Website development no longer requires individual coding for each website using different programming languages. It now recognizes programs like Notepad that allow users to edit texts and code. New website development platforms can be used throughout the entire process of site-building. You can create your website to suit your preferences for design and function.

Although you may decide to use a site builder or a ready-made content management system (CMS), those options have limited capabilities and functionality. They may satisfy DIY users, but they are not geared to original web designers and developers. Let’s review the top web development tools that promise to provide the best user experience.

  1. Sketch is a set of tools for managing digital design elements. An excellent website needs great visual elements for logos, icons, and other features. Sketch provides the option to implement moving images and develop interactive prototypes. It lets you create major symbols that you can modify from a small icon to a profile picture. Also, with Sketch, you can make all your content dynamic. Sketch Cloud lets you share your documents and libraries with other developers. You can create personalized fonts using the FontRapid tool, to customize your website. However, Sketch is only available for use on Mac OS devices. Sketch charges a single payment of $99 a year, or you can opt to pay $9 monthly.
  2. InVision Cloud is a digital design platform used by some of the world’s largest companies, including Amazon, Atlassian, SoundCloud, Evernote, Salesforce, and HubSpot. InVision Cloud provides many standard visual elements with tools like Element Library. InVision Prototype lets you create a website with interactive elements for both mobile and desktop versions. For advanced users, the platform offers a professional plan that includes an endless number of prototypes for only $15 a month.
  3. Sublime Text is a code editor that simplifies web design. You can download it for Mac, Windows, and Linux. The editor responds to the following commands:
  • GoTo Anything helps to find a piece of code with symbols, lines, or words
  • Multiple Selections helps you fix duplicate code and change multiple lines at once
  • Split Editing lets you display code on multiple monitors, with multiple windows and splits in each window

You can download a trial version of Sublime Text at no cost, but you will have to pay for a license for continued use. The cost is a one-time payment of $80.

For a website that stands out and offers exceptional user experience, customized design and coding are preferable to using a site-building platform or CMS. Customized websites are more secure, and do not rely on external add-ons that put you at risk of getting hacked. Also, the use of plugins may require you to agree to a website monitoring service for notifications of website changes. Fortunately, web development has come a long way in the 21st Century, thanks to drag-and-drop instruments and automatic coding that speed up the development process and provide an exceptional user experience.

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