With one of the best Telegram spy apps, you’ll be able to read through the target user’s private messages on Telegram and monitor their activity on this popular messaging app and beyond — all remotely for insight into who they’re chatting to, what they’re saying, and more.

With a market loaded with scams and sub-par spy apps, we’ve rounded up and reviewed the best Telegram spy apps on the market by considering criteria like pricing, ease of use, Telegram spying capabilities, and more — read on as we explore each in more detail so that you can find the one best suited to your needs.

The 10 Best Telegram Spy Apps 2024 | Shortlist

There are many Telegram spy tools on the market today, but many of them don’t work on modern versions of iOS or Android, and some, as we mentioned above, are outright scams. We’ve tested dozens of Telegram spy apps to bring you this list of the best Telegram spy apps out there:

  1. mSpy — Hands Down the Best Telegram Spy App
  2. Eyezy — Easy-to-Use Telegram Spy Tool
  3. uMobix — Powerful and Effective Telegram Spy Tool
  4. Cocospy — Great Generalist Spy App
  5. XNSpy — The Best Telegram Spy App for Remote Control
  6. Spyic — Parent-Oriented Telegram Spy App
  7. Mobile Track — Free Download Telegram Spy App
  8. Hoverwatch — Screenshot-Based Telegram Spy App
  9. Spyera — Expensive but a Very Powerful Tool
  10. IKeyMonitor — Free Spy App With Premium Telegram Spying

The Top Telegram Spy Apps in 2024 | Reviewed

1. mSpy – Hands Down the Best Telegram Spy App

mSpy- The Best Telegram Spy App

mSpy is not only one of the most popular spy apps out there, with 1.5 million users across 180 countries, but also one of the most balanced. It provides an excellent user interface, various customization options, and powerful features — all at a very reasonable price.

mSpy gives you complete coverage over all popular messaging apps, including Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook Messenger.

It’ll show you all Telegram messages from the target phone alongside timestamps and the Telegram data of who the phone’s user has been messaging. It also excels at social media monitoring and it’s our top pick for the best Instagram spy app thanks to its ability to spy on Instagram stories and Snapchat snaps.

Besides all this, it’ll also seamlessly monitor messages on dating platforms like Kik, Bumble, or Tinder, making it a powerful tool to protect your child from predators.

It doesn’t end there either. mSpy also has excellent location monitoring features as well, providing you with a robust GPS locator, geo-fencing, and remote control features, plus you can easily take a screenshot of the target’s phone, turn on their microphone to record their surroundings, and more.

All this means that mSpy is not only our best Telegram spy app, but our best phone spy app in general. You can learn more about mSpy in our dedicated mSpy review.


  • Spies on all Telegram messages
  • Monitors multimedia files
  • A variety of remote control features
  • Social media monitoring
  • Dating app spying features
  • Excellent for spying on Instagram stories or Snapchat snaps
  • Shows you who they’re talking with alongside timestamps


  • Allows for just 1 device per subscription
Operating Systems Supported Price
Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS $139.92/year

2. EyeZy – Easy-to-Use Telegram Spy Tool

eyeZy is one of the most intuitive Telegram spy apps without compromising quality

EyeZy is a comprehensive spy app with excellent Telegram-oriented features. Despite only being released in 2021, EyeZy has rapidly grown in popularity due to how well the team behind it manages to blend simplicity and delivering in-depth data.

Some of its biggest selling points include bank-grade encryption and the variety of data it provides you with. This tool will allow you to spy on all Telegram messages, even those that have been deleted, and it’ll also show you some information about who your target is talking to over Telegram.

However, where EyeZy really excels is in providing internet use statistics. This Telegram spy tool will show you your target’s browser history, most visited websites, current searches, and more at the press of a button.

If you’re worried about your spouse or child misbehaving on dating apps, EyeZy makes it easy to spy on them and is one of our best Tinder spy apps. With its minimal, modern user interface, you can easily oversee all phone activities without being bogged down by irrelevant information.

You can even pick a word or phrase and have EyeZy automatically alert you if it’s used. This feature is especially relevant for parents looking to protect their children from the many dangers of Telegram.


