krishi Chowdary
February 6, 2023
Mobile & Apps

Lex, The Dating App For The LGBTQ+ Community, Is Being Redesigned

Key Takeaways on Lex: Lex, a dating and hookup app for the LGBTQ community launched in 2019, has undergone a…

Krishi Chowdary
February 4, 2023
Mobile & Apps

8 Great Tools to Post to All Social Media at Once [Updated List 2024]

At the heart of every digital marketing campaign are the social media management tools, used to post to multiple social…

Alan Draper
January 23, 2023
Social Media

Elon Musk Reinstates Donald Trump’s Twitter Account After Intense Poll

Elon Musk has implemented radical changes ever since he took ownership of Twitter. Last Friday, he held an impromptu poll…

Ilija Miljkovac
November 21, 2022
Business News

Meta Looking to Add Paid Features Two Years after Ditching ‘Always Free’ Slogan

Those who have been using Facebook would recall that the website carried the slogan “It's free and always will be.”…

Mohit Oberoi
September 1, 2022
Social Media

The Algorithm Conundrum

Everything in marketing and sales is about “the algorithm.” Each of us is a critical part of algorithm’s–actually we are…

Dave Brock
January 18, 2022
Social Media

Helpful Tips For Choosing The Perfect Social Media Influencer For Your Brand

Social media influencer marketing is a powerful digital marketing strategy that can create quick sales conversions, increase brand visibility and…

Erika Taylor Montgomery
January 17, 2022
Social Media

TikTok Offers Insights Into Sound

TikTok uses sound, we know this. But brands don’t necessarily know how to capitalise on the impact of sound on…

Sahail Ashraf
January 17, 2022
Social Media

The 6 Biggest, Baddest Social Media Platforms of 2024 (+How to Wield Their Power)

This is me, skipping the generic intro with stats about how many people use social media today. This is also…

Kristen McCormick
January 15, 2022
Social Media

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