Before delving into the best crypto ICOs on the market today, let’s clarify what they are. ICOs or Initial Coin Offerings are the first sales pitch of a new crypto project to raise capital. These can be appealing to any new investors looking to get into the world of cryptocurrency.

Apart from reviewing some of the top ICO cryptos currently in existence, we’ll also examine some upcoming ICOs and tackle the inherent risks and rewards of such early-stage investments.

Top ICO List 2024

  1. PlayDoge — New meme coin where players earn real $PLAY and special rewards
  2. WienerAI — New meme coin with groundbreaking AI technology and massive staking rewards
  3. Pepe Unchained — Pepe version meme coin, using Layer 2 technology, top pick for best crypto ICOs
  4. Base Dawgz – New dog-themed coin with explosive presale numbers
  5. Sealana — Brand new Solana ICO with a cross between animal-themes tokens and South Park
  6. Mega Dice New and a leading GameFi platform on Solana offering holders unique rewards
  7. 99Bitcoins — A popular learn-to-earn token to trade, it rewards users for learning about crypto
  8. Sponge V2 — A successor to a massively successful meme ICO that could see another 100x pump
  9. eTukTuk — A sustainable crypto ICO that promotes EVs in developing economies through its P2E mobile game
  10. KAI New meme ERC-20 token with cutting-edge AI technology
  11. Shiba Shootout — Dog-based meme coin that managed to raise $4,000 in just 24 hours
  12. SpacePay — Enables crypto transactions across 325 wallets, in nine countries by the end of the year
  13. FightNight — Available at the low price of $0.0009, expected to be launched on major exchanges after the presale
  14. Coco — Presale countdown starting June 23rd, anticipate raising over $10 million
  15. BitNance — A community-driven store of value token with a presale price set to $0.375
  16. Lingo — Building the largest Web3 rewards ecosystem, starting with an exciting ICO
  17. Doge Uprising — An ERC-20 ICO project that merges digital art, memes, storytelling, and financial investment

Best Crypto ICOs to Buy — Detailed Reviews

Before investing in a new crypto ICO, it’s vital to research the project behind the new token. To determine the top projects for our best ICOs list, we evaluated each platform’s prospects and roadmap.

1. PlayDoge  – New Meme Coin Where Players Earn Real $PLAY and Special Rewards

best ICOs crypto- playdoge

ICO Supply: 4.7 billion
Current Price: $0.0051
Launch Day: N/A

PlayDoge combines the Doge meme with a Tamagotchi-style game with 90s nostalgia. It’s also a P2E blockchain mobile game that allows players to engage, compete, and collaborate within a shared digital environment.

Playing various mini-games within the PlayDoge app allows players to earn a bonus of $PLAY tokens with high returns. For investors, there are staking opportunities to further increase their earnings.

The $PLAY token is a multi-utility token that operates on the Binance Smart Chain, making it suitable for easy transactions. It is on our ICO hot list, generating buzz. It has a total token supply of 9.4 billion, and amazingly, 50% of them are in presale. 

It is one of the upcoming ICOs to watch. The price is $0.005, which will increase as the presale progresses through its 40 stages, which has raised over $380k so far.

Once the sale ends, you can claim your $PLAY tokens on the BNB Chain using the same wallet you used to purchase them in the presale. 

Check out the PlayDoge whitepaper to learn about the game mechanics and $PLAY tokenomics. 

2. WienerAI — New Meme Coin With Groundbreaking AI Technology and Massive Staking Rewards

best crypto icos - wienerai

ICO Supply: 20.7 billion
Current Price: $0.00072
Launch Day: TBA

WienerAI is a unique combination of AI technology and narrative with the increasing popularity of meme coins. This ERC20 token has a total supply of $69 billion, out of which 30% is reserved for presale. Since the launch of its ICO, WienerAI’s presale has been a success, raising over $578k in just a few days.

Additionally, WienerAI offers staking rewards to early buyers, with a high APY of  3,440%. This major selling point for $WAI means those who stake during the presale will get a $WAI reward.

