Presented by Facebook in 2015, React Native is an open-source framework known to incorporate the ideas of web development into mobile application development. React Native is a well-known JavaScript-based versatile application framework that permits you to create cross-platform mobile applications for iOS and Android.

React Native development allows you to make applications for different stages by utilizing a singular codebase. “Learn once and write anywhere” is the guideline to make a React Native application.

Respond Native is right now the trendiest framework among developers. React Native application development services enable creating versatile applications using Javascript. It enables building cross-platform apps without compromising the quality of the application. React Native has the capacity for quicker and simpler application development with intuitive UX.

React Native Development

Attributable to the elements like Hot Reload, code reusability, simplicity of outsider module coordination, and more, React Native is a decision for some organizations, from tech monsters like Facebook itself to startups & small-scale enterprises.

This article will highlight why React Native is the perfect choice for startups to build their mobile applications. We will understand how the framework reduces the app development time, which leads to delivering a competitive advantage to startups.

Is React Native Good for Startups?

Some of the top React Native companies include Discord, Pinterest, Salesforce, among several others. It showcases that the technology is excellent for scalable companies. Apps built with React Native are much more lightweight than other technologies because it uses the same codebase.

Most React Native projects take 50% less time than other mobile development frameworks. This is true for several cross-platform app development frameworks as well but React Native tops the list. There are money and time savings with React Native, and most of all, developers love to work with the framework. There are amazing tools and libraries that enable high-quality development with React Native.

Every startup needs to have three things in their focus – quick iterations, rapid scaling, and work within deadlines. All three are required to meet the changing market dynamics and get a competitive advantage. As they need to make modifications quickly in their apps, React Native developers can make it work easily for them. On top of that, there are many startups that utilize React Native because it makes more sense than other frameworks like Flutter or Xamarin.

Now that we understand what React Native offers to startups let’s look at some of the benefits that the technology offers.

5 reasons React Native Development is Perfect for Startups

Choosing the right technology is challenging for any startup. There need to be several factors that they should consider. From cost to functionality, a technology stack must fulfill the requirements of every startup. React Native apps example showcase that the framework is perfect for companies that want to achieve economies of scale and gain a competitive edge. Here are 5 reasons why React Native for startups makes sense:

  • More time to Market

The time taken for an application to go from the origination stage to the hands of the consumer is foundational for any startup. You can’t stand to create a show-stopper of an application for a really long time and trust the customers will come.

Over 90% of the codebase is divided among iOS and Android if your startup picks React Native application development services to build its application. With an average of 1024 applications hitting the Apple store in a solitary day, an early mover advantage can’t be neglected for your application’s prosperity.

  • More Engineers Accessible

React Native has been around for the greater part of 10 years now, which implies there is a major engineering supply from which your startup can pick the best developers if you pay a premium, obviously.

Developers of React Native charge anywhere between $100 — $125 each hour in the US, and you can generally find engineers online on platforms like Upwork or Fiverr. Assuming it is a whole development team that you are searching for, a custom application development company can help startups with deploying it.

  • Low Development Cost

Building a cross-platform versatile application is undeniably more prudent than building an application independently for iOS and Android.

Finance is one of the most costly expenses for a startup, with a normal organization of five workers spending around $305,000 on salaries, as per information from different studies.

Rather than recruiting two separate designers, in the event that you pick React Native, you just need to pay for a single engineer who will assist you with launching the application on Android, just as iOS. The cash saved would then be able to be utilized in other basic capacities, like marketing and selling.

  • Reusable Components

At its center, a React Native application is a lot of parts in one single module. Every last one of these parts has its own rationale and control.

The reusable components work something very similar across Android and iOS, which means you don’t have to break your head while supporting both platforms at the same time.

Reusing a portion of the components likewise makes development simpler, alongside making the code more straightforward to keep up with. In the event that there are changes in the execution subtleties of any one component, you should simply change it in one place, and it produces results wherever the need be.

  • Readymade Tools and Libraries

To assist with increasing the speed of the development process, React Native comes inbuilt with a great deal of ready-made tools and libraries. These libraries assist with increasing the development speed. For example, assuming you need to accomplish a native look and feel for your application, you can check Nativebase. This is a collection of the main cross-platform React Native parts.

Type checking tools and testing libraries are a portion of different libraries that help create your application quicker.

Wrapping Up

React Native development services are increasing in popularity every day. It provides startups a competitive edge as they can build apps at a lower cost and much faster than building separate native applications. React Native is perfect for startups that want a high-quality application by reusing the codebase in both iOS and Android.