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<p><p>Debra Murphy, president of Masterful Marketing, partners with small business owners as a marketing coach and trusted advisor to help them leverage inbound marketing – a combination of search, social and content marketing – to build brand visibility within their target market.</p> <p>Her coaching services cater to the small business owner who needs expert guidance while maintaining a modest budget. <a href="">Masterful Marketing services</a> are designed specifically for the small service-based business owner and entrepreneur who wants to invest in the success of their business but doesn’t have the time or resources to go it alone. </p> <p>Take control of your marketing for long term success and discover how you can use inbound marketing strategies to effectively propel your visibility and help your small business succeed quickly and cost-effectively</p></p>

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SEO Keyword Research – 10 Mistakes to Avoid

Keyword research is important to SEO and many types of marketing campaigns. So, before you launch a marketing campaign,…

Debra Murphy
December 31, 2021

Building a Successful Influencer Marketing Strategy

Influencers on social media are a relatively new phenomenon in recent years. From their early days trying to learn…

Debra Murphy
December 17, 2021

How to Improve Website User Experience

Your website is your 24 hour sales person and the foundation to all of your digital marketing efforts. It…

Debra Murphy
December 6, 2021
Web Design

Why Is Pay-Per-Click Marketing Important? 5 Convincing Reasons

Knowing how Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing works provides you with the same array of tactics that giants like Amazon, Airbnb,…

Debra Murphy
November 23, 2021
Online Marketing

Importance of Content Marketing for Small Businesses

The importance of content marketing to your small business marketing strategy cannot be understated. Content marketing in conjunction with…

Debra Murphy
November 11, 2021
Small Business

7 Biggest Video Marketing Mistakes You Should Know

Video marketing campaigns have been buzzing all over social media platforms. This marketing strategy conveys product messages that people…

Debra Murphy
November 5, 2021
Video Marketing

How to Find and Fix Keyword Cannibalization Issues

Keyword cannibalization is a major search engine optimization issue. And many small businesses don’t realize that they may have…

Debra Murphy
October 29, 2021

How Small Businesses Can Leverage the Power of Social Media Marketing

One of the smartest ways for small businesses to advertise is through social media marketing. It allows them to…

Debra Murphy
October 17, 2021
Small Business

Create an Effective SEO Content Strategy

If content marketing is a main strategy for your business, then optimizing your content so people can find it…

Debra Murphy
October 4, 2021
Content Marketing

6 Reasons Why Chatbots Are the Future of Marketing

The business world has changed in several ways in recent years. Marketing is one of the aspects that has…

Debra Murphy
September 8, 2021

Importance of Links in Instagram – Best Hacks for Your Profile

Having a powerful online presence is vital for small businesses trying to grow their audiences. Ignoring the need for…

Debra Murphy
August 30, 2021
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