Per the WienerAI whitepaper, $WAI is upgradable and has modular technological capabilities. What sets WienerAI apart from other dog-themed meme coins is that it will always be at the cutting edge of AI technological advancement.

WienerAI emerges as a top initial coin offering in the current crypto landscape. Its price is $0.00071, and it will increase as the presale progresses. To purchase WienerAI during the presale, you need either ETH, BNB, MATIC, or USDT.

3. Pepe Unchained — Pepe Version Meme Coin, Using Layer 2  Technology – Top Pick for Best Crypto ICOs

best crypto ICOs pepe unchained

ICO Supply: 1.6 billion
Current Price: $0.008
Launch Day: Sep 01, 2024

If you’re looking for the best crypto ICO to invest in this year, opt for Pepe Unchained. This meme coin aims to enhance PEPE through its own ecosystem that will utilize layer 2 technology. Layer 2 technology will enable faster and cheaper transactions since they’ll take place off-chain. In addition to that, $PEPU holders will be able to claim higher staking rewards. For example, at the time of writing, $PEPU’s staking rewards come with an APY of 124146%.

This project managed to raise more than $11,220 in just a few days, which shows strong investor interest. Its presale will take place in several phases, during which the price of $PEPU tokens will gradually increase. You can buy $PEPU at its current price of $0.008, with a maximum supply capped at 8 billion. Only 1.6 billion tokens will be reserved for presale, which could increase its demand once it gets listed on DEXs and CEXs.

Many crypto analysts believe that Pepe Unchained could surpass the success of its predecessor, PEPE, due to its L2 technology, higher volume capacity, and dedicated block explorer.

4. Base Dawgz – New Dog-Themed Coin With Explosive Presale Numbers

best crypto ICOs base dawgz

ICO Supply: 1,690,600,000
Current Price: $0.00527
Launch Day: N/A

Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ) is a new meme coin with the potential to become the best ICO in 2024, based on its presale numbers. Specifically, within minutes of the presale launch, $200,000 was raised. Moreover, 20% of the total token supply is allocated to the presale, so people can take advantage of this early opportunity. 

An impressive feature of this project is its interoperability, as the token is available on many blockchains, like SOL, ETH, AVAX, MATIC, and BSC.

Base Dawgz’s Be Social for Airdrop campaign allows users to create and post content about this project and earn points in return. Users can swap those points for real tokens, which they can claim when the presale concludes. 

The project not only offers some of the top ICOs but also emphasizes security, subjecting its smart contracts to rigorous audits. It also uses top-notch technology to ensure everything runs smoothly across the blockchains. 

5. Sealana — Solana-Based Meme Coin That Uses a Single-Tiered Presale Setup

best crypto icos - sealana

ICO Supply: N/A
Current Price: $0.022
Launch Day: N/A

If you’re looking for top initial coin offerings related to Solana, opt for Sealana. Sealana is a new Solana-based meme coin inspired by South Park. Its design features a chubby seal that looks like South Park’s character, the Gamer Guy. $SEAL is a funny and stereotypical representation of a crypto degen who’s glued to his PC and enjoys his chips and tinned tuna.

Besides having an interesting design, Sealana also uses a single-tiered presale setup. This means that the price of the $SEAL token will be fixed at 6,900 $SEAL tokens for 1 SOL. Once the presale ends, all tokens will be airdropped. This approach helped Sealana raise over $300k in less than a week, which shows strong investor interest.

Sealana could repeat the success of its Solana-based peer, Slothana. Namely, Slothana also used a ‘send to wallet’ presale style, which enabled it to raise more than $15M during its presale. Sealana’s value could increase once it gets listed due to the FOMO effect that’s slowly being created around this project, which gives it a high ranking on our ICO hot list.

6. Mega Dice — Gamefi Token That Has a Total Supply of 420 Million, 35% Will Be Available for Purchase During the Presale

best crypto icos - mega dice

ICO Supply: 147 million
Current Price: $0.075
Launch Day: N/A

Mega Dice is an online crypto casino that also offers sports betting. This Telegram-based casino recently launched its native token, $DICE, which can be purchased at a discounted price. Due to its limited ICO supply of only 147 million, this token raised over $350k in just a few hours.