  • Quite affordable
  • Amazing user interface
  • Monitors all Telegram messages
  • Bank-grade encryption keeps your data safe
  • Gives you access to an abundance of internet usage statistics
  • Alerts you when a pre-set word or phrase is used
  • Social media and dating app monitoring


  • Lacks some features of its more expensive counterparts
Operating Systems Supported Price
Android, iOS $119.88 a year

3. uMobix – Powerful and Effective Telegram Spy Tool

uMobix is powerful and robust Telegram spy tool

uMobix is a powerful phone tracker and telegram spy app and, although the bulk of its features are geared towards parents, it’s powerful enough to be very useful in just about any situation.

It has advanced social media tracking features, and is one of the best Snapchat spy apps on the market today. Since Snapchat and Telegram are often used in conjunction when someone’s trying to hide a conversation online, uMobix is perfect for handling these cases.

You can easily track all manner of social media, messaging apps, and dating apps through uMobix, with the app giving a full bird’s-eye view of all of the target’s online activities.

Its multimedia spying features ensure that you can also spy on what they’ve downloaded and have on their phone. You can also take advantage of uMobix’s remote control features, such as the ability to limit access to apps.

If your child has problems with social media addiction or you want to limit their access to Telegram, uMobix might be just the tool for you.


  • Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, SMS, and Messenger spying features
  • Allows you to restrict access to certain apps
  • Detailed GPS location history
  • Dating and social media app spying features
  • Remote control features


  • On the more expensive side
  • Can’t monitor PCs
Operating Systems Supported Price
Android, iOS $179.88/year

4. Cocospy – Great Generalist Spy App

Cocospy is a great Telegram generalist spy app

Cocospy is one of the best generalist spy apps out there. If you’re looking for an overall simple Telegram spy tool that’ll let you spy on your loved one’s Telegram usage, look no further. Cocospy’s installation process lasts just 2-5 minutes, and once it’s finished, you can sit back and watch all of their activities.

It also provides you a degree of remote control over the phone to ensure you can intervene if the Telegram conversation takes a turn for the worse.

Due to the app’s great keylogger, you can see all messages sent and received, including hidden and deleted ones. Cocospy can do this with other messaging apps and social media as well. Naturally, it also has GPS tracking features and geo-fencing.

It’ll also show you the target phone user’s internet habits including their browsing history, bookmarks, and more. It’ll also allow you to spy on up to 3 different Android devices at once.

You can learn more about Cocospy in our Cocospy review.


  • Great keylogger
  • Monitors deleted and hidden Telegram messages
  • Social media monitoring
  • GPS tracking and geo fencing
  • Multimedia file spying
  • Alerts you when a predetermined phrase gets used
  • Very simple to use


  • Limited remote control features
  • Less powerful features than most tools in its price range
Operating Systems Supported Price
iOS, Android $99.99/year on Android, $129.99/year on iOS

5. XNSpy – The Best Telegram Spy App for Remote Control

XNSpy The Best Telegram Spy App for Remote Control

XNSpy is one of the best spy apps for Telegram because not only does it cover all of the Telegram monitoring you’ll need, but gives you a plethora of remote control features to boot. If you’re looking for the best app to spy on Telegram with excellent remote control features and unique statistics, XNSpy might be the app for you.

XNSpy can take screenshots of and record the target phone’s screen at will. This lets you monitor messages as they are sent and received, in addition to streamlining Instagram story monitoring.

You can also easily restrict the time your loved one spends on Telegram, or even delete it if necessary. It’ll also show you all of their Telegram contacts’ available details.

Outside of this, it’s amazing for monitoring dating apps, landing it on our list of the best girlfriend spy apps. One of XNSpy’s more interesting features is how it shows you a wide variety of statistics.

For example, it’ll show you the most visited websites, top 5 callers, the longest call, and much more. It can even be installed on iOS devices without the target phone if you have the target’s iCloud credentials.


  • Excellent remote control features
  • Interesting and relevant statistics
  • Shows Telegram contact details
  • Can be installed on iOS without the target phone
  • Spies on social media & dating apps


  • Rooting is necessary to install on Android
  • Confusing user interface
Operating Systems Supported Price
Windows, iOS, Android $99.99/year for Android, $129.99/year for iOS

6. Spyic – Parent-Oriented Telegram Spy App

Spyic- General-purpoes Telegram spy app

Spyic is one of the best parental Telegram spy tools. Being designed primarily with parents in mind, it has an excellent GPS tracker and robust geo-fencing features. It’ll show you a detailed breakdown of all of your child’s movements throughout the day.

