Crypto presales were all the rage last year, providing a compelling way for investors to gain exposure to exciting projects before they officially launch. Although presales are inherently risky, they can provide exceptional returns in the instances where the project takes off and lists on crypto exchanges.

Investing in crypto presales can be enticing due to the potential for significant growth. Several successful crypto presales, such as SUI coin have demonstrated remarkable growth in value over time with SUI up 42% from its all-time low of $0.558 following the news of a multiyear deal with Red Bull Racing.

This guide will discuss the best crypto presale to invest in for 2023, highlighting which projects are attracting the most attention before exploring the factors to keep in mind when searching for crypto presales with high-value potential.

The Best Crypto Presale Tokens List

Risk-seeking investors looking to buy cryptocurrency may naturally gravitate towards presales, as it’s not uncommon for these projects to showcase triple-digit (or even quadruple-digit) returns once they start picking up momentum. Below is a selection of the best upcoming crypto presales: 

  1. Bitcoin Minetrix – A new PoS token which is following a unique stake-to-mine concept. Bitcoin Minetrix will tokenize cloud mining and offer staked token holders Bitcoin mining power and high APYs. $BTCMTX is priced at $0.011 during its first presale round. 
  2. Meme Kombat – A unique blockchain project that combines memes and AI to create a battle arena on the Ethereum network. It offers automatic staking benefits during the presale, diverse betting options, and a well-planned tokenomics structure for sustainable growth.
  3. Bitcoin BSC – Presale launched in September 2023 priced at just $0.99 per token and has now raised $4 million in just over two weeks. Combines the tokenomics of Bitcoin in 2011 with the power of the sophisticated BNB Smart Chain to offer something new to modern investors. Also provides a 120-year vesting schedule and staking rewards for participants, with current APY of 130%.
  4. TG.Casino – Revolutionizes online gambling by merging Telegram’s user-friendly interface with blockchain’s secure and transparent tech. With its native $TGC token, currently on presale for only $0.125, players can enjoy high rewards and security.
  5. Launchpad XYZ – Platform offering access to exclusive alpha calls, NFT launches, fractionalized assets, and beta-mode play-to-earn games, giving users a unique chance to capitalize on lucrative investment avenues otherwise unavailable to the average investor. More than $1.75 million raised in its presale.
  6. yPredict – A newly launched presale of an AI-driven trading platform providing signals and useful market insights. $YPRED earns passive income and allow users to purchase prediction models developed by AI developers. $3.9 million already raised in presale.
  7. eTukTuk – World’s first automotive project built on the Binance Smart Chain. It offers a solution to carbon footprint concerns and brings affordable and efficient electric vehicles (EVs) and EV charging networks to Sri Lanka. The presale has just started, with $60k raised.
  8. Chimpzee – A New Network of Web3 Platforms supporting Shop2Earn, Trade2Earn, and Play2Earn, enabling users to earn rewards while conserving the environment and saving animals – $1.35 million raised so far.
  9. Scorpion Casino – Earn up to $10,000 in daily passive staking rewards depending on the casino’s performance by becoming investing in and holding the native $SCORP token. Over 75% of minimum crowdfund goal raised during ongoing presale, which has raised around $1m.
  10. Wall Street Memes – A hugely hyped presale that has now raised more than $25 million off the back of the team’s established crypto track record and a massive social media following. The project is now live on OKX after its presale has been successfully completed. 
  11. Pikamoon – A promising crypto project with immersive 3D experiences and stunning photorealistic visuals – almost $4 million raised in the presale which is now in its final stage.
  12. Anarchy Coin – A meme crypto challenging systemic flaws and enabling community ownership with innovative DAO and deflationary model – more than $5 million has been raised.
  13. RizzMonkey – New meme cryptocurrency is aiming to raise $2.17 million during the ongoing presale. Buy $RZZMNKY for only $0.000005367 per token before the exchange listing takes place. Over $100k raised since launch.
  14. SolaX – Next-generation DeFi ecosystem to reduce impermanence loss for traders and revolutionize the trading experience with smart liquidity, a friendly UI, and advanced functionalities.
  15. EyesFi – Web3 social platform, leveraging blockchain’s transparency to authenticate user interaction, driving genuine content creation and creating value across the Web3 ecosystem.
  16. LayerZero – A solution bridging the gap between different blockchain networks, promoting secure cross-chain transactions, and expanding user opportunities.

A Closer Look at the Best Crypto Token Presales Right Now

Many of the best altcoins that we see on the market today got their start through a successful presale phase – highlighting the vast potential that some of these projects may have.

Let’s take a closer look at these cryptocurrency presale projects, exploring their features, development teams, and price prospects.

1. Bitcoin Minetrix – Revolutionary PoS Token Offering Cloud Mining Credits, $BTCMTX is Priced at $0.011 on Presale 

Bitcoin Minetrix has come up with a unique platform that combines token staking and cloud mining. By leveraging $BTCMTX, the native cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Minetrix will offer tokenized cloud mining credits. 

Bitcoin Minetrix $106K raised

Interested investors can purchase $BTCMTX tokens through the new presale. Once you make a purchase, you can also start staking $BTCMTX through the Ethereum-powered smart contract. By staking tokens, investors can generate a passive income. At the time of writing, Bitcoin Minetrix is offering a staking APY (Annual Percentage Yield) of more than 7,000%. 

The number will decrease as more tokens are staked on the ecosystem. Furthermore, staked token holders can also earn cloud mining credits. Since Bitcoin Minetrix tokenizes these credits, it offers more transparency and security to users. 

The credits can be burnt on the ecosystem to earn Bitcoin mining power. The power can be used to gain allocated mining time and to earn a percentage of mining revenue. This will reduce the entry barrier of cloud mining for users, especially those with no prior knowledge or mining experience. 

Bitcoin Minetrix stake-to-mine

The $BTCMTX token has a total supply of 4 billion. 2.8 billion tokens have been allocated across ten presale rounds. Currently, on stage one, $BTCMTX is priced at only $0.011 per token. The price will go up to $0.0119 – an 8.1% price jump. 

Therefore, the staking returns and real utility can help $BTCMTX become one of the fastest-growing presales of the year. By the end of the presale, Bitcoin Minetrix aims to raise a hard cap of $32 million. In just 24 hours, the presale has raised more than $100K. 

