As web development matures over the years, developers and designers often witness new trends. They enable teams to reinvent technology and add enhancements to web applications. It also allows companies to adopt new web development trends and become industry leaders with what’s working for customers.

In this article, we will highlight the 7 top web development trends in 2020 that you should know for making the most of web technology. To keep your business relevant, you should regularly update your application and keep a check on the best web development trends that can help you gain momentum.

Web technology sees innovation every year. By understanding these technologies, companies can figure out what the market seeks the most. They can capitalize on the latest web development trends and provide the best user experience. Here’s a list of the top web development trends 2020:-

  1. Virtual and Augmented Reality
  2. Progressive Web Apps
  3. Voice Search Optimization
  4. Machine Learning and AI
  5. Cybersecurity
  6. Push notifications
  7. Motion UI

Apart from these 7 top web development trends in 2020, there are several others that became the talk of the industry. We are keeping it short to the highly-anticipated and game-changing that will heavily impact the business and the world of web application development as we know it today.

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR & AR)
    • Now, most people might think of VR with gaming experience and AR with emojis brought in by Apple Inc. In 2020, 360-degree video and images, along with virtual reality, saw a massive surge. It allows users to experience things that are not possible in the real world.
    • Labs use VR and AR to assist patients with certain disabilities, like color blindness, to see different colors, and much more. It is one of the new web development trends that enable stores and enterprises to provide a real-life experience of their products without having to purchase them. Users can watch interactive videos and VR as companies are now gamifying the user experience by making them a part of the company’s universe.
  • Progressive Web Apps(PWA)
    • The world is encapsulated with mobile devices. It has become imminent for companies to transition from their web applications to mobile apps. Progressive web apps became hugely popular as one of the best trends in web development when companies realized that a majority of mobile purchases were coming from the website.
    • It encouraged them to transform their web apps into native mobile application formats that could give the user’s a similar experience as that of an application. It reduced the hassle of downloading a separate application to connect with the company. Enterprises that want to reach a larger audience must focus on PWA without hindering the download experience.
  • Voice Search Optimization
    • Arguably, voice search became the top web development trend in 2020 for custom web development as people switched from typing to convenience. More than 50% of internet users would use voice search by the end of 2022, researches show. Enterprises now need to incorporate voice search during web application development for matching customer needs.
    • IoT and smart devices also work on voice commands. Whether it’s Alexa, Siri, Cortana, or Google Assistant, web applications need to be optimized so that they can smoothly work with these assistants. Voice search is beneficial for both users and enterprises as it offers convenience without much effort.
  • Machine Learning and AI
    • The entire business world is talking about Machine Learning and AI web development services. Most companies want an application that utilizes AI to personalize content, connect better with customers, and improve the overall experience. While certainly not one of the latest trends in web development, it was a popular one amongst several industries.
      Machine Learning and AI future stats
    • Companies now look towards AI chatbots that could take over customer service and provide a human-like experience. It reduces their cost and offers amazing customer service. On top of that, they want to use AI to personalize services for every customer so that it brings them closer to their business.
  • Cybersecurity
    • 2020 was all about working remotely, which raised concerns about cybersecurity and data protection issues. Whether it’s an ERP application or a user-focused app, cybersecurity is one of the top web development trends 2020 has witnessed so far. Security concerns are normal, and companies want to understand how to operate with complete protection as they transform into digital enterprises.
    • Web applications have databases of users and stakeholders that participate in it. For this purpose, blockchain technology became a major innovation for custom web application development. Now companies can work with centralized databases that cannot be threatened by cyber attacks.
  • Push notifications
    • This is one of the best web development trends that 2020 saw in both technology and marketing. Push notifications became mainstream to enhance the user experience and multiply results from marketing. They were delivered in different forms to both web app and mobile app users, adding to the ultimate targeting of users.
    • Push notifications provided information related to products without encouraging the customers to create an account or make a purchase. However, they were the ultimate tool to generate more business as customers frequently saw these messages and got reminded of the products.
  • Motion UI
    • The newest addition to the latest web development trends in 2020 is the Motion-based user interface for web applications. With the help of beautiful animations and motions, companies got the attention of users and engaged them in a much better way. Motion UI library offers great design elements, allowing developers to build smooth and engaging user interfaces.
      otion-based user interface
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    • Motion UI offers a sophisticated look of the web application and keeps the users hooked. It guides them through the entire application and improves behavioral targeting. On top of that, it enables companies to deliver a user experience that is excellent for user retention.


The world of custom web application development is constantly evolving. Companies need to keep up with the best and the top web development trends to make the most of their web applications. By hiring a professional web application development company, businesses can achieve the best outcomes and deliver better services & experiences to their customers.