You can also look at their Telegram messages, their contacts’ details, and even their deleted messages. The app also does a great job of monitoring social media messages.

Spyic has an excellent keylogger, letting you monitor browser history and current searches with ease.

You can also spy on their multimedia files to see what kind of content your child has been downloading. Spyic is also quite easy to use, requiring little to no technical know-how.


  • Quite easy to set up
  • In-depth GPS location breakdown
  • Spies on deleted Telegram messages
  • You can spy on multimedia files
  • Monitor calls & SMS messages


  • You need to have the target’s iCloud credentials to set it up on iOS
Operating Systems Supported Price
Android, iOS, Windows $99.99/year for Android, $129.99/year for iOS

7. Mobile Tracker – Free Download Telegram Spy App

Mobile Tracker- Best Free Download Telegram Spy App

Mobile Tracker is the best Telegram spy app you can get for free. In fact, it’s the only free app on this list that provides Telegram spying in its free edition. Mobile Tracker’s free version even rivals some paid apps when it comes to features.

If you’re just looking for Telegram spying, GPS and call data, and spying on SMS messages then the free version might just be good enough for you. However, if you’d like more out of the spy app, you’ll have to get the premium version.

The premium edition of Mobile Tracker provides you with features like multimedia monitoring, taking screenshots, monitoring social media, spying on dating apps, and much more.

You also get access to a quality keylogger and GPS data even with the free version.


  • Best free Telegram spy app
  • Spies on social media
  • Screenshot-taking capabilities
  • Premium version available
  • Dating app monitoring


  • Watered down compared to high-end apps
  • There’s no mobile interface for end users
Operating Systems Supported Price
iOS, Android $5.99 with a free version available

8. Hoverwatch – Screenshot-Based Telegram Spy App

Hoverwatch is one of the best Telegram spy apps with a free version

Hoverwatch is one of the most innovative Telegram spy tools on this list. It puts simplicity at the forefront and ensures a smooth and intuitive user experience first and foremost.

It achieves this by having a single main dashboard, with most of the spying occurring through automatic screenshots taken every couple of seconds. This makes it insanely easy to use and lets it spy not just on Telegram, but also on Instagram stories and Snapchat Snaps.

It’s also one of the few apps through which you can see someone’s social media feed.

On the Telegram side of things, you can opt to look at the messages in a text-based or screenshot form. For group chats, we recommend the text form as the screenshot window can lead to you missing out on a message or two.


  • Screenshot-based Telegram spy tool
  • Extremely simple to use
  • Hidden spy app
  • Automatically records calls on the target device
  • GPS tracking
  • There’s a free version


  • Its windows are relatively disorganized
  • Can be difficult to spy on Telegram group chats due to screenshot window
Operating Systems Supported Price
Android, iOS $99.95/year

9. Spyera – Expensive But Very Powerful

Spyera is an incredibly powerful but expensive Telegram spy app

Spyera is one of the most powerful Telegram spy tools on the market. Spyera has remained the gold standard of spy apps in terms of power for the last decade. With excellent remote control features, comprehensive Telegram monitoring, social media spying, screen recording, and more it’s easy to see why.

It’s also one of the few apps that can spy on macOS and Windows devices, which makes it a worthwhile purchase if you want to spy on Telegram on a desktop.

With that being said, Spyera is quite expensive. Even on the cheapest plan, it’s still significantly more expensive than comparable applications.

Because of this, you might want to consider if you really need all of Spyera’s features before committing to a purchase.


  • Spy on Telegram’s PC version
  • Internet activity monitoring
  • Social media spying
  • Amazing keylogger
  • A variety of remote control features


  • A lot more expensive than comparable tools
Operating Systems Supported Price
Android, iOS, Windows, macOS $389/year

10. IKeyMonitor – Free Spy App With Premium Telegram Spying

iKeyMonitor- Free Spy App With Premium Telegram Spying

iKeyMonitor is the one of the best free download Telegram spy apps. Unfortunately, the Telegram spy functionality comes only in the premium version, however, iKeyMonitor is a great spy app to get your feet wet before you decide if you want to commit your hard-earned money into one of these apps.