 Investors can get started by making a $10 investment in the presale. Read the Bitcoin Minetrix whitepaper and join the Telegram channel to learn more about this cryptocurrency. 

Hard Cap $32 million
Total Tokens 4 Billion
Tokens available in presale 2.8 Billion
Blockchain Ethereum Network
Token type ERC-20
Minimum Purchase $10
Purchase with USDT, ETH, BNB

2. Meme Kombat – New Crypto Presale That Combines Memes And Battle Arenas While Offering High Staking Rewards

Meme Kombat is a hot new crypto presale that blends the fun of memes with battle arenas, providing a unique gaming experience backed by AI & Ethereum’s blockchain. 

The platform recently launched its native Meme Kombat Token ($MK), which is currently in the presale stage and offers users a chance to earn passive income.

The presale offers $MK tokens at $1.667 each, with a hard cap goal of $10 million. The platform promises early entry prizes and automatic staking of tokens for presale buyers. This early staking yields a strong APY, making it even more lucrative for early buyers.

Meme Kombat

Meme Kombat places staking at its core. With a 14-day locking period, users can earn APY. Once this period ends, users can either un-stake or continue earning. 

30% of $MK tokens are reserved for staking and fight payouts, encouraging user participation.

Also, the platform offers multiple betting options—Direct, PvP, and PvGame—each with its own risk and reward profile. 

Odds are displayed, and on-chain processing ensures fairness and transparency. Users can bet using their staked $MK tokens, making the experience seamless.

Per the Meme Kombat whitepaper, the token supply is limited to 12 million $MK. It’s strategically allocated to support ecosystem growth:

  • 50% for Presale
  • 30% for Staking and Battle Rewards
  • 10% for DEX listing
  • 10% for Community Rewards

This design promotes stability and encourages both short-term participation and long-term commitment.

Meme Kombat

Built on Ethereum, Meme Kombat integrates secure smart contracts for functions like staking and betting. These contracts ensure the platform’s reliability and safeguard users’ assets.

Users link their wallets to Meme Kombat’s web-based platform, allowing easy and secure access to staking and betting features. This user-friendly interface simplifies the complex mechanics of blockchain gaming.

Users can join the Meme Kombat Telegram channel to get the latest updates on the platform’s progress.

Hard Cap $10,00,000
Total Tokens 12 Million
Tokens available in presale 6 Million
Blockchain Ethereum Network
Token type ERC-20
Minimum Purchase $5
Purchase with USDT, ETH

3. Bitcoin BSC – Second Chance at Bitcoin But with Staking Rewards and on a More Efficient Blockchain, Presale Expected to Sell Out Rapidly

Bitcoin BSC ($BTCBSC) is already shaping up to be one of the best crypto presales to invest in for 2023 having raised more than $4 million in just over two weeks since it launched.

The project has captured the supply and price of the world’s most successful cryptocurrency – Bitcoin – and paired it with the BNB Smart Chain, one of the cheapest and most efficient architectures on the market.

bitcoin bsc 4mil

Bitcoin BSC is also a stake-to-earn coin that has seen huge uptake in its staking pool, with more than 2 million tokens already locked and offering an estimated 130% APY.

This potent combination could serve to really bolster this presale and position it as one of the top-performing coins in 2023 – that has already been reflected by investors.

The price per token is $0.99 with a circulating supply of 6.125 million, identical to Bitcoin tokenomics in 2011, more than a decade ago. The Bitcoin theme is a very powerful strategy given how many people have actively indicated they wished that they had known about some of the most successful cryptos earlier. Bitcoin BSC provides them with this opportunity, despite having no official connection with Bitcoin. 

But it goes further than this, and brings Bitcoin to the year 2023 by putting it on a much more powerful blockchain – BNB Smart Chain. This blockchain is much more environmentally friendly and fees are tiny, less than $0.10 per transaction. In contrast, fees on the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains were above $100 at certain times, due to network congestion and design inefficiencies. 

Bitcoin BSC staking

Bitcoin BSC further allows for staking rewards. Rewards are proportional to the amount staked and the vesting schedule is 120 years – an extremely long time frame by presale standards. The team does not seem to have allocated any of the tokens to themselves, with practically all of it going to presale (~21%) or staking (~69%).

Almost 900k tokens have been locked into the staking pool at the time of writing, with the project offering an estimated APY of 300%.

Indeed, there are many positive signs with this newly launched presale, and it could prove very attractive to investors who want to capture returns alongside staking rewards.

However, it’s very important to read the whitepaper prior to investment and to also do further research where possible, to understand all risks. The social channels (Telegram, Twitter) should also be joined to gain more clarity.

Hard Cap $6,063,750.
Total Tokens 21 million
Tokens available in presale 6.125 million
Blockchain BNB Smart Chain
Token type BEP-20
Minimum Purchase $10
Purchase with USDT, ETH, BNB, Credit Card

4. TG.Casino – Bridges Online Gaming with Blockchain and Telegram With A Secure, Rewarding Gaming Experience

TG.Casino is an emerging crypto presale offering a new outlook to online casinos by integrating Telegram and blockchain. The platform functions within Telegram. This means no additional downloads or setups. This is convenient for users familiar with Telegram’s interface, lowering the entry barrier for new players.

It also leverages Telegram’s top-tier encryption methods to safeguard transactions and player data. This assures a secure space for players to gamble worry-free.

TG.Casino recently launched its native token, $TGC, via its presale phase for only $0.125. It has raised over $140K soon after its launch, showing strong investor support.


TG.Casino uses Telegram’s channels and groups to update players on the latest games and promos. This live community creates trust and keeps players engaged effortlessly.

Using blockchain, TG.Casino offers quick transactions with minimal fees. This enables smooth deposits and withdrawals, a significant upgrade from traditional online casinos that often charge high transaction fees.

Moreover, TG.Casino is licensed, providing players the confidence that it operates under the strict rules of online gaming regulators. This is a big plus in an industry where trust is crucial.

Due to crypto and Telegram’s global reach, TG.Casino is accessible even in regions without well-established banking systems. This democratizes online gaming on a broader scale.