In addition to that, this platform rewards all early investors who buy $DICE with bonus tokens, as well as daily rewards based on casino performance. This GameFi, Solana-based token can also be used to play over 4,000 casino games.

This project managed to attract investors with its $2.25 million airdrop, which will consist of three sessions. What’s more, its developers will reward selected $DICE token holders with limited edition NFTs.

Mega Dice will allocate 35% of its token supply towards the presale and 15% towards airdrops. The current price of the $DICE token is $0.075. However, once 14,700,000 tokens are sold, their price will increase. More than five million tokens have been sold so far.

7. 99Bitcoins — A Crypto-Learning Platform Offering Early Investors to Join Its $99k BTC Airdrop

best crypto icos - 99bitcoins

ICO Supply: 10.395 billion
Current Price: $0.00106
Launch Day: N/A

99Bitcoins is a prominent crypto-learning platform that was established more than 10 years ago. It recently launched its token presale to profit from the upward trend in BTC’s value. On that note, its presale will be divided into 14 stages. During each subsequent stage, the price of the $99BTC token will go up until it reaches the $0.00113 mark. The goal of its developers is to raise $11 million during the presale. At the time of writing, the $99BTC token trades at $0.00106.

To attract early investors, its developers utilize an innovative learn-to-earn rewards system. This means that investors will be able to earn rewards by participating in 99Bitcoins’s crypto-related quizzes and training courses. Moreover, they’ll get to join its $99k token airdrop.

The $99BTC token has a total supply of 99 billion, of which 10.50% will be allocated to the presale. Its staking rewards come with a high APY, which currently amounts to 4275%.

8. Sponge V2 — An ICO Crypto Offering Massive Staking Rewards

best crypto icos - sponge v2

ICO Supply: N/A
Current Price: $0.002107
Launch Day: Q2 2024

$SPONGE was one of the biggest meme coins to launch in 2023, earning early investors 100x as the token exploded from a $1 million starting market cap to more than $100 million in value. Now, Sponge is launching a V2 token and giving investors who missed out on the initial pump another chance to profit.

$SPONGEV2 plans to be bigger, better, and spongier than the original meme coin. Token holders will get exclusive access to a play-to-earn Spongebob Squarepants racing game, plus lucrative rewards from staking $SPONGEV2 tokens.

According to the Sponge V2 whitepaper, $SPONGEV2 is only available to investors who own $SPONGE and stake their tokens to bridge to the new version. Staked V1 tokens will be permanently locked, and investors will receive V2 token rewards for four years.

Investors who buy $SPONGE through the project’s site will also get a purchase bonus in V2 tokens right away, putting them in a position to immediately earn gains from any upcoming exchange listing. The V2 purchase bonus won’t last long, so investors have to hurry if they want to grab $SPONGEV2 before it starts soaking up price gains.

9. eTukTuk — The Best New Crypto ICO For Gamers

best crypto ICOs etuktuk

ICO Supply: 200 million
Current Price: $0.033
Launch Day: July 17th, 2024

eTukTuk is among the best upcoming ICOs, and it’s looking to create a sustainable revolution in the transportation industry. Its focus on developing economies enables TukTuk drivers to transition from traditional Internal Combustion Engines (ICEs) to electric vehicles. The aim is to curb CO2 emissions significantly, a challenge with ICE-run TukTuks.

Gamers will also find this project lucrative, as they’ll be able to play eTuk Tuk’s P2E mobile game inspired by Crazy Taxi to earn additional $TUK tokens.

The $TUK token, with a total supply of 2 billion, has listed 6% of the tokens for presale. $TUK is currently priced at $0.033 per token. More than $3.4 million has been raised, and the staking rewards are currently at 82% APY.

Once its presale ends, this token will get listed on major crypto exchanges, which will automatically increase its price. On that note, by the end of 2024, the price of this token could reach $0.7.

