The gaming world is celebrating the rise of the best play-to-earn games, where players can earn real rewards while enjoying their gaming experience. These games offer a blend of entertainment and earning potential, allowing players to win rewards, often in the form of cryptocurrencies.

In this guide, we’ll review some of the best play-to-earn crypto games, focusing on their gameplay features, device compatibility, the rewards you can earn, and tips on how to begin your play-to-earn journey.

What Is the Best Play-to-Earn Game?

  1. The Meme Games —  An Olympic-Based P2E Game That Enables Early Investors to Win a 25% Token Bonus
  2. PlayDoge — Play-2-earn game integrating blockchain technology, allowing earning and usage of $PLAY tokens
  3. Shiba Shootout — New P2E crypto that aims to attract 100,000+ token holders
  4. Mega Dice — Leading GameFi platform on Solana with an innovative rewards system
  5. Sponge V2 — Introducing one of the top P2E games for earning $SPONGE tokens, aiming at active user engagement
  6. The Sandbox — Minecraft-based P2E game that allows its players to build and trade their own virtual land
  7. CryptoKitties — The first NFT game on ETH that started using the P2E model
  8. Axie Infinity — A Pokémon-based P2E game that allows players to collect, battle, and breed Axies

Best P2E Games of 2024 — Detailed Reviews

P2E games share similarities in that they are virtual worlds based on the blockchain that allow you to earn digital assets that you can swap for real money.

To save you some time, we’ve reviewed the best P2E crypto, metaverse, and NFT games on the market:

1. The Meme Games —  An Olympic-Based P2E Game That Enables Early Investors to Win a 25% Token Bonus

best play to earn games- the meme games

  • Select one of five popular meme coins to compete in the 169m dash race
  • Stake your purchased tokens and winnings for an APY of 2338%
  • Unlimited competition entries

If you’re looking for the best play-to-earn games based on the Olympic Games, look no further than The Meme Games. This project combines the excitement of the Olympics with the fun nature of meme coins. Its main characters include 5 meme coins that are represented as athletes. 

On that note, investors will be able to enter a 169m dash race with Pepe, Doge, Turbo, Brett, and Dogwifhat. The winner will receive a 25% token bonus. Each character will have an equal chance to win, while players will be able to participate in the race an unlimited number of times.

The $MGMES token has a capped supply of 2.024 billion, of which 38% will be allocated towards the presale, while 9.30% will go to game winnings. Another thing that makes this project lucrative to early investors is its APY, which currently stands at 2338%. According to cypto degens, this token could become the official meme coin of the 2024 Olympic Games, which makes it an ideal summer investment.

2. PlayDoge — Play-2-Earn Game Integrating Blockchain Technology, Allowing Earning and Usage of $PLAY Tokens

best play to earn crypto games - playdoge

  • Tamagotchi-style game with a focus on Doge
  • Feed, train, and play with your pet to keep it safe and alive
  • Earn rewards through this special virtual bond

PlayDoge is a play-to-earn (P2E) mobile game that transforms the popular Doge meme into a virtual pet — not unlike the Tamagotchi in the 90s. In this 2D 8-bit game, players must take care of their digital Doge by feeding, training, and playing with it. If you’re successful, it will earn you $PLAY tokens.

The game’s storyline begins with the mysterious disappearance of all Doges until a trader discovers the PlayDoge app. Players reconnect with their Doge in a pixelated world, forging a new bond and earning rewards. While inspired by Tamagotchi, PlayDoge updates the virtual pet experience for the modern age. If you neglect your pet, it might run away or die. In case this happens, the game will be reset.

PlayDoge also emphasizes community interaction, allowing players to compete and collaborate. The nostalgic appeal, combined with modern P2E mechanics, aims to capture a wide audience.

The $PLAY token is central to the game, used for transactions, rewards, and staking within the PlayDoge ecosystem. It’s currently in presale at $0.00514.

3. Shiba Shootout — New P2E Crypto That Aims to Attract 100,000 Token Holders

best play to earn crypto games - shiba shootout

  • Campfire Stories, where you can earn tokens by sharing your crypto experiences
  • The Shiba Shootout play-to-earn mini game is coming soon
  • Participate in the Lucky Lasso Lotteries

Shiba Shootout is a community-driven meme coin that has multiple utilities. On that note, investors can use it for voting, playing the Shiba Shootout P2E game, and participating in Lucky Lasso Lotteries. $SHIBASHOOT tokens can be bought and earned for participating in “Campfire Stories” – sessions where community members share their stories.

Furthermore, investors will be able to use a unique savings feature called “Savings Saddlebags” that automatically transfers or locks part of the $SHIBASHOOT token to dedicated wallets. Investors can also earn passive income by staking their tokens. Staking rewards will be distributed over 2 years at a rate of 125 $SHIBASHOOT tokens per ETH block.

