Tinder is a dating application with 75 million monthly users, fast approaching the 100 million mark. It’s the most popular dating app on the market today. However, sometimes the app can be used immorally, or even illegally. Sometimes the app is used by committed individuals in order to find affair partners, and due to its loose age verification process, can even be used by teens.

This leads many to seek out ways to ensure that their partners or children aren’t engaging in illicit activities through the application. The best way to do this is through the use of a Tinder spy tool which will allow you to keep track of all conversations on a target phone. This can let you be notified if your partner or child installs, opens, or uses Tinder. Today, we’ll be going over the 10 best tinder spy apps and pitting them against each other to help you find the ideal Tinder spy tool for your needs.

The 10 Best Tinder Spy Apps List

  • mSpy – Best app to spy on Tinder
  • Eyezy – Cheap Tinder date spy app
  • uMobix – Pricy but powerful Tinder spy tool
  • Cocospy – One of The Best Android Tinder Spy Apps
  • XNSpy – Remote control Tinder spy tool
  • Spyic – Comprehensive Tinder Spy App
  • Mobile Track – Affordable but limited 
  • Hoverwatch – Screenshot-Based Spying Tool
  • Spyera – Expensive but worthwhile
  • IKeyMontior – Free but narrow features

The Top Tinder Spy Apps for 2022 Reviewed 

There is an abundance of these apps on the market, with many of them simply not functioning, whether due to incompatibility with the phone’s OS or due to being a scam. We’ve gone through most tinder spy apps on the market to find the best Tinder spy app out there.

1. mSpy – Best app to spy on Tinder

mSpy is the best Tinder spy app out there with a plethora of features to help you Tinder date spy

mSpy is a Tinder spy app mainly geared towards parental control, however, it still does an excellent job when used for spying on potential cheaters. mSpy has been a major force in the Tinder spy app market ever since it first came out in 2010. Furthermore, it’s one of the biggest players in the phone spy app market as a whole. So, if you want to spy on the world’s most popular dating app, mSpy is your best choice.

The app is used by over 1.5 million users worldwide, works in 180 countries, and provides a plethora of features. It’s one of few apps that have features geared specifically towards Tinder date spy capabilities. However, it’s not just simply a Tinder spy app, it allows you to look at browser history and data as well, letting you see if your loved one is browsing something inappropriate.

It will also monitor dating apps like Bumble and Kik, commonly used to avoid detection. The app also provides you with GPS tracking, and automatically stores all information it obtains for further viewing regardless of whether or not it has been deleted.

With its Tinder-focused features, you can not only spy on the conversations they’re having, but you can also see who they matched with and look at their Tinder profile itself. The app also keeps itself completely invisible on the target phone. These capabilities together with the rapid install time and 24/7 multilingual customer support make it the best Tinder spy app out there.


  • Focused on providing parents everything they need to ensure they’re using Tinder safely
  • Monitors incoming and outgoing calls
  • You can view their Tinder profile and matches
  • Extremely quick installation, Android phones won’t even need to be rooted
  • GPS tracking
  • Tracks a variety of different social media
  • Saves deleted messages


  • Can only monitor one device at a time
  • No remote installation capabilities
Operating Systems Supported Price
Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS $139,92/year

2. eyeZy – Affordable Tinder Spy Tool

eyeZy is one of the most affordable Tinder spy apps with excellent Tinder spy features

eyeZy is one of the best affordable Tinder spy tools for Android and iPhone. It is a general-purpose spy app, however, it still does a great job at Tinder monitoring. Although the app launched in 2021, it has already amassed a large user base due to its ease of use and versatility. 

It encrypts all of your data with bank-grade encryption which ensures the safety of your data. As a general-purpose spying app, it doesn’t have Tinder-specific features, however, it provides solid core functionalities to make up for that. It’s also one of the best Instagram spy apps and can also be used to spy on Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram, and more.

You can also set up your own alerts in eyeZy, which will allow you to be alerted in case a meetup, calendar event, or a similar situation arises on the target’s phone. You can also track all of their keystrokes, as well as pinpoint their location using the tool’s GPS tracking capabilities. eyeZy also allows you to go through multimedia files in case your loved one downloaded images- whether from Tinder or another source.

eyeZy has highly flexible pricing, starting at $47,99 a month for a single device, however, the 12-month plan drops that straight to $119,88, or just $9.99 each month.


  • Excellent pricing with the 12-month plan sitting at $9.99 a month
  • Extremely intuitive user interface
  • Bank-grade encryption protects your data
  • Routinely receives updates


  • Lacks Tinder-specific features
  • Doesn’t have a free version
Operating Systems Supported Price
Android, iOS $119,88 a year

3. uMobix – Most Powerful Tinder Spy Tool

uMobix provides you with an excellent cell phone tracker and Tinder spy app

uMobix is an extremely secure spying tool for mobile devices specifically. It’s on the higher end in terms of pricing, however, it offers unparalleled power in its features when compared to other TInder spy tools.

uMobix is one of the best Tinder spy apps due to its clean user interface and Tinder spying-oriented features. It allows you to see all matches on the spied phones, as well as view all profile details of their match such as their profile picture, age, and so on. It also allows you to read through conversations on the platform at your leisure due to recording all deleted messages.