10. KAI — New Meme ERC-20 Token With Cutting-Edge AI Technology

best crypto icos - kai token

ICO Supply: N/A
Current Price: $0.0042046
Launch Day: August 2024

KAI is a new cat-themed meme coin that runs on Ethereum. It is also an AI-powered token that enables its holders to participate in community events and challenges. This project raised over $162K in just a few days, which shows that it could end its presale on a high note.

Its developers use a stake-to-earn mechanism to encourage investors to hold their tokens. This means that early stakers will be able to earn large annual rewards of up to 55,326%. Moreover, staking rewards will be shared over 1 year at a rate of 570.77 $KAI tokens per ETH block. Kai’s developers will also try to boost the value of their token by allocating 15% of the total token supply towards liquidity.

The rest, 20% of the total token supply, will go towards the presale, 15% towards staking, and 25% towards the market initiative and community rewards. During the presale, early investors will be able to buy $KAI tokens at a discounted price, which is currently $0.0042046.

11. Shiba Shootout — An Ambitious Project With a Goal of Creating a Sustainable Ecosystem With Long-Term Potential

best crypto icos - shiba shootout

ICO Supply: N/A
Current Price: $0.019
Launch Day: N/A

Shiba Shootout is the latest addition to the dog-based meme coin community. It stands out with its unique design inspired by the Wild West. This project started its presale on April 9, 2024, and in just one day, it raised $4,000. In other words, if this upward trend continues, this project could reach the $10k mark in less than three days.

Shiba Shootout managed to pique the interest of the crypto community with its lucrative staking rewards program. Those who stake their tokens during the presale will earn 125.5 $SHIBASHOOT tokens per ETH block. Staking rewards will be distributed over two years, and their current annual percentage yield amounts to 154,929%.

The initial price of a $SHIBASHOOT token is $0.019. However, the price will gradually increase during each subsequent phase.

The main goal of its developers is to attract 100,000+ unique token holders and to list the $SHIBASHOOT token on CoinGecko and Coinmarketcap as well as CEXs and T1 exchanges. They also plan to build a sustainable ecosystem with long-term potential that will help them take control of the blockchain.

12. SpacePay — Enables Crypto Transactions Across 325 Wallets in Nine Countries by the End of the Year

besr crypto ICOs spacepay

ICO Supply: 34 billion
Current Price: $0.00147
Launch Day: N/A

Although SpacePay started its ICO on June 3, 2024, this project managed to raise $750,000 from private investors. How did SpacePay manage to pique their interest? By introducing a revolutionary approach to payments. Namely, SpacePay is software that is integrated into card machines. I.e., this software acts as a decentralized equivalent of debit/credit cards. Its goal is to bridge the gap between crypto and traditional payments.

SpacePay’s target groups include customers, merchants, and retail stores. Customers will be able to conduct daily transactions using 325+ crypto wallets, while merchants will receive payments in traditional currencies. This software should launch on 4.5 million devices by the end of 2024. It will also be compatible with all Android POS terminals.

Investors will be able to use SpacePay’s native token, $SPY, to vote, earn passive rewards via SpacePay’s revenue-sharing model, and access loyalty airdrops and private features. The $SPY token has a maximum supply of 34 billion, of which 20% will be allocated towards the presale. Its present price stands at $0.00147.

13. FightNight — The First Smart Meme Coin Whose Starting Price Will Be Set to $0.0009

best crypto icos - fightnight

ICO Supply: 200 billion
Current Price: $0.0009
Launch Day: N/A

AI and meme coins are emerging as a major trend in the crypto world. On that note, the price of PEPE jumped by 40.63% in the last week, and the same thing happened with FLOKI, which experienced a jump of 36.24%. FightNight could profit from this trend since this smart meme promotes celebrities.

FightNight is an upcoming Web 3 game in which Mike Tyson will fight against Jake and his minions. This will also be an AI video platform that will pay tribute to past, present, and future boxing legends. Its premise is based on the upcoming match between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul. Once $FNIO gets listed on major CEXs, its ROI could vary between 10x and 20x.