Per the TG.Casino whitepaper, a portion of TG.Casino’s revenue goes to stabilizing $TGC, minimizing the volatility risks often associated with cryptos. This creates a balanced ecosystem that benefits both the platform and its users.

The utility of $TGC isn’t confined to the casino. It promises utility in partner platforms, additional services, and more staking benefits, making it more than just a casino token.

You can enter the TG.Casino Telegram channel to get the latest updates.

Hard Cap $5,00,000
Total Tokens 100 Million
Tokens available in presale 40 Million
Blockchain Ethereum Network
Token type ERC-20
Minimum Purchase 100 tokens
Purchase with USDT, ETH, BNB

5. Launchpad XYZ – Platform with Exclusive Access to Lucrative Investment Opportunities

Launchpad logoEstablished recently, Launchpad XYZ is a promising crypto presale that aims to assist crypto investors in making well-informed decisions in the rapidly evolving Web3 landscape.

The platform achieves this through a state-of-the-art dashboard that offers users unparalleled data, such as market sentiments on various coins, and by offering access to an alpha Telegram group that has made multiple 1,000%-plus calls in recent weeks.

Currently available to buy n presale, the platform’s native token LPX is selling out for $0.0445, with a 20% bonus available at the time of writing. 

Investors can also read a detailed guide on How to buy Launchpad XYZ tokens, with more than $1.75 million raised so far.

Users can learn where the ‘smart money’ is heading thanks to Launchpad XYZ’s compilation of insights from leading crypto investors and analysts.

Investors can buy an NFT access pass to join the alpha Telegram group which, earlier this month, made a call to purchase LINQ that returned 7,000%.

Launchpad xyz telegram alpha

The platform is aiming to be a one-stop shop not only for experienced crypto users but to help users moving from Web2 to Web3 – it will provide a range of data points, tools and information to make that transition as smooth as possible.

Experienced users will also be able to maximize their profit-making potential through a range of tools, signals and other insights on tokens, crypto presales, NFT mints and play-to-earn game releases, for example.

Purchasing LPX tokens grants access to these features, while users can also purchase NFT passes for the Telegram group – from $50 to $25,000 – that offer different tiers of information.

Prospective buyers can join the Launchpad XYZ Telegram channel and read its latest blog postt to receive up-to-date information on the project.

Hard Cap $12,500,000
Total Tokens 1 billion
Tokens available in presale 250 million
Blockchain Ethereum Network
Token type ERC-20
Minimum Purchase 100 tokens
Purchase with USDT, ETH, BNB, Card

6. yPredict – AI-Driven Trading Tool with KYC-Verified and Doxxed Development Team, Presale has Raised $3.6m so Far

yPredict logo$YPRED is the native cryptocurrency of the yPredict ecosystem, a crypto analytics and research-based trading platform. This ecosystem leverages AI elements such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and works with AI developers to offer prediction models to investors.

Currently, on presale, $YPRED can be purchased to use within the ecosystem to buy subscriptions. One of the main offerings is model-based predictions generated by financial quants and AI developers. The models offer data-driven insights into the future price movements and outlook of various digital assets.

yPredict home

By using NLP, yPredict conducts sentiment analysis of multiple tokens. The platform also offers AI-driven trading signals and technical analysis. The platform also has the ability to determine bullish and bearish chart patterns due to the patent recognition algorithm yPredict uses.

Those who buy $YPRED can also stake the tokens to generate passive income. 10% of all the new subscriptions are distributed among active token holders. The platform also charges a swap fee, 15% of which is set aside for the staking pool. Moreover, one can access the Learn2Earn platform to earn tokens by taking crypto-based tests and quizzes.

yPredict also promotes long-term holding by charging a high selling tax of 7% per transaction. 1% of this tax is allocated towards liquidity, 1% for development, 2% for research, and 3% for marketing purposes.

Interested readers can access all these use cases by purchasing $YPRED during the fourth round of presale.

yPredict home

For the ongoing cryptocurrency presale, 80 million tokens have been allocated for the presale. The price of $YPRED is currently $0.01 but will soar by 20% $0.12 by the time it lists on exchanges.

The project aims to raise a hard cap of over $6.5 million and yPredict has already collected more than $3.9 million since the presale went live. Therefore, investing at an early stage is key to capitalizing on any future price increases.

However, crypto presales are not exempt from volatility and there are no guarantees that once the coin lists on an exchange that the price will continue to rise exponentially. Caution and due diligence is recommended before investing capital in any crypto presale.

To learn more about this cryptocurrency platform, read the yPredict whitepaper. Join the Telegram channel to stay updated with the presale developments.

Presale Started Q1 2023
Purchase Methods MATIC, ETH, BNB, USDT, Card
Chain Polygon
Min Purchase 200 YPRED
Max Purchase N/A

7. eTukTuk – Merging Green Transport & Economic Growth with Blockchain

eTukTuk LogoDespite the technological advancements, the transportation sector still grapples with two significant issues – carbon emissions and financial exclusion. eTukTuk, an upcoming crypto presale, is the world’s first automotive project built on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain and aims to provide a simple solution to these problems.

Launching in Sri Lanka in 2023, eTukTuk plans to introduce more affordable and accessible charging stations and electric vehicles.


It aims to help drivers transition from internal combustion vehicles, known for their high CO2 emissions. The project has received strong backing from The Capital Maharaja Group, which holds a 20% equity stake in Sri Lankan operations.

Sri Lanka, a nation with over 21 million people and over 1.2 million TukTuks on the road, has become the ideal setting for the launch. The high air pollution index and the escalating prices of fossil fuels highlight the pressing need for eTukTuk’s mission.

EVs have several benefits besides being a sustainable solution, emitting zero carbon emissions. Manufactured locally, these EVs are priced competitively against traditional TukTuks, making them a financially viable option for drivers. Also, reducing operational expenditure and maintenance can increase drivers’ earnings by up to 400%.

What makes eTukTuk more remarkable is its use of blockchain. This is not just a transport project; it’s also a socio-economic tool. Providing digital identities to people facilitates access to previously unavailable financial opportunities to the masses, effectively narrowing the economic divide.


eTukTuk’s vision is – a world where transportation doesn’t compromise the planet’s health and prosperity is equitable. By combining sustainability, technology, and economics, eTukTuk is not just seeking to redefine transportation; it’s looking to set a standard for how industries should evolve in climate change and digital transformation.