It provides a limited degree of remote control features, as well as social media and dating app monitoring functionalities.

For free, you can see content like call history, GPS location, contacts, notes, calendar entries, and WiFi history.

However, the premium version is fully capable of spying on Telegram or any other messaging app for that matter. This version also has a lengthy free trial so you can ensure that it’s the right app for you before moving on to purchasing it.


  • Lengthy free trial
  • One of the best free Telegram spy tools
  • Remote control capabilities
  • Monitors calendar entries, notes, and similar
  • GPS tracking and geo-fencing


  • Relatively difficult to use
  • Premium plan is on the higher side price-wise
Operating Systems Supported Price
Android, iOS Free or $29.99 a month for the paid version

Best Telegram Spy Apps Compared

Best Telegram Spy App Price Compatible Operating Systems
mSpy $139.92/year Android, iOS, macOS, Windows
Eyezy $119.88/year Android, iOS
uMobix $179.88/year Android, iOS
Cocospy $99.99/year on Android, $129.99/year on iOS Android, iOS
XNSpy $99.99/year for Android, $129.99/year for iOS Windows, iOS, Android
Spyic $99.99/year for Android, $129.99/year for iOS iOS, Android, Windows
Mobile Track $5.99 with a free version available Android, iOS
Hoverwatch $99.95/year Android, iOS
Spyera $389/year Android, iOS, Windows, macOS
iKeyMonitor Free or $29.99 a month for the paid version Android, iOS

How do Telegram Spy Apps Work?

Telegram spy apps work by employing multiple technologies to gather data about received messages. One of these is taking screenshots of the phone screen and then transmitting them to you. Another is by going into the phone’s system files and pretending to be an application with enough authority to directly pull out that information.

Naturally, all of these apps require an internet connection so that communication can be sent back and forth.

How to Spy on Someone’s Telegram Messages Without the Target Phone

Unfortunately, it’s extremely difficult, and in some cases, even impossible, to spy on someone’s Telegram messages without access to their phone. This is because there are very few ways you can actually install a Telegram spy app on their phone remotely.

That being said, there are a couple of ways that you could manage to install a Telegram spy app without access to the target phone:

  1. The first way is to get them to click on the download link for an app like mSpy. Once they do that, they commit to the installation process (mSpy isn’t transparent about being a spying app while being installed.) While this is quite difficult, it’s still possible to convince someone to proceed with the installation.
  2. By getting their iCloud login. Certain spy apps can be installed on iOS devices if you know the device owner’s iCloud credentials. However, these are generally much harder to obtain than a couple of minutes alone with the target phone.

With that being said, both of these ways are generally more difficult than the traditional way of taking the target phone into your own hands and downloading a Telegram spy app onto it.

Are Telegram Phone Spy Apps Safe?

As with all spy apps, there are safe and unsafe ones. The biggest red flag an app is unsafe is that it’s free, doesn’t have a premium version, and has suspiciously few reviews. However, there are scams across the spy app industry.

We’ve gone through dozens of apps that don’t work anywhere near as advertised, which spurred the need for this list. All of the apps on this list have been confirmed to work and to do what they say on the tin.

Free Android & iPhone Spy Apps for Telegrams

Getting a free download Telegram spy app is many people’s first thought when thinking about what Telegram spy app to install, and free apps like Mobile Tracker and iKeyMonitor definitely have their place in the Telegram spy app space.

Free Telegram spy apps can be useful. They’re an ideal entry point to the space, and they help get you familiar with how these apps work. However, if you encounter a completely free Telegram spy app with no monetization model, you can be sure it’s a scam.

Outside of that, free Telegram spy apps are largely a lot weaker than their paid counterparts. This is because a free app simply has fewer resources available to allocate. We can see this by comparing the likes of Mobile Tracker to mSpy. While Mobile Tracker has a lot of features for a free app, it quickly pales in comparison to mSpy.

Not only does it monitor more applications, but its screenshot intervals are smaller, its UI is slicker, and it pretty much outclasses the free app in every way. Because of this, it’s generally well worth investing in a paid spying app, rather than opting for a free option.

