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Sergii Grybniak, is an expert digital marketer, a software developer and a business owner. Experienced in SEO, PPC, SMM, Web/Mobile Development and Fintech.

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What is Media Planning?

When devising a business strategy, companies use marketing services to determine the best way to promote their services. Projected…

Sergey Grybniak
November 2, 2020

Top 3 Steps for Entrepreneurs to Reopen Their Small Businesses Post-Pandemic

As companies are opening their doors post-pandemic, small businesses remain unstable, having to balance the need to boost sales…

Sergey Grybniak
September 22, 2020
Small Business

How to Boost the Online Coverage of Your PR Campaign

PR is the art of managing social opinions. Marketers use PR to persuade people that they need certain products…

Sergey Grybniak
September 21, 2020
Public Relations

Automation Tech for Full Cycle Accounting

Every bookkeeper should know the eight basic stages that split up a bookkeeper’s work process. While some of the…

Sergey Grybniak
September 15, 2020

Essential Website Development Tools for the Best User Experience

Website development no longer requires individual coding for each website using different programming languages. It now recognizes programs like…

Sergey Grybniak
September 9, 2020
Web Design

Top 6 Ways to Increase Your Brand Awareness Through Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Every company promoting goods or services on the Internet can benefit from social networking services. Social media is widely…

Sergey Grybniak
August 2, 2020

What Threats Will Cyber Security Encounter in 2020?

How big is the cybercrime problem for 2020? It has become the latest news, with major security breaches grabbing…

Sergey Grybniak
July 27, 2020

Start Integrating Data-Driven Decisions in Your Business Through BI

Until recently, business intelligence (BI) software was the prerogative of big businesses that had many technical and data science…

Sergey Grybniak
July 9, 2020
Business Intelligence
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