In the world of websites and blogging, the one common theme across all sites is a never-ending need for more content. In most cases, content creation isn’t the problem… it’s more about content promotion and giving something of value to your audience.

With all of this in mind, one of the best ways to accomplish both of these feats, is to create content based around industry experts. The benefits of creating content around authority figures in your space is vast, such as bringing recognizable authority names to your site, while also having the opportunity for such content to be shared by featured experts as well. The end result could create lots of great content for your site, while also bringing in a nice consistent supply of new traffic as well.

To help with this process of discovering what works best when it comes to interviewing experts online, Blog Reign has created a great infographic on this topic — giving five working examples of how to create authority and experts content on the internet today.

Try each of the content creation methods below and see which might work best with your audience or business model.

Individual Interviews

Want to spotlight some of the best industry experts in your space, while also coming up with full-length articles in the process? If so, why not start creating weekly interview posts with different authorities in your niche. You can ask the same set of questions to all experts, or simply come up with new and original ones for each.

Expert Roundup Posts

A great way to bring a lot of authority and content to your site, is through the use of expert roundups. Ask one question to many different experts, then compile all of their responses into one big mega post. This is one of the best methods out there for getting social shares and massive content fast.

Co-Hosted Webinars

Webinars are a more advanced way to work with experts in your space, as you can co-host free webinars for your audience. At the same time, webinars can be a much more time consuming and costly process. Weigh your options to see if webinars and JV opportunities with other experts is right for you.

Podcast Interviews

If you ever wanted to start a podcast, but weren’t sure about what type of conversation or content you wanted to create, an interview-based show might be a great option for you. The best thing about podcast interviews is that your guest is going to be providing most of the content, while also likely sharing it with their audience as well. You can see a list of the top business podcasts doing this here.

Citations, Quotes and References

Another unique opportunity for including online experts and authorities within your content, is to simply reference their names, websites, quotes or best work right on your site. This type of name association and branding can do wonders for your own site, while also relating with your audience.

Try each of these methods and see which one is best for you and your online brand.

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