The presale has just started with $60k raised so far – all the latest platform news can be found by joining the eTukTuk Telegram channel.

8. Chimpzee – Earn Rewards While Saving the Planet and Animals


Chimpzee is one of the best crypto presale projects for 2023 and allows people to earn a passive income while simultaneously contributing positively to the world by saving animals and the environment.

The entire premise behind the project is to increase public awareness and help financially contribute to the organizations that are helping endangered species and battling deforestation.

Hero Banner Chimpzee

The entire project is the creation of Max Chimpzeeski, a brilliant scientist monkey born in the depths of the African jungle. Chimpzeeski is on a mission to save the planet from climate change using the magic of Web3 technology. Through his ingenious mind, pure determination, and years of tireless effort, Chimpzeeski managed to create a weapon using Web3 technology to help his mission.

This is how Chimpzee was born. Now, Chimpzeeski is ready to put his weapon into the crypto space to let Web3 users help save the planet together.

The entire Chimpzee protocol is comprised of five separate components;

  • The Chimpzee shop – Shop-2-Earn
  • An NFT marketplace – Trade-2-Earn
  • A Zero Tolerance Game – Play-2-Earn
  • A Chimpzee NFT Passport
  • A custom Chimpzee AI Avatar Generator

The Chimpzee NFT Passport is essential as it allows holders to earn the most passive income from the ecosystem. Furthermore, with a limited supply, NFT holders receive more benefits and rewards than users in Chimpzee that don’t have one. This means you earn maximum rewards when you trade, shop, or play if you own the Chimpzee NFT Passport.

The Chimpzee shop is the Shop-2-Earn component of the game. It allows users to earn CHMPZ tokens by selling Chimpzee gear. A percentage of all profits are donated to noteworthy organizations aligned with the Chimpzee ethos. The NFT marketplace forms the Trade-2-Earn component, and it’s one of the first marketplaces that shares a portion of trading fee profits with everyone on the platform.

Chimpzee Ecosystem

Finally, the Play-2-Earn element occurs through the Zero Tolerance game, allowing players to earn CHMPZ tokens after reaching certain milestones.

Finally, the custom Chimpzee AI Avatar generator mobile application will allow users to build personalized chimpanzee avatars developed by AI. The avatars can be attached to the user’s Chimpzee NFT Passports and can be used in the games. Furthermore, owners own the rights to any avatars generated, giving them the creative freedom to expand on the narrative.

Overall, Chimpzee has created a rewarding ecosystem that allows users to earn passive income while contributing to critical environmental factors affecting our world today. The project is currently undergoing a presale for the CHMPZ token. Tokens are currently available for $0.00055 USDT, with the price increasing as the fundraising hits certain milestones.

Therefore, those that invest earlier will benefit from higher profits after the presale is complete and CHMPZ hits tier-1 exchanges across the industry. The presale has raised more than $1.35 million so far.

9. Scorpion Casino – Earn Up to $10,000 USDT in Daily Passive Staking Rewards.

Scorpion Casino Logo

Scorpion Casino is one of the best crypto presales to invest in as it breaks down the barriers of entry to the Casino industry, allowing everybody to become an owner. The platform wants to provide a fun and enjoyable gaming experience while allowing everybody to earn through its redistribution method.

The project intends to build the number one social online gambling platform where users can earn a daily yield based on the casino’s performance.

Scorpion Casino is one of the best crypto presales

A 2% tax is leveraged on every transaction redistributing to all SCORP holders, meaning they see their holdings grow as the casino gets more usage. Furthermore, the token is also deflationary due to the 1% burn tax on each transaction, making the remaining SCORP more scarce and valuable.

The casino includes all the major games you would expect from an online casino, including slots, blackjack, roulette, and poker. In total, the casino offers 210 games, with an additional 160 live games.

The gaming experience is transparent and provably fair due to being connected with all major gaming providers, such as Evolution, NetEnt, and AMATIC. Additionally, the Curacao EGaming licensing entity licenses and regulates the casino.

In addition to the casino, Scorpion Casino also contains a sports betting section, allowing users to place bets on the outcome of their favorite sports matches. All major sports are integrated, including soccer, horse racing, tennis, basketball, golf, boxing, and MMA.

Scorpion Casino - Sports Meets Crypto

The project is currently hosting a presale for its native token, SCORP. The native token is the exclusive payment method for the Scorpion ecosystem and is the default currency for betting across sports, esports, and casinos. However, the platform also accepts all major cryptocurrencies, like BTC, ETH, and BNB.

Those that invest more than $1,000 in the presale are enrolled in the Elite Scorpion Members Club, which provides VIP services, cashback, extra staking rewards, and additional SCORP tokens.

Furthermore, users can get an extra 20% tokens with the exclusive bonus code Scorpion20, which is only available for a short period of time. More than $1m has been invested in the presale so far.

Presale Started May 2023
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, BNB
Chain Binance Chain
Token Type BEP-29
Listing Price $0.05

10. Wall Street Memes – Newly Launched By the Wall Street Bulls NFT Team With Over 1M Followers, Presale Closed With Token Live on OKX

Wall Street Memes is an exciting new meme coin project created by a team with a proven crypto track record. The Wall Street Memes team created the Wall Street Bulls NFT project in 2021, which sold out in an impressive 30 minutes. Additionally, they have recently developed a Bitcoin Ordinals NFT project, showcasing their ability to adapt to the ever-changing crypto landscape.

The $WSM token presale enjoyed huge interest since launch, raising more than $25 million in its presale – now, it is live on OKX, with more large exchange listings to follow.

Wall Street Meme

The hype has been building recently over the Ordinals NFT collection, with only 420 NFTs available. Considering Wall Street Memes has over 1 million followers across all social platforms, the NFT collection will be in high demand and low supply.

Nevertheless, there are 2 billion Wall Street Memes meme coin tokens, so there are enough for everyone in the community. 

