Empowering Email Strategy With Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is expected to yield $14 trillion additional revenue and 38% increase in profitability by the year 2035. It has helped businesses enhance their customer experience by approaching them with relevant and data-driven insights. It’s high time small businesses start making the most of this AI revolution.

AI can automatically figure out things with the help of three Ds.

  • Detect – In this step, AI discovers the attributes or elements that are most predictive. Then it helps to determine the ones you can pay attention to and the ones you can do away with.
  • Deliberate – AI weighs the most predictive attributes against each other to suggest personalized recommendations or answer questions.
  • Develop – Machine learning, a sub-field of Artificial Intelligence lets it program and reprogram itself. Subsequently, it can modify and evaluate the data according to the information or results obtained through experiments. The beauty of AI is that it matures with every iteration.

When it comes to email marketing, AI can be incorporated in each and every step of the process. Let’s understand how.

1. Better segmentation and personalization

With the help of segmentation, you can target your subscribers with personalized messages. 74% of marketers think that targeted personalization enhances customer engagement rate.

Predictive analytics comes into picture here. It means that complex algorithms are used to predict the kind of customer behavior, which eventually helps in creating emails that are more relevant for the subscribers. Predictive analytics is used by 28% of U.S businesses and most of them consider it a ‘critical’ or ‘very critical’ step.

Through AI, you as a small business, can build audience groups that exhibit similar kinds of behavior and target them accordingly.

2. Improved subject lines

Tools like Phrasee, an AI copywriting tool, enable brands to craft better subject lines by employing AI. These subject lines are likely to resonate with the reader more and entice them to open the email.

While manually drafted subject lines work on the basis of trial and error, AI-driven subject lines are based on data-driven insights which makes them more effective for your small business.

3. Automated A/B testing

There was a time when A/B testing used to be a two-dimensional process. It has now become a multichannel hyper-targeting model that allows you to test a number of variables in different combinations.

Bandit testing lets you determine the kind of traffic you would get. In case you find that one of the variables is winning, bandit testing can help you get the statistical significance faster.

4. Easier Channel Optimization

With the help of AI, you can determine whether the prospect or customer would respond better to an email, push notification or a message on social media. Armed with this information, you can then send the message on the appropriate channel.

5. Optimized send times

AI can determine the best times to send your emails based on when your subscribers are checking their emails. By knowing when your subscribers will pay attention to your emails, you will have better chance of them responding. This information will allow you to send the right message to the right person at the right time, increasing your conversion rate.

6. More effective retargeting

Cart abandonment is one of the most unfortunate things for any marketer. Whether you are in the e-commerce industry, retail business or travel sector, AI allows you to more effectively re-target those visitors who abandoned their carts. Some customers respond to the cart abandonment emails sent immediately after while others may be more likely to respond a week later.

AI helps to differentiate between these groups of customers, sending the re-targeting emails at the optimal time. This helps you recover potential customers by reminding them of their attempted purchase. Through these emails, you can send out product recommendations and cross-sell or upsell products.

7. Enhanced automation

Persado is a wonderful tool that can assist you in creating persuasive messages for your subscribers. With the help of the Persado Go Service, you can analyze email copy and get suggestions through natural language processing and machine learning.

AI can ensure you send relevant emails by taking into account the subscriber’s past interactions with the brand and purchase history. Such insights can enhance your email marketing strategy without any manual intervention, saving time, and resources.

Wrapping Up

Having gone through these 7 ways AI can be used for better email marketing, it is quite clear why 30% of the companies around the world are likely to use AI in at least one of the sales processes in 2020. 61% of marketers have claimed that AI is the most critical aspect of their data strategy.

With the perfect combination of rule-based email marketing and constant optimization, you can improve the effectiveness of your email campaigns while reducing the time you spend on them. AI becomes a robust tool that lets you promote your small business and eliminate uncertainties despite the dynamic customer behavior.