Google Maps isn’t just for directions; it’s also great for locating businesses. For example, by using Google maps, you can learn more about how to find businesses like car wash builders in case you ever needed car wash construction. And Google Maps offers a variety of user-friendly features to do so.

Businesses can Benefit from Google Maps

If you’re a business owner, you can have your company added to Google’s network so it can be found on Google Maps. You just need to provide details about your business information on Google Places. This will enable your business to be located by customers who do a search that relates to your business’ name or the services you offer. Also, your location will be mapped for easy access to your establishment.

This helps your business stay competitive. Even if you do not have a strong web presence, you can include your brick-and-mortar business on the web by having it mapped for all to see.

In the yellow book pages or other offline marketing pieces, you add your hours, location and key information customers need to know about your business. You can do this and more with Google Maps. And have the capability for potential customers to see videos, special offers and even the outside of your business so clearly that they can view parking and pick out a space.

Overview of how to Use Google Maps

Google Maps has a variety of user-friendly features. You can view images from the location. You can access information on the terrain of the location. The information you receive is so detailed that you can even find out how the weather is in your city of interest.

Can View a Location Across the World with Streetview

You can view webcams from all over the world on Google Maps. The images can show snapshots of pictures taken from video feeds as recent as 15 minutes ago. The traffic option will give you an idea of the flow of traffic in the area. There is a grid that let’s you see how heavy traffic is according to a color code. You’ll be able to quickly see which routes are best.

If you zoom in, you can go from a bird’s-eye-view to a vivid streetview of your set location. The images are so clear it can seem like you’re actually in the place, walking along the side of the street. You can click on the actual street and “drive” yourself to various locations. Panoramic views are also available to give you a general idea of what type of features the local neighborhood has.