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Big Data

The rate at which data is growing is increasing every day and in order to make sense of this big data, check out these articles for the latest big data tips.

The Best Data Wins: Strategies to Overcome Web Data Collection Challenges

It should go without saying that data is crucial to a business strategy, especially in today’s economic landscape dominated by…

Julius Cerniauskas
September 24, 2020
Big Data

The Big Data Boom

Business leaders today often refer to the growing demand for Big Data as the new oil boom. In truth, right…

Dave Sutton
September 14, 2020
Big Data

What Happens When Your Customer Records are Not Linked Across Your Business Systems?

Big data is all the rage these days. Businesses are frantically investing millions in demographics, psychographics, behavioral, lifestyle, and household…

Farah Kim
August 19, 2020
Big Data

How 2020 Has Supercharged Online Data Collection

It would be an understatement to say that 2020 has been a tumultuous year. People across the globe have had…

Or Lenchner
August 19, 2020
Big Data

What Happens to AI After Graduating From the Lab?

Life in the lab is easy and comfortable. Data are balanced, descriptive, exhaustive. Machine learning models perform great on all…

Rosaria Silipo
August 5, 2020
Big Data

3 Ways to Optimize Your Supply Chain With Big Data

Tap into consumer feedback to identify gaps Customer preference drives demand trends, and in the face of COVID-19, it is…

Boaz Grinvald
July 27, 2020
Big Data

3 Advanced Google Analytics Metrics Every Business Should Use

Google Analytics has many built-in useful dimensions and metrics that businesses or marketers who are new to Google Analytics or…

Ray Wang
July 14, 2020
Big Data

What is Data Standardization, and How Can it Work for You?

Collecting data about customers and their preferences was once a time-consuming and expensive process, but most modern businesses take it…

Jason Lark
May 28, 2020
Big Data

Top 5 Attributes That Will Make You a Data Leader

There’s been a tremendous buzz around data analytics for a while now and it's loud and clear that it's only…

Thomas Griffin
May 4, 2020
Big Data

6 Ways Marketing Teams Are Winning With Big Data Analytics

In recent years, big data analytics was considered a buzzword in the marketing industry, but the reality is, it’s here.…

Venu Gooty
March 27, 2020
Big Data

Process Mining as a Precursor to Digital Transformation

Creating a digital transformation roadmap is not a wise idea without assessing the current state of business processes. A typical…

Tanya Kumari
March 5, 2020
Big Data

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