From the 2 billion tokens, 50% will be available to purchase at presale, with the rest going towards CEX and DEX liquidity (20%) and community rewards (30%). Notably, there is no team allocation and the presale is open to all, meaning the token’s price will be a fair reflection of market supply and demand and 100% community driven.

While all presale investments come with risk, the Wall Street Memes token allows holders to join a massive community from the ground up. Moreover, since the price of meme coins often correlates with community size, Wall Street Memes could have considerable potential.

Nevertheless, as with all cryptocurrency presales all digital assets are subject to the same volatility and risk and there’s no guarantee that $WSM’s price will continue to rise following its listings on CEXs and DEXs. Investors are advised to conduct their own market research before investing any capital.

One of the interesting things about Wall Street Memes is that its tweets have at one point been retweeted by Elon Musk. If Elon continues to notice the project, it is only a matter of time before the masses take note of its crypto presale.


The presale’s huge hype likely results from the project’s hyper-engaged and loyal community, with a robust staking mechanism also allowing investors to generate passive tokens.

At the time of writing, more than 350 million tokens have been added to the staking pool, which is currently offering an estimated APY of 55%.

The project is also offering a notable $50k worth of $WSM to be split between five airdrop winners. You can check out the Wall Street Memes Discord to find out how to enter the WSM airdrop.

Alternatively, you can also visit the Wall Street Memes Telegram to stay updated about the project’s presale.

Hard Cap $30,577,000
Total Tokens 2 billion
Tokens available in presale 1 billion
Blockchain Ethereum Network
Token type ERC-20
Minimum Purchase 100 tokens
Purchase with USDT, ETH

11. Pikamoon – New Crypto Presale of a P2E Gaming Ecosystem 

Pikamoon logoBy purchasing $PIKA on presale, investors will be able to buy in-game NFT characters, virtual land on a metaverse, and earn rewards by competing in battles and completing quests. Pikamoon is an RPG (role-playing game) ecosystem that adopts play-to-earn gaming elements. 

With $PIKA tokens, holders can purchase NFT avatars known as Pikamoon on the online marketplace. The presale has already raised almost $4 million and reached its final stage, with tokens available for $0.0006. 

Pikamoon NFTs

The presale consisted of three rounds, each allocating 5 billion tokens. A secure platform to use, Pikamoon’s token contract has been audited by SharkTeam, while CoinSniper has fully verified the team. 

To enter the Pikaverse, users can leverage their $PIKA tokens to purchase one of the available 18,012 Pikamoon NFTs. The marketplace will also let users purchase boosts and treats to increase the health of the avatars. 

A top deflationary token, 5% of all $PIKA spent on the marketplace will be burnt. Hosting a total supply of just 50 billion, the price can rise in the long run as the number of tokens reduces. 

The Pikamoon game will let users enter the world of Dreva, where they can use their avatars in battles and complete quests. Pikamoon will host an offline and online mode, so users can play the game without holding any tokens. 

Pikamoon tokenomics

While Pikamoon will first focus on the offline mode, the platform will eventually incorporate elements such as online matchmaking and Player v Player battles.

Read the Pikamoon whitepaper to learn more about this project. 

Presale Started April 16, 2023
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT
Chain Ethereum
Min Investment N/A
Max Investment N/A

12. Anarchy Coin – Meme Crypto Empowering People Fight Inflation With a DAO-based Model

Anarchy Coin logoAnarchy Coin ($ANA) is a new meme crypto presale that addresses key challenges of traditional financial systems. Unlike common meme coins that revolve around light-hearted humor, $ANA combines the fun element with a serious mission – combating systemic corruption and inflation. 

It’s a token of protest, a voice of dissent against traditional monetary flaws, creating a sense of community among its users.

Anarchy Coin

Anarchy Coin is a platform for ordinary individuals to voice their rights. It differentiates itself from contemporaries like Dogecoin, grappling with utility concerns, by offering a platform for dialogue, suggestions, and solutions.

The project, built on Ethereum, unites memes and a strong DeFi model. At its heart, Anarchy Coin is designed to rally a community against existing economic challenges through profits and a united stand. At press time, buyers can grab the $ANA tokens for only $0.00021 USDT, which is set to increase with every round.

The Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is a key feature of the project. The DAO permits the community to propose and vote on the allocation of the DAO treasury funds, promoting active participation and a sense of ownership. This transparent governance structure sets Anarchy Coin apart in the meme coin market.

The Anarchy DAO is focused on charitable activities and investments. It utilizes Gnosis Safe for providing multi-signature solutions, offering transparency in distributing funds. Token owners play a pivotal role in the DAO by selecting and removing DAO ambassadors, who are responsible for managing the daily operations of the treasury.

Buyers can follow Anarchy’s Twitter handle to stay updated with the project’s progress.

Anarchy Token Breakdown

Anarchy Coin also adopts a deflationary model, incorporating a burning mechanism that decreases token circulation. This leads to increased token value over time due to natural scarcity. 0.5% of tokens get burned with each transaction, contributing to the long-term value appreciation.

The mission of Anarchy Coin extends beyond the corruption challenge. It allows holders to protest against systemic flaws and be part of a change-believing community.

More than $5 million has been raised and interested buyers can join the Anarchy Telegram group to receive the latest updates.

Presale Started Q2 2023
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, BNB
Chain Ethereum
Min Investment None
Max Investment None

13. RizzMonkey – Exciting Meme Token is Priced at $0.000005367 on Presale, Over $100k Raised

The next cryptocurrency presale token on our list is RizzMonkey ($RZZMNKY). This exciting meme cryptocurrency gets its name from the trending pop-culture reference of ‘Rizz’, meaning charisma. 

In 2023, meme coins have been among the best-performing crypto assets. Popular tokens such as Pepe Coin ($PEPE) have soared by more than 1,000%.

Rizzmonkey presale

Similarly, RizzMonkey wants to be the next big meme token to take the markets by storm. $RZZMNKY can be purchased for just $0.000005367 during the second presale round. 

RizzMonkey allocated 382.8 billion tokens for this presale, representing 55% of the total token supply. Another 20% of the token supply will be given to the development team, and 5% will be used to market this project.

From the presale, RizzMonkey aims to generate a  market cap of over $2.17 billion. 

