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Shardul has been in the tech industry for over 18 years. He has worked with some of the global leaders like Mastercard, CIGNEX, and others. Today, Shardul stands as the CEO of Tntra - a global innovation ecosystem that provides product engineering services. He also serves as the CEO for BoTree Technologies, a leading software development company. He is enthusiastic about the latest innovations in the software industry and writes extensively to guide businesses & engineers for making better development decisions.

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7 Reasons Java is Perfect for Enterprise Software

Java is the fifth most used programming language worldwide in 2021, with a market share of 35.35%. Today, there…

Shardul Bhatt
December 31, 2021
Tech & Gadgets

Top Custom Software Development Methodologies for Enterprises

By the end of 2021, the revenue from the software market is expected to reach $578 billion. The complete…

Shardul Bhatt
December 27, 2021
Tech & Gadgets

React Native Development: 5 Reasons Why It’s Perfect for Startups

Presented by Facebook in 2015, React Native is an open-source framework known to incorporate the ideas of web development…

Shardul Bhatt
November 24, 2021

Top 7 Tools for Cross-Platform Enterprise Mobile App Development

Cross-platform app development makes sense in 2021. As a growing organization, you want your application to be present on…

Shardul Bhatt
September 10, 2021
Mobile & Apps

Agile for New Economy Enterprises: A Comprehensive Guide

In the State of Agile’s 14th Annual Survey, 95% of respondents agree to the use of agile in their…

Shardul Bhatt
July 9, 2021
Business Innovation

How IT Consulting Companies Provide Solutions for Midsize Enterprises

Today, IT consulting services are critical for small businesses. Whether it’s a tech startup or a mid-size enterprise with…

Shardul Bhatt
July 7, 2021
Small Business

Python AI: Why Python is Better for Machine Learning and AI

Today, most companies are using Python for AI and Machine Learning. With predictive analytics and pattern recognition becoming more…

Shardul Bhatt
March 1, 2021
Big Data

7 Common eCommerce Business Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

Studies show that around 90% of eCommerce businesses fail within 120 days of their launch. While an eCommerce store…

Shardul Bhatt
February 17, 2021

Using Cloud Computing to Build a Remote Organization

Start According to Gartner, 74% of CFOs are planning to move 5% of their employees to remote positions permanently.…

Shardul Bhatt
February 2, 2021
Cloud Computing

Spree Commerce vs. Shopify: Pros and Cons Comparison

Are you looking to start your online store? An eCommerce business can multiply your sales, help you reach more…

Shardul Bhatt
January 24, 2021

Top 7 Web Development Trends You Should Know in 2020

As web development matures over the years, developers and designers often witness new trends. They enable teams to reinvent…

Shardul Bhatt
October 26, 2020
Web Design
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