Naturally, uMobix has a variety of comprehensive features outside of Tinder spying. You can look at detailed GPS location breakdowns containing their location history with timestamps. uMobix also lets you look at all contacts on the phone, as well as a detailed call breakdown showing the contact name, number, call duration, and type of call. 

This Tinder spy tool allows you to look through all multimedia files on the spied phone in addition to providing camera snapshots and video streams remotely. You can also delete and restrict apps from the target phone without the user’s consent. Moreover, it also finds a place on the list of the best TikTok spy apps.


  • Look at Tinder matches and profile details
  • Detailed GPS breakdown
  • Allows you to spy on other dating apps as well
  • Multiple pricing levels
  • Multimedia file spying
  • Camera snapshot and video stream capabilities


  • Fairly expensive
  • Doesn’t support PC monitoring
Operating Systems Supported Price
Android, iOS $179,88/year

4. Cocospy – Simplest Tinder Spy Tool

Cocospy is a fantastic keylogger app for small families

Cocospy is another generalist phone spy app with Tinder spying capabilities. It’s well-known for its sheer ease of use, being the best Tinder spy app in terms of simplicity. The entire installation process lasts 2-5 minutes and presents you with an extremely intuitive dashboard allowing you to spy on the target phone. It is another invisible app, being nearly undetectable once installed.

Once you’ve got Cocospy installed on the target phone, you’ll have an easy time spying on it. You can look at what apps they’re installing, what they’re doing on them, and log each and every keypress. It also has geofence alerts, which will let you know if the spied phone’s GPS location goes past a set threshold.

You can also spy on the multimedia of the target phone in case they’ve downloaded anything. One of the more interesting features is its family plan which allows you to spy on 3 Android devices for a relatively meager increase in cost. To spy on one Android or iPhone device, the app costs $129,99 a year, while the 3 Android plan is just $199,99.


  • The best Tinder spy app for ease of use
  • Excellent keylogger
  • Geofence alerts
  • Capable of monitoring up to 3 Android devices at once


  • Doesn’t have any remote camera/microphone activation capabilities
  • No Tinder-specific features
Operating Systems Supported Price
iOS, Android $99.99/year on Android, $129.99/year on iOS

5. XNSpy – Best Tinder Spy App for Remote Control

XNSpy is great for overall keylogging and Tinder surveillance needs

XNSpy allows you to instantly record and obtain all information from a Tinder conversation, or even a story from Instagram or Snapchat. This Tinder spy tool allows you to take remote control of the target’s phone and stop them from interacting with the app. This makes it a great app for parents that might need to intervene in their child’s activities while using Tinder.

In terms of Tinder-specific features, you can view chat logs and read the chat with ease. The tool also allows you to look at whether or not the spied user is a paid member or not, as well as their dating preference. XNSpy also displays the names of people they’ve chatted with, as well as timestamps for all messages.

The tool also gives you access to unique statistics, such as which websites were most frequently used on the target phone, who are the top 5 callers, as well as their longest calls. You can also remotely record the target’s microphone, send screenshots from their phone, or remotely lock or wipe their device.


  • Remote control features
  • Detailed statistics
  • Chat log viewing
  • Dating preferences and paid membership status are displayed
  • Spy on Tinder without access to target phone


  • Rooting is necessary for the app to work on android
  • No multilingual support
Operating Systems Supported Price
Windows, iOS, Android $99,99/year for Android, $129,99/year for iOS

6. Spyic – Comprehensive Phone Monitoring Tool

Spyic offers great Tinder spying capabilities

Spyic provides one of the most comprehensive phone monitoring features out there. The tool is not made specifically for Tinder, however, it’s fully capable of spying on it, in addition to other dating apps. Outside of this, you can also spy on Facebook and Instagram.

Spyic also lets you easily track the target phone’s location, as well as its multimedia files. Due to its keylogging capabilities, it allows you to easily track everything written into chat. You can also view call history and information exceptionally quickly.

The tool will also allow you to easily look through location history, present location, and multimedia files on the phone. If you’re not satisfied with that, you can also look at the owner’s browser data and history with ease.


  • Comprehensive spying features
  • Easy to set up
  • Monitors regular social media
  • Tracks location and location history
  • Allows you to browse through multimedia files


  • Requires iCloud credentials to set up on iOS
  • No Tinder-specific features
Operating Systems Supported Price
Android, iOS