The presale will consist of three rounds. Currently, the token is on round two, and the price will rise to $0.000006264 during the third round. By Q3 2023, RizzMonkey will conduct its initial exchange offering (IEO) and list $RZZMNKY for $0.00000696 per token. This represents a price jump of 16.7%. 

Rizz Monkey tokenomics

10% of the token supply will be used for the exchange listing and to maintain CEX liquidity. Interested readers can enter the presale now before the exchange listing takes place – more than $85k has now been raised.

For more information on this token, read the RizzMonkey whitepaper and join the Telegram channel

Hard Cap $2,173,123
Total Tokens 696 Billion
Tokens available in presale 382.8 Billion
Blockchain Ethereum Network
Token type ERC-20
Minimum Purchase N/A
Purchase with ETH, USDT, BTC, BNB

14. SolaX – The First friction-free cross-chain Decentralized finance Repository for L1 chains

Operating in the same space as Saber, Raydium, and Orca, SolaX leverages the newest blockchain technology and smart liquidity management to create a next-generation DeFi ecosystem. The project allows traders to execute swaps, limit orders, and open leveraged long/short positions.

It aims to eliminate architectural and UI design flaws that lead to high impermanent loss risks, low APY for liquidity providers, and high price impacts for traders.

Through SolaX, a user can give auto-rebalanced liquidity to numerous liquidity pools using Smart liquidity routing,  by depositing just one asset. It also offers smart liquidity arbitrage, increasing APY by excluding arbitrage bots. By lending liquidity, LPs or smart liquidity routing pools can use the money market to increase their capital efficiency.

The project is currently in the private sale stage at a price of $0.024. The max token supply is 500,000,000 and the fundraising goal is $1,080,000. To take part in the private sale, potential investors need to send an email to the project representatives. The project raised $350,000 in its pre-seed round and the long term vision is to revolutionize the DeFi space by providing a trading experience akin to centralized exchanges (CEX).

Acceptable payments to take part include USDC and USDT.

15. EyesFi – Platform for Web3 Social Interaction and Creating Authenticity

EyesFi is a Web3 social platform leveraging Game-Fi and Social-Fi to reimagine online interaction. Today, most digital financial transaction information is managed through centralized Web2 structures, often leading to inauthentic and misleading data. 

The platform proposes a radical solution, creating a digital social ecosystem where every user action, piece of information, and identity is verifiable and authenticated by blockchain’s transparency and integrity.

Unlike previous attempts at creating decentralized social platforms, EyesFi sidesteps the limitations of other social platforms by utilizing the Ethereum Metaverse for user interaction.


The platform’s Utility-NFT, GlassE, empowers users to curate and ‘like’ NFTs, rewarding them with EYE tokens that can be utilized within EyesFi or exchanged for USDC. EyesFi focuses on the inherent value of NFTs, representing the spiritual wealth of humanity, and believes in every individual’s right to express their interpretation of spiritual life and to impact the world. 

EyesFi aims to develop a comprehensive value evaluation system through user engagement to facilitate valuable content creation, contributing to the entire Web3 ecosystem.

16. LayerZero – Enabling Seamless and Secure Cross-Chain Transactions

LayerZero is a game-changing tool that enables different blockchain networks to interact effortlessly. Like a multilingual translator, LayerZero ensures seamless communication between these various networks. 

Presently, individual blockchains operate like isolated islands, similar to having resources locked in different banks with no communication channels between them. 

LayerZero addresses this by creating bridges across these isolated ecosystems, maintaining the essential blockchain principles of trust, security, and decentralization.


This protocol unlocks exciting possibilities, such as swapping digital assets across different chains or pooling resources from diverse networks without needing a middleman. Seamless interoperability broadens user capabilities, improves efficiency, and creates a more interconnected blockchain environment. 

LayerZero offers users a unified and efficient landscape by breaking down the barriers between blockchains, thereby revolutionizing blockchain interactions.

What are Crypto Presales?

Crypto presales refer to the initial offering of a cryptocurrency project to a select group of investors before it becomes available to the general public, typically at a discounted price. It allows early investors to participate in the project’s early stages and potentially gain access to exclusive benefits or bonuses.

Those wondering how to invest in cryptocurrency for maximum gains may naturally move towards crypto presales due to their inherent price potential. Put simply, crypto presales are a way for development teams to raise capital and boost the ‘hype’ surrounding an upcoming crypto project.

These presales occur before the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) takes place and usually offer tokens at a discounted rate.

best crypto presales

A great example of a regular presale crypto process was the one offered by Tamadoge in late 2022. Early investors could purchase TAMA tokens for just $0.01 during the first presale round, with the hugely hyped project raising $19 million before it even reached exchanges.

Then, the price of TAMA surged all the way to $0.194, becoming a top 3 meme coin by trading value – earning the earliest investors nearly 2,000% returns.

However, although this example is undoubtedly positive, many crypto crowdsales fail to get off the ground. Furthermore, the popularity of cryptocurrency has meant that many dishonest characters have entered the market looking to make money quickly and easily.

As such, investors must conduct in-depth research before investing in a presale project to ensure it is credible and has solid potential.

How Often are Crypto Presales Launched?

New crypto presales are launched almost every day. According to, since the beginning of the year there have been dozens of new cryptocurrency presales which have raised millions of dollars. These projects show huge potential for growth and offer unique use cases within the crypto sphere.

How do Crypto Presales Work Exactly?

The process typically begins with the project team publishing a whitepaper that outlines the project’s plans, technology, and tokenomics. Interested investors can then participate in the presale by sending their desired amount of funds to the project’s specified wallet address. In return, they receive the project’s tokens at a predetermined rate, often with a bonus for early participation.

Presale investors usually need to meet specific requirements, such as a minimum investment threshold or completing a Know Your Customer (KYC) process to comply with regulatory obligations. Once the presale ends, the project team allocates and distributes the purchased tokens to investors’ wallets based on the agreed terms.

Participating in a presale can offer potential advantages, such as the opportunity to acquire tokens at a lower price compared to their future market value. However, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research and due diligence on the project, its team, and tokenomics before investing, as presales carry inherent risks, including regulatory uncertainties, project failure, or price volatility.

Are Cryptocurrency Presales Effective in Raising Funds for Growth?

