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The bull run of the Axie Infinity (AXS) crypto token showed it’s still possible to make life changing wealth from one altcoin that blows up. Even if investors don’t sell the exact top, as it made well over 100,000% returns before retracing.

How Axie Infinity Blew Up

The initial price of AXS was $0.10 when it opened for trading on crypto exchanges in Nov 2020 – that was the opening price on Binance for example. Shortly after its presale ICO where 1 AXS was valued at $0.10. On Binance AXS then topped out at just over $166 in November 2021. That’s a 1660x bull run in the space of a year – a 166,000% price increase.

Axie Infinity has since retraced as low as $11.85 (in June 2022 when Bitcoin dropped to $17,600), a 93% correction, but is still today up 133x, currently trading at just over $13 with a $1.1 billion market cap (ranked in the top 50 crypto assets on CoinMarketcap). Many investors will have been able to exit with a large profit, somewhere near the top.

As well as the wider crypto market correction in 2022, Axie Infinity became less popular with its player base. As a play to earn (P2E) crypto game, the declining valuation of the AXS token also led some to no longer consider it worth the time to play.

What is the Next Crypto to Blow Up

Currently on presale is IBAT token, the native cryptocurrency of an upcoming play to earn game Battle Infinity – visit the presale page at


Battle Infinity could be more diverse in its gameplay offerings than Axie Infinity as it includes multiple P2E (play to earn) battle games. Some of which are based around fantasy sports – Battle Infinity is the first decentralized NFT-based fantasy sports metaverse game.

There’s also no barrier to entry which was one issue with Axie Infinity – players had to buy Axies, NFTs used to play the game.

As well as the P2E game itself users ‘can also enjoy and experience the immersive world of the Metaverse – in which users can interact with each other, perform, watch and explore the Battle Arena virtual space’, according to the Battle Infinity website.

The Battle Infinity presale is running now until mid October, using the Binance Smart Chain. It has a low minimum purchase of 0.1 BNB (max 500 BNB) – buy before it sells out by connecting a MetaMask wallet or Trust Wallet. The IBAT token presale price is $0.0015.

Since presales can often perform well despite bear market conditions – such as the current 2022 ‘crypto winter’, this could potentially be the next crypto to blow up for those that invest early.

Whether it will be the next Axie Infinity remains to be seen as 2021 was also a bull market year for crypto with Fed money printing, quantitative easing and stimulus checks – many also looked to play to earn games to earn side income during the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns.

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Battle Infinity - Latest Metaverse Game

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