There are so many traffic strategies out there that you can employ to boost your blog’s growth. Every so often a new method will be blasted over the internet and we will all jump it to test its worth.

The truth is you don’t need a new fancy traffic generation method, when you have a blog you have the three most important components.

  1. Epic content that is designed to drive traffic.
  2. An email address that you can reach out to influencers.
  3. A opt in form that you can collect your own army of fans. ( you should start building your email list from day one!)

How many times have you heard the saying, “content is king?”

Billions of searches are made on Google every day for various types of content. There are also over a billion active websites and blogs on the internet today. With all of this content overload, it’s not a matter of simply creating content — it’s a matter of doing it better.

So let’s dive in and have a look at how you can design your content for maximum impact…

Explode Your Blog Content

What Does Your Content Need To Skyrocket Your Traffic?

Any blog post has the ability to becoming a traffic generating monster. As long as the actual content is valuable and solves your audience’s problem you can add these to get it circulated.

So what are these little pieces of gold?

  1. The post has to be easy to share (SumoMe and Click To Tweet are a great way to get this covered)
  2. Feature experts in your field (this is a great way to borrow authority from more established people.)
  3. Over deliver in every single way possible (great content isn’t enough you need EPIC content, you need to beat your competition in every way possible)

These things are so simple to implement you would be silly not to utilize them. Now let’s look at featuring experts, this is where people normally fall off the wagon.

New bloggers are scared to employ the help of others because they don’t feel they are good enough yet. You could not be farther from the truth!

When you are new feedback is great and it builds social proof.

If you are an Amazon affiliate site I can promise you the majority of your competitors will not be using help from industry experts. When you feature these people though you are borrowing authority due to the power of association.

This is essential if you want to make sales! If your audience doesn’t trust what you say you are on to plums.

The Number One Post Type For A New Blog To Get Traction

There is one certain type of content that can transform you from nobody to blogging superstar in one swoosh of the magic wand.

The Expert Roundup Post.

These blog posts feature a list of expert opinions, this is so valuable to your readers. Most of these posts focus on one question, so this gives your readers lots of different options to solve their problem.

If you have never seen an expert roundup here are a few examples…

To really make this work you need to do a bit of research and find the burning question your readers want to be answered. When you find this your readers will be forever grateful for your roundup.

Take a look on Quora, forums and your competitor’s blogs and look for questions that come up time and time again.

Your question has to be easy for your experts to answer so keep it brief!

Next, you have to grab at least 15 experts to answer your burning question. Again look at other roundups on the same topic. Reach out to each of the experts and ask them the question.

Simply create your blog post with an awesome headline, intro and let your experts shine!

Expert Roundups

38 Ways To Promote Your New Fancy Expert Roundup Post

Now the most obvious way to promote your new blog post is to email the featured experts with the link to your new traffic magnet. However, there are a lot of other ways to get maximum traction from your post.

Never forget that your experts have done you a favor by giving you free content. Don’t expect them to do all the promotion. You have to help, it is your post after all…

A perfect example of this, is to create an infographic based off the content and responses from other experts you may have interviewed. When asked about this in a recent round up post I was featured in, I highlighted the importance of mentioning your content and roundups in other articles, reaching out to experts for continued social promotion and also emailing them to let them know how the promotion is going.

These are simple to implement and it lets the featured influencers know you care about them.

Another expert featured within this same article, Mike Allton, recommends that you can create a beautiful graphic for each of the experts, simply give them the graphic and invite them to share it.

You want these people to know that you are doing things to help. Creating these graphics adds value and can help build your brand.

Take a look at the infographic below, and you can also see the full roundup here.


Getting traffic isn’t hard but at the start, you have to go over and above to get your blog out there. Utilizing the help of others is great because they already have an established audience that your blog needs.

Just remember that the goal is always to go over and above in any way that you can. Create click to tweet buttons to make sharing the post a breeze. Create cool graphics that can be shared on social media and give your post that finishing touch.

The more work you put in the more your finished post will deliver! Go out and get your first round up post out there!