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Big Data

The rate at which data is growing is increasing every day and in order to make sense of this big data, check out these articles for the latest big data tips.

How to Use Enterprise Data to Build Your Customer Journey Map

In today’s post-COVID world, customer loyalty is more open than ever before. The pandemic caused consumers everywhere to try new…

Matt James
June 28, 2021
Big Data

Big Data, Big Impact. How Big Data Analytics Influences Supply Chains

Some 40 years ago, supply chains were domestic or local, and they presented a pretty simple process. The globalization paired…

Rocky Osborn
June 23, 2021
Big Data

It’s Time for the Financial Industry to Kick-Off Banking in the Cloud

In the old days, banks have been resilient on legacy systems and were often reluctant to make changes in their…

Mahipal Nehra
May 10, 2021
Big Data

Why Your Warehouse Data Strategy Needs Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

In an evolving era of digitalization, the warehousing industry has undergone a foundational shift toward advanced technology adoption. Over the…

Guy Yehiav
April 21, 2021
Big Data

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was passed in the European Union (EU) in 2016 and requires all businesses to…

Ty Mezquita
April 19, 2021
Big Data

Safeguarding the Internet with Natural Language Processing

The Internet is the most prolific technology of our lifetime. We now have the ability to immediately connect with others…

David Talby
April 8, 2021
Big Data

Big Data Analytics and Social Media

The increasingly digitised world has meant each and every device in our home is, or soon will be, connected to…

Sophie Beard
March 26, 2021
Big Data

Python AI: Why Python is Better for Machine Learning and AI

Today, most companies are using Python for AI and Machine Learning. With predictive analytics and pattern recognition becoming more popular…

Shardul Bhatt
March 1, 2021
Big Data

In a Digital World, Protect your Most Valuable Asset: Ideas

These days, data has become more valuable in our economy than oil. There have been many discussions about the individual…

Daniel Burrus
February 26, 2021
Big Data

Drawing Valuable Insights from a Mountain of Data

Everybody knows that big data is a driving force in business and it’s more important than ever to collect and…

Angela Hausman, PhD
February 6, 2021
Big Data

Here’s Why Having Multiple Data Centers is Necessary for VoIP

You want to get the best voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) service provider for your team. That way, they’ll be able to communicate…

Richard Conn
February 5, 2021
Big Data

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