FightNight will start its presale on June 3rd, 2024. The initial price of the $FNIO token will be set to $0.0009. 48% of its total token supply, which amounts to 200 billion, will be allocated to the presale. In addition, its developers will donate a portion of their tokens to various charities. They also aim to reach 100,000+ token holders and 1M active users.

14. Coco — Presale Countdown Starting June 23rd, Anticipate Raising Over $10 Million

best crypto icos - coco

ICO Supply: N/A
Current Price: N/A
Launch Day: N/A

If you want to find the best new ICO crypto presale in June, you should give Coco Coin a go. This Pepe-based meme coin has managed to attract the crypto community with its share-to-earn system through which early investors will be able to earn Coco tokens before they are available in presale.

I.e., anyone who views, likes, replies, and retweets Coco’s content on Twitter will be able to earn points that can be exchanged for Coco tokens. Here’s how the system works:

  • 1 view equals 1 point  
  • 1 like equals 50 points
  • 1 reply equals 125 points  
  • 1 retweet equals 250 points

Coco’s developers aim to build a loyal fan base around their project and raise $10M to end its presale on a high note. Coco’s presale will start on June 23rd, at a time when the PEPE token price is expected to increase by more than 16%. Coco’s developers also hope that a FOMO effect will be created around their meme coin, which will automatically increase its number of unique holders.

15. BitNance — A BEP-20 Token Backed by Improved Security and Community-Driven Support Whose Total Token Supply Is Only 10.5 Million

best crypto icos- bitnance token

ICO Supply: 7,750,000
Current Price: $0.375
Launch Day: October 12th, 2024

$BTN is a crypto token that’s also called the Bitcoin successor. Why? Because it utilizes a community-empowered model and a fully decentralized network. This means that investors will have complete authority over this token. This token also aims to become the best store of value crypto that will run on the BNB chain.

This is why its developers limited its supply to 10.5 million, of which 7,750,000 will be available for purchase during the presale. Once all tokens are bought, BitNance will be listed on major DEXs and CEXs. Its presale price will be set to $0.375 per token.

This limited supply makes $BTN a scarce asset, which means that its value could increase over time. At the same time, its store of value role should protect it from inflation. Once $BTN launches, it will transition to a fully community-based governance token. On that note, its launch date is set to October 12th, 2024.

You can learn more about this project by joining its Telegram channel and visiting its X profile.

16. Lingo — A Utility Token That Enables Its Holders to Earn Rewards Backed by Real-World Assets

best crypto icos - lingo

ICO Supply: N/A
Current Price: N/A
Launch Day: N/A

Lingo is a crypto project that stands out for its innovative gamified, RWA-powered ecosystem. It is backed by former Binance, Kraken, and Microsoft advisors. Lingo’s goal is to enable its members to redeem their loyalty points for real-world rewards provided by 3000+ brands, like Nike, Netflix, and Uber. Its developers also aim to create the most rewarding token on the crypto market that will run on Solana and Base.

With that in mind, each transaction will contribute to Lingo’s growing ecosystem, which means that its rewards pool will grow in accordance with the number of its users. Lingo will also allocate 2.5% of its platform fees towards rewards pools. In addition, token holders will get to participate in its airdrop sessions.

Lingo’s SocialFi campaign managed to attract over 150,000 investors due to its built-in referral system, operational structure, and marketing strategy. At present, investors can get $LINGO tokens by participating in its whitelist campaign.

Follow Lingo on X (Twitter) or join its Discord group to find out when its ICO will start.

17. Doge Uprising — Comic Style Meme ICO Set in Dystopian Future

best crypto icos - doge uprising

ICO Supply: 270 billion
Current Price: $0.000015
Launch Day: TBA

Doge Uprising ($DUP) is a mix of memes, digital art, storytelling, and crypto. Perhaps the core appeal of this ERC20 crypto, aside from its potential for price appreciation and 10% referral program, would be its impressive storytelling capabilities.

This token retails at just $0.000015 in the current stage, but the next stage allows for an increase to $0.000018.