$SHIBASHOOT has a total supply of 2.2 billion tokens, of which 35% will go towards the presale and 20% towards staking. The Shiba Shootout started its presale on April 9, 2024, and so far, this project has raised over $470k. The price of the $SHIBASHOOT token currently stands at $0.0194.

4. Mega Dice — Leading GameFi Platform on Solana With an Innovative Rewards System

best play to earn crypto games - mega dice

  • 4,000 casino games and 50+ sports and esports games
  • Join 50,000 other players and earn rewards
  • Get a chance to win a slice of $2,250,000 airdrop

Mega Dice is a crypto-friendly casino that focuses on its community growth, which is why its library includes over 4,000 casino games and 50+ sports. It also has over 50,000 users and 10,000+ active monthly players. To improve the gaming experience of its members, this Telegram-based casino recently launched its native token, $DICE, which is currently in its presale phase.

That said, $DICE is a Solana-based token that can be used to play casino games and gain daily rewards based on casino performance, which makes it one of the best games tokens for online casino enthusiasts. Moreover, all presale participants will receive bonus $DICE tokens and be able to join its $2,250,000 airdrop. In addition, selected token holders will receive limited edition NFTs.

This token raised over $1.5 million during its presale, which will be divided into several stages. $DICE has a capped supply of 420 million tokens, of which 147 million will be available during the presale. The $DICE token currently trades at $0.0866.

5. Sponge V2 — Introducing One of the Best Play-to-Earn Crypto Games for Earning $SPONGE Tokens

best play to earn games - sponge v2

  • Sponge Racer game will be available soon
  • Race as popular cartoon characters
  • Earn SPONGE tokens as rewards for your achievements

Sponge V2 was conceived as a replacement for the Sponge V1 token, whose price jumped by 4,000% since its launch in May 2023. That said, the V2 token could replicate the success of its predecessor. How?

First, its developers plan to launch a P2E game called Sponge Racer, powered by V2 tokens. Second, all investors who stake their tokens will get staking rewards, which will be distributed at a rate of 300 $SPONGE per POLY block and 6,149 $SPONGE per ETH block. Finally, investors will earn large APYs that go up to 168% on Ethereum and 375% on Polygon.

This project uses a stake-to-bridge model. I.e., V2 tokens can only be obtained by staking V1 tokens. After all V1 tokens are staked, V2 tokens will replace them. Investors will be able to use newly acquired V2 tokens to conduct transactions, vote, and access dApps. $SPONGE V2 has a total supply of 150 billion tokens, while its current price is $0.001880 per token.

6. The Sandbox — Minecraft-Based P2E Game That Allows Its Players to Build and Trade Their Own Virtual Land

best play to earn crypto - The Sandbox

  • Build your own virtual land
  • Participate in special events to earn $SAND tokens
  • Create mini-games and NFTs

The Sandbox is one of the most popular P2E crypto games that runs on ethereum. It allows players to build and customize their own virtual land. The Sandbox is also known for its special events during which players will be able to earn $SAND tokens by completing different tasks. These utility tokens, whose maximum supply is capped at 3 billion, serve for interactions and transactions within the Sandbox ecosystem.

The main features of this Minecraft-based P2E game are VoxEdit and Game Maker. The former is software that allows players to create and animate their NFTs, which they can then trade for $SAND. The latter allows players to create their own 3D games.

The Sandbox is a community-centric project that enables its token holders to vote on changes within their ecosystem. It’s also partnered with well-known brands and celebrities, like Ubisoft, Atari, Adidas, Tony Hawk, and Snoop Dogg. At the time of writing, the $SAND token trades at $0.334.

7. CryptoKitties — The First NFT Game on ETH That Started Using the P2E Model

best play to earn crypto - CryptoKitties

  • The first NFT game on ethereum that used the P2E model
  • Buy, sell, and breed digital cats
  • Earn rewards by participating in catfights

If you want to find play-to-earn games that started the NFT and ethereum gaming trend, opt for CryptoKitties. CryptoKitties was the first NFT game on ETH that started using the P2E model. This Tamagotchi-style game allows players to buy, sell, and breed NFT kitties. Each kitty will have unique attributes and breeding abilities.

There are four types of CryptoKitties – normal, fancy, special edition, and exclusive. The appearance of normal cats will be based on their genetic attributes. Fancy and special edition cats will have unique features, while exclusive cats are the rarest NFTs that will be released for special events.

Each CryptoKitty will have a unique DNA that will affect its appearance. Moreover, their genome will contain four genes, one primary and three hidden. Investors can make money by selling their CryptoKitties through auctions, during which they’ll choose their starting and ending prices. The most expensive CryptoKitty, Dragon #18, was sold for about 600 ETH, which is more than $2 million.