How to Use a Telegram Spy App

Let’s go over how to spy on someone’s Telegram using the best Telegram spy app — mSpy.

On iOS

You’ll be surprised as to how simple getting set up is, even with an iOS device. Here are the 5 steps you need to take to get started.

Step 1 — Make Sure the Phone is Connected to WiFi

As you’ll be using the internet, this is an easy first step.

Step 2 — Make Sure the Phone Has Been Jailbroken

For more information on this, visit mSpy’s website, or, you can use a non-jailbroken iPhone if you know the iCloud credentials.

Step 3 — Create an mSpy Account

To get started, click the button below to create your account and choose your subscription plan. We recommend the long-term plans as these offer the best value for money.

Make account mSpy- best Telegram spy app

When you’re done creating your account, follow these steps:

  1. Select iOS when prompted for the phone’s OS
  2. Check your email and note the info in the email from mSpy

Step 4 — Go to Cydia and Install mSpy

Cydia app is necessary for downloading mSpy- your Telegram spy app


  1. Open Cydia
  2. Press on “Manage Account”
  3. Press on “Sources”
  4. Press on “Edit”
  5. Press on “Add”
  6. Write the link that was in the mSpy’s email
  7. Press on “Add Source”
  8. Press “Return to Cydia”

Step 5 — Navigate to mTechnology Repository and Get Spying On Telegram

mSpy's sublime dashboard

  1. Navigate To “mTechnology Repository”
  2. Tap on“iPhone Internal Service” – this is the name mSpy uses in the target phone
  3. Tap on “Accept” and finish the prompts on the screen
  4. Get back to the homepage
  5. Press on the mSpy icon
  6. Accept mSpy’s license agreement
  7. Write in your registration code
  8. Restart target phone

On Android

Installing mSpy on an Android device is even simpler. Here’s what you’ll do.

Step 1 — Make an mSpy Account

As with the iOS installation, to get started, click the button below to create an mSpy account.

Creating your account with mSpy for Telegram spying

Once you’re finished making an mSpy account, do the following:

  1. Pick Android when asked for the OS of your target’s phone
  2. Note down the information that arrived in your email

Step 2 — Ensure the Target Phone Has Play Protect Disabled

Disabling Play Protect on the target Android device

Step 3 — Go to Google Chrome and Download mSpy

  1. Open up Google Chrome
  2. Paste the link that arrived in the mSpy email into the address bar
  3. Succeed on the captcha and tap on “Download”
  4. Press on “OK”

Step 4 — Open Up mSpy and Get Going

If a prompt appears, go to “Open”>”Settings”>”Allow from This Source.” Then do the following:

  1. Click “Next”
  2. Press on “Open”
  3. Press “Agree” on mSpy’s License Agreement
  4. In case a window appears, tap “Accept all permissions”
  5. Write in your Registration Code
  6. Tap on “Complete Installation”

Conclusion — What’s the Best Telegram Spy App?

With hundreds of Telegram spy apps on the market today, it’s difficult to decide which app is worth your time and money. In this guide, we’ve picked out these 10 high-quality Telegram spy apps, each of which works on modern iOS and Android devices:

  1. mSpy — Hands Down the Best Telegram Spy App
  2. Eyezy — Easy-to-Use Telegram Spy Tool
  3. uMobix — Powerful and Effective Telegram Spy Tool
  4. Cocospy — Great Generalist Spy App
  5. XNSpy — The Best Telegram Spy App for Remote Control
  6. Spyic — Parent-Oriented Telegram Spy App
  7. Mobile Track — Free Download Telegram Spy App
  8. Hoverwatch — Screenshot-Based Telegram Spy App
  9. Spyera — Expensive but a Very Powerful Tool
  10. IKeyMonitor — Free Spy App With Premium Telegram Spying

However, the king of them all is definitely mSpy. Not only does it boast an expansive set of features, but it’s also user-friendly and quick to install. Its remote control features are excellent, as are its keylogger and GPS tracker.

With all these upsides in a single, reasonably-priced product, mSpy is clearly the No. 1 Telegram spying app.

Telegram Spy App FAQs

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