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Cloud Computing

What is cloud computing? Check out these articles to learn how cloud computing impacts your business and what you can do to achieve success in the cloud.

What’s All the Investment Fuss About Cloud Computing?

As data computing needs become more demanding, traditional onsite data storage methods prove outdated. Just like the iconic line…

Andrew Zola
September 29, 2021
Cloud Computing

Global SaaS Compliance: A Complete Audit Checklist

Introduction The beauty of Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses is that they can go global from the start.…

Hanna Barabakh
September 16, 2021
Cloud Computing

Transform Enterprise Operating Models to Build Digital Muscle

The business world spins faster every day, and organizations that can’t outrun the pace of change risk becoming irrelevant.…

Rajan Kohli
September 15, 2021
Cloud Computing

LaaS, PaaS, CaaS, IaaS, FaaS, and SaaS

Introduction As technology develops, new variations of cloud computing services pop up. No two services are the same, but…

Hanna Barabakh
September 7, 2021
Cloud Computing

3 Steps to Successfully Marry Cloud Strategy and Business Outcomes

For a long time (relatively speaking), the cloud was viewed as a way for an organization’s technology team to…

Sudhir Kesavan
August 10, 2021
Cloud Computing

Why ISPs Can Benefit from Cloud-Native Email Servers

I recently had the opportunity to speak at both CloudFest and CloudTalk Online, two yearly gatherings of cloud professionals…

Bogdan Moldovan
July 9, 2021
Cloud Computing

A Step-By-Step Guide For Website Migration That Keeps SEO & Traffic Intact

If you’re a website owner, chances are you’ll face the challenge of overhauling your website someday. Website migration is…

Grace Lau
July 4, 2021
Cloud Computing

Businesses Should Adopt Cloud Solution to Get a Competitive Advantage

Although the concept of cloud computing has been around since the 1960s, it’s been about two decades since cloud…

Peter Navarro
July 4, 2021
Cloud Computing

Optimizing Amazon S3 for Large-Scale Operations

With more than 15 years of continuous operation behind it, Amazon S3 is not only one of the oldest…

Tanmay Baxi
June 30, 2021
Cloud Computing

Capabilities of Cloud Supply Chain and Logistics

Back in the day, most supply chains had their strategies built around a more or less stable business environment.…

Rocky Osborn
June 18, 2021
Cloud Computing

Choosing a Cloud Computing Service

Cloud computing is a broad term that compasses everything from Facebook and Twitter to Google Docs and Amazon Virtual…

Diane H. Wong
June 16, 2021
Cloud Computing

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