Doge Uprising is an Ethereum campaign with staking rewards. The total supply is 450 billion $DUP:

  • 60% goes to the presale,
  • 20% goes to exchanges,
  • 10% goes to airdrops,
  • 5% is allocated to development, and
  • 5% to marketing.

Meme cryptos are known for parabolic price increases, especially Doge and Doge derivatives. However, the whitepaper outlines in great detail the risk associated with meme coin investment, so it’s important to understand the risk/reward ratio of all tokens prior to financial allocation. The project has also undertaken a smart contract audit for increased transparency.

For those who can stomach price volatility, this could certainly be one of the best crypto ICOs to invest in in 2024.

How to Find the Top New And Upcoming ICOs

Finding the best crypto ICO to invest in is no easy task. An abundance of new investment opportunities and tokens hit the market every day, all promising high returns.

Careful research and due diligence should be undertaken on each project, and certain metrics, indicators, and red flags are vital for helping investors decide whether to consider or avoid it.

Here’s what to consider when looking for the best new ICO crypto:

Use ICO Calendar

The first step in finding the best ICO crypto is to examine various ICO calendars on the internet. The calendars usually give a brief overview of which new crypto projects are currently in their ICO stage, providing helpful information such as dates, prices, investment goals, and a synopsis.

Trusted data aggregator CoinMarketCap has a calendar you can use.

Plenty of other websites also exist, but investors should note that it is possible to pay for top positions on some lists, while information can also be wrong or out of date. Further research should always be conducted, with the calendars only the first stage of the process.

Check the Whitepaper and Roadmap

Once you find a project, the next step to researching the best upcoming crypto ICOs is to read its whitepaper.

This document should act as an overarching manual on the project, telling prospective investors everything they need to know about the company behind the ICO, the reason for its existence, and its plans.

A poorly or vaguely written whitepaper indicates that the project is not fully planned out—or, worse, a scam.

A whitepaper typically includes the following details:

  • The mission statement / raison d’etre of the project
  • The amount of money the project plans to raise in its ICO
  • The tokenomics and how the funds will be used
  • The business plan and timeline of the ICO and post-release
  • Background information regarding the founders and the team members of the project

It’s not sufficient for a company to have ambitious plans—the most promising ICO will also have a practical approach and a laid-out, realistic plan for achieving its goals.

Investors should also note that a good whitepaper does not guarantee success, and even projects that appear to have high potential and excellent plans can still fail.

Team and Partnerships

After looking at the whitepaper, the next aspect to consider is the team behind the project. Doxxed and Know Your Customer (KYC)-verified developers are ideal, as they are public figures with a route to recourse if they turn out to be scammers.

Yuga Labs, the developers behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection, are a good example of a proven and highly successful team.

Because of their previous successes, they have developed a loyal customer base and attracted institutional support. For example, away from their NFTs, other strands of their ecosystem—such as ApeCoin and the Otherside metaverse—launched incredible gains in 2022.

One exception to this rule is with meme coin projects, which usually have anonymous founders.

Investors should also look out for projects that exaggerate their partnerships with other companies.

An easy way to get additional information is to look around the project’s blog or social media page—if there is no post that details the specific nature of the partnership, it might be a red flag.

Tokenomics and Allocation

When looking for the best ICO to invest in 2024, it is also important to look at token allocation, which will be a key indicator of future success. A company conducting the ICO should clearly indicate the maximum supply of the coin and how the tokens will be distributed among the different parties involved.

For instance, a certain percentage of digital coins will nearly always be distributed among founders, team members, and partners. Good projects will strike a balance between fair distribution of digital tokens and future reserves.

It is also important to understand vesting and locking periods—you don’t want to hold a coin for months while others are free to sell it, potentially missing out on any gains.

Community Support

A final indicator would be to check the community’s support and interest in a project on various social media platforms. Huge follower counts can mean huge interest and hype around a project, which usually leads to positive price action.