Some crypto presales have witnessed huge ROIs and success with the likes of SUI coin raising $52M just via its presale. This shows that some crypto presales can raise significant funds harboring a greater chance of growth and development in the future.

How to Find the Top New Crypto Token Presales

Crypto presales can offer a way to get into crypto with a limited budget? Effective marketing can boost a project’s visibility and generate vast amounts of capital.

The most experienced crypto investors find the best crypto presales by researching the development team behind a project to evaluate key metrics such as authenticity and security. Another popular method for finding the best presales is to use social media and online discussion forums such as Reddit, Twitter, Discord and YouTube. Jacob Crypto Bury has one of the best crypto Discord groups covering all the trending cryptos on the market.

However, not all presales are created equal, so it’s vital to understand where to find projects with high potential. Afterall, most crypto enthusiasts are asking themselves is cryptocurrency a good investment in 2023? With that in mind, here are some key factors to keep in mind:

Research the Development Team

Investors with a shortlist of the best crypto presales would be wise to research each project’s development team, as this is one of the critical factors determining longevity. Look out for projects with teams containing experience within the respected industry – for example, blockchain technology or P2E gaming.

It’s also essential to avoid projects that do not have information on the development team, as the lack of clarity can be concerning for many investors. Another sign of legitimacy is if the project is Certik or SolidProof certified – these are reliable blockchain security and auditing services that verify that the smart contracts are safe.

Use Social Media

Social media plays a significant role in influencing the crypto market due to its ability to rapidly disseminate information and shape public sentiment. Platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram serve as hubs for crypto enthusiasts, investors, and influencers to share news, opinions, and market insights.

Influential figures, known as crypto influencers, can sway market sentiment with their large followings and influential posts, potentially causing price fluctuations or driving interest in specific cryptocurrencies.

One of the most infamous cases of social media swaying investor sentiment was the GameStop stock price which marked the evolving nature of online investing in the 21st Century.

Social media has become a valuable resource within the cryptocurrency market, allowing investors to connect and share ideas about upcoming projects. The cryptocurrency subreddit (r/CryptoCurrency) is a handy resource, as it showcases daily discussions about both established and new presale coins. Furthermore, many users have in-depth experience in the crypto market, so they can provide helpful advice on a presale’s potential.

crypto presales - r/CryptoCurrency

There’s also been much debate on how much influence social media has on the cryptocurrency markets, with one ScienceDirect journal suggesting that ‘Twitter-derived sentiment is found to possess significant influence upon analysed cryptocurrencies.’

Examples of Current Crypto Social Media 

Social media offers a platform for real-time information, interaction with the cryptocurrency community, and learning from seasoned investors, making it a useful resource while looking for crypto presales.

People can stay informed on the newest presale possibilities, emerging projects, and market trends by following popular cryptocurrency influencers, joining specialised crypto groups or communities, and taking part in discussions.

Additionally, social media platforms enable investors to communicate directly with the project’s team, allowing them to clarify any confusions, ask questions, and assess the project’s responsiveness and transparency.

Here are some of the most popular crypto social media accounts:

  • Crypto Hub – Popular Discord Server Offering Lucrative Giveaways
  • Vitalik Buterin – Twitter Account of Co-Founder of Ethereum, Frequently Posts and Shares Links to Certified Research Papers on Cryptos
  • Jacob Crypto Bury – Trending Crypto YouTube Channel with Over 18k Subscribers Covering the Hottest Cryptos on the Market

Review the Project’s ‘Tokenomics’

Transparent tokenomics matter when investing in crypto presales for the first time because they provide clarity and visibility into the allocation, distribution, and future supply of tokens, ensuring fair and informed participation. Additionally, transparent tokenomics foster trust and confidence among investors, reducing the risk of scams or manipulative practices.

Finally, the ‘tokenomics’ of a project are crucial to review, as they help inform whether the token’s price will rise over the long term or not. Many presales begin with a massive number of tokens (think trillions) yet burn the vast majority of them after the project launches. This burn mechanism reduces the supply and makes the remaining tokens scarce – which helps drive up the token’s value.

For those looking to invest in the best crypto token presales, our guide on how to buy a coin before it launches covers everything you need to know about gaining exposure to new cryptocurrencies.

Read the Whitepaper

A detailed document outlining the technical specifics, goal, and potential of a cryptocurrency project is known as a crypto whitepaper. It acts as the project’s blueprint, outlining the objectives, underlying technology, target problem, and suggested solution.

The whitepaper might also provide information on the project’s development team, roadmap, and tokenomics. In essence, it is an important document that offers a comprehensive overview of the entire project.

It is crucial to read the whitepaper before investing in a crypto presale. It enables potential investors to learn more about the goals, technological advancements, and potential challenges that the project faces.

Investors may evaluate the project’s viability and credibility, decide if it fits with their investment objectives, and make insightful choices by carefully examining the whitepaper.

The whitepaper serves as a trustworthy source of information, helping investors to assess the project’s competitive advantages, and potential obstacles. As a result, the risk of investing in dubious projects or pump and dump schemes can be reduced by taking the time to research and examine crypto whitepapers.

Assessing Use Cases and Utility

When deciding which cryptocurrency presale to invest in, evaluating use cases and usability is essential for a number of reasons.

First off, understanding a cryptocurrency’s potential application in the real world aids investors in assessing the likelihood of its acceptance.

Investors can assess market demand and the possible impact of the coin by looking at the sectors or issues the project wants to solve. A project is more likely to draw consumers and achieve long-term sustainability if it has a variety of practical use cases.

Secondly, assessing a cryptocurrency’s utility sheds light on its inherent worth and growth prospects. Utility describes the features and advantages that a coin provides to its ecosystem.

Important factors include things like transaction speed, scalability, security, and cost-effectiveness. A cryptocurrency is more likely to catch on and become a valuable asset if it has high usefulness and real-world benefits.

Investors can decide wisely on the potential and value appreciation of their investment by evaluating the usability of a crypto presale.

So what does this mean? Considering use cases and utility when selecting a cryptocurrency presale to participate in enables investors to judge the project’s relevance in the real world, likelihood of adoption, and intrinsic value.

Are Presale Cryptos a Good Investment?