8. Axie Infinity — A Pokémon-Based P2E Game That Allows Players to Collect, Battle, and Breed Axies

best play to earn crypto - axie infinity

  • Collect, trade, and breed Axies
  • Earn rewards by participating in the Adventure and Arena game modes
  • Axie Infinity has its own DEX

Next in our P2E games reviews, we have Axie Infinity, an ethereum-based game that revolves around Axies. Axies are Pokémon-based characters that come with unique abilities and traits. They are represented as NFTs, which can be collected, traded, battled, and bred. Players must have at least 3 Axies to play this blockchain game. 

Players can earn rewards in the form of Axie’s native token, Axie Infinity Shards (AXS), and Smooth Love Potions (SLP). AXS is a governance token that has several use cases. I.e., players can use it to generate staking rewards and to buy in-game assets. On the other hand, SLP is used to breed new Axies that can then be traded for AXS. 

Players can earn SLP tokens by participating in the Adventure and Arena game modes. The former includes competing against Chimeras, computer-generated enemies, while the latter includes competing against other players.  

At the time of writing, the AXS token trades at $6.20, while its total supply is 270.00 million.

How Play-to-Earn Games Work

Play-to-earn games differ in terms of their style and genre, but they share similarities in other ways. See some fundamentals below surrounding how the best play-2-earn games work:

  • Completing various tasks — Much like with traditional titles, the top play-to-earn games often require players to complete a range of tasks to be eligible for rewards. The same goes for levels, as many of the best play-to-win games offer higher-value rewards as you progress.
  • Using NFTs — Many of the most profitable play-to-earn games use NFTs. This means that players can take ownership of unique digital items from within the game on the blockchain. These can be bought or sold to other people as you own the NFTs you’ve earned. Some allow you to make games and skins that you can resell. NFTs can take the shape of land, artwork, wearable items, avatar clothes, weapons, racehorses, and more.
  • Native cryptocurrencies — As you may have noticed in our list of the best play-to-earn games, some have their in-game cryptocurrency. For instance, in the popular Decentraland game, the virtual land is governed by MANA, which is an altcoin based on Ethereum. There are also play-to-earn games that use existing digital currencies, such as Star Atlas, which is built on the Ethereum blockchain. Sorare, the fantasy football P2E game, is also built on Ethereum, and rewards are given as ETH tokens.
  • Casinos and sportsbooks — Finally, many P2E games have casinos and sportsbooks. These games allow crypto investors to wager their crypto holdings in the in-game casino and sportsbook.

Types of Play-to-Earn Crypto Games

There are many different genres of play-to-earn gaming. Let’s look at some of the most popular play-to-earn game genres.

Card P2E Games

First on our list of play-to-earn games, we have card games. To win in this type of P2E game, players must use various strategies to outwit their opponents. In some games, such as Gods Unchained, you’ll have to build a stronger deck than your opponents. You’ll also find collectible card P2E games where you can collect and trade your cards for rewards.

Strategy P2E Games

Strategic P2E games involve collecting resources and solving quests. They can also include building, managing armies, and training. PlayDoge is the best example of a strategic P2E game. In this game, players progress by taking care of their virtual Doge.

Racing P2E Games

As their name suggests, these games involve racing through various maps in the shortest possible time. Some of the best play-to-earn games that include racing are Sponge Racer and eTukTuk’s Crazy Taxi.

Adventure P2E Games

The goal of these games is to explore, solve puzzles, and discover hidden treasures. The most popular adventure P2E games include Alien Worlds and Forest Knight. Adventure P2E games also include RPGs, in which players explore fantastical worlds, fight monsters, craft their weapons, and complete different quests.

PvP P2E Games

The list of play-to-earn crypto games also includes PvP games, in which players compete against each other. The best example of this type of game is Shiba Duel, in which players will have to face each other in intense one-on-one duels.

Real Estate P2E Games

These types of P2E games merge blockchain technology with virtual property trading. I.e., players will earn rewards by buying, selling, and renting their virtual lands. The most popular real estate game is Decentraland.

Sports P2E Games

These types of P2E games include a variety of sports, from soccer to basketball. In these games, players buy, sell, and trade their virtual teams, which are represented as NTFs. The most popular sports P2E games are Sorare, NBA Top Shot, and DeRace.


The best play-to-earn games market is as diverse as it is expansive, offering something for every type of gamer. With such a wide array of games available, picking one that would suit you can be challenging. Our selection was designed to ease this process by showcasing some of the top contenders on the market.

In our opinion, The Meme Games is the best play-and-earn game.


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