Positive market sentiment can greatly affect the price. Thanks to its support, Dogecoin is among the best ICOs in 2024. The meme coin has virtually no utility beyond being a currency but is pumped to incredible highs by huge community support, including from the likes of Elon Musk.

dogecoin musk

Similarly, negative market sentiment could destroy a project’s chances before it ever gets going.

Follower count isn’t the only thing to go on, though, as Twitter and Instagram accounts can be purchased or bot followers can be added.

Also, check engagement—such as likes and comments—which will give investors a better idea of whether a project is popular.

Where to Buy Crypto ICO? Best ICO Listing Platforms

Determining the best initial coin offerings platform hinges on various factors like credibility, user engagement, and transparency. Platforms like ICO Bench, CoinGecko, and ICO Drops have stood out for their comprehensive evaluations, community involvement, and reliable data.

ICO Bench’s expert assessments and community ratings offer a balanced perspective. CoinGecko’s extensive token information and market analysis provide valuable insights. ICO Drops’ real-time updates and comprehensive ICO listings cater to diverse investor needs.

Ultimately, the best platform aligns with individual preferences, offering transparent data, reliable information, and a user-friendly interface for navigating the complex world of initial coin offerings.

Are ICOs a Good Investment?

Even the best crypto ICOs are high-risk, high-reward investment opportunities — some coins have jumped hundreds or thousands of percent in the hours or days after they list on exchanges. However, others have lost value since many private sale investors sell at the first opportunity, dumping on newer buyers, while some projects never reach their potential for a multitude of reasons.

Some upcoming ICOs have extremely lofty plans that take years to come to fruition — with investors often at a loss for long periods while a protocol is developed.

Some crypto ICOs have the prospect of becoming good investments, while others enjoy incredible early pumps and then major sell-offs, leaving those who choose to hold their tokens stuck with a worthless asset.

Low Entry Price

One of the best ways to make money with cryptocurrency is to invest in an early-stage project.

As we outlined above, the best upcoming ICO crypto offers discounts on tokens to fund the early development of its projects and build hype, interest, and a supporter base around it.

Investors can, therefore, take advantage of tokens on offer for well below market value.

Unlock Rewards

best ico - Chain of legends NFTs

Today, crypto projects also offer their investors different ways to earn money. It is no longer necessary to wait for the price of a digital coin to go up in order to profit. Instead, investors have the option to stake their digital assets and earn passive income without having to sell their tokens.

Moreover, some digital tokens are also part of a gaming ecosystem and can be used to purchase NFTs. This means that early investors get a chance to buy rare NFTs before others can.

First Mover Advantage

Depending on the crypto coin, investors might also be able to take advantage of the early-bird advantage. Investors could unlock the benefits of owning the coin before it becomes accessible via public exchanges.

Moreover, if demand increases, the coin’s price will be higher when it hits the market, and early investors can sell at a profit.

This means that investing in an ICO cryptocurrency can be very lucrative. Of course, this assumes that the project continues to attract buyers.

If there is no demand for the token after the ICO, its value can easily plunge.

What Are the Risks of Crypto ICOs?

As noted, a high-risk level is associated with any ICO cryptocurrency.

While there are plenty of success stories with some of the best ICO crypto of 2024, there are many more cases where new tokens never return a profit.  With dozens of tokens launched every day, there is simply not enough capital for everyone to be successful.

Crypto is also, unfortunately, at the mercy of scammers and bad actors. Various scams exist, but two notable ones — especially when it comes to ICOs — are ‘rug-pulls’ and ‘honeypots’. Rug pulls pump up their project and then sells a large allocation of the token, dumping on other buyers and ‘pulling the rug’ out from under the project. Honeypots are a bit more technical, with developers inviting purchases but then having code in the token smart contract that only they are able to sell.

Investors should consider the metrics mentioned above and analyze the potential before risking their money in an ICO.


Investing in anything, let alone crypto, is never easy. The same goes for ICOs, which, like all cryptocurrencies, are unpredictable. However, if you’re set on investing, we hope our list of the best crypto ICOs has made your decision easier.

The best upcoming ICO, in our opinion, is  Dogeverse, as it offers more utility and rewards in its upgraded version.


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