Risk-seeking investors looking to make money with cryptocurrency may wish to place their capital into crypto presales due to the inherent discounts on token sales. However, can these presales be considered a good investment opportunity? Detailed below are four reasons why investors may wish to get involved in this area of the market:

Huge Price Potential

Naturally, crypto presales have huge value potential due to the discounted price point that tokens are offered at. These discounts are offered to entice early investors to provide capital for the project, allowing it to grow and achieve its roadmap. As a side effect, this usually means that the relevant token’s value will appreciate in tandem – which is why presales can be so lucrative.

Crypto presale tokens also tend to perform well despite bearish market conditions, such as the current 2022 downtrend. Investor interest is high in the early stages of a project. We included some presales on our list of cryptos to buy in the 2023 crash.

Examples of Successful Presale Tokens

Firstly, NEO otherwise known as China’s Ethereum is one presale token which has stood the test of time. The project had a phenomenal presale thanks to significant support from the Chinese government, Microsoft Corp. (MSFT), and other well-known corporations.

NEO investors who got in early had the ability to earn huge returns as the cryptocurrency reached an all-time high of around $180, starting at a low token price of just over 3 cents. This represents gains of over 59,900%.

Secondly, Ethereum stands as one of the best crypto presales on the market. At the time of the presale, Ether tokens could be purchased for $0.31 each.

The token has increased to approximately $1,896 as of June 21, 2023, providing successful investors who took part in the original coin offering with a sizable return on investment (ROI) of +611,513%.

Access to Innovative Platforms

The cryptocurrency market has undoubtedly become slightly saturated, with many projects offering similar use cases. However, presales provide access to innovative ideas that have not been seen before. Sleep Care ($SLEEP) is an excellent example of this, which we touched on earlier. The SLEEP CARE project offers a unique ‘sleep-to-earn’ mechanism that isn’t seen anywhere else in the market as it promotes and incentivizes users to maintain better bedtime routines while also earning a passive income.

crypto presales - EstateX roadmap

Innovative cryptos projects work because they offer new solutions to existing problems. Finding the right crypto presale with real-world utility is easier said than done, but this is why experienced investors will look for crypto presales with exciting and innovative business models.

Become Part of a Growing Community

Investing in crypto presales offers investors the opportunity to become part of growing crypto communities, as it grants them early access to a project’s tokens and ecosystem.

By participating in a presale, investors can engage with the development team and fellow investors, gaining insights, sharing knowledge, and building connections within the community. This involvement enables investors to stay informed about project updates, upcoming developments, and community-driven initiatives, fostering a sense of belonging and active participation in the project’s growth.

Many of the best new cryptocurrency projects get off the ground by building a solid community. The impact of retail traders cannot be understated – the AMC and GameStop short squeeze were prime examples, and more recently the AMTD Digital bull run.

By fostering a strong community, presales build hype and provide a platform for like-minded individuals to connect and form lasting relationships. 

Generate Passive Income

Finally, many of the best crypto presales to invest in will provide investors with scope to generate a passive income stream. The recent rise of ‘static rewards’ has offered a mutually beneficial way to facilitate regular income payments by implementing a tax on buy or sell transactions.

Alternatively, many presale tokens also have a built-in staking mechanism, which tends to offer higher yields than traditional bank accounts.

Earning a Passive Income with Cryptocurrencies

Staking is one way to use cryptocurrency to generate a passive income.

Staking is keeping and locking a certain quantity of a cryptocurrency in a wallet to support network functions like transaction validation and blockchain security.

Individuals can receive staking rewards in the form of extra tokens for taking part in the staking process.

Popular examples of cryptocurrencies that support staking include Cardano (ADA), Polkadot (DOT), and Ethereum 2.0 (ETH). People can create a passive income stream while enhancing the security and effectiveness of the blockchain networks by staking their tokens.

Are Crypto Presales Safe?

Crypto presales can be associated with certain risks, and their safety can vary depending on several factors. One major risk is the potential for scams or fraudulent projects in the crypto space. Additionally, regulatory uncertainties and lack of oversight in the crypto industry can pose risks, as the legal framework around presales may vary across jurisdictions.

Furthermore, price volatility is another factor to consider when assessing the safety of crypto presales. The value of tokens acquired during presales can fluctuate significantly once they are listed on exchanges.

Investors should be prepared for potential price swings and understand that there are no guarantees of immediate or substantial returns. To mitigate risks, it is advisable to follow best practices, such as diversifying investments, setting realistic expectations, and only investing what one can afford to lose.

Resources Traders can Use to Avoid Scams

Crypto presales offer unique investment opportunities to get in at the ground level of some of the most promising new cryptocurrency projects. However, given the popularity of this new digital medium some people have experienced fraud and malpractice making it crucial to be aware of scams and rug pulls.

Investors have access to a number of tools that might assist them in avoiding cryptocurrency presale scams.

Firstly, careful investigation is essential. To learn more about a project, its team, and its history, investors should check out trustworthy websites, and forums that cover cryptocurrency news. It is crucial to confirm the project’s validity, look out for any warning signs or unfavorable reports, and gauge how the crypto community is feeling about the project.

Furthermore, using decentralised finance (DeFi) platforms can offer another degree of security. Before projects are published for presale or investment, DeFi platforms frequently have procedures in place to vet and validate them.

These platforms frequently perform due diligence on projects, checking things like the smart contract code and the team’s reputation. By relying on their knowledge and security measures, investing through reliable DeFi platforms can help reduce the risk of being a victim of scams or rug pulls.

With the help of these resources, investors are better equipped to weigh their options, reduce risks, and protect their capital in the rapidly changing and volatile world of cryptocurrencies.

Best Crypto Presales – Conclusion

To summarize, this guide has presented an in-depth overview of the best crypto private sales to invest in, highlighting which projects are attracting the most attention from media outlets. Although presales are naturally a risky endeavor, they can offer market-beating returns if executed effectively – presenting yet another exciting investment opportunity within the market.

Our top pick for best crypto presale projects is Bitcoin Minetrix. This is a stake-to-mine cryptocurrency which is offering cloud mining credits to token holders. Through the Ethereum smart contract, $BTCMTX token holders can stake and earn huge APYs. The $BTCMTX token is priced at $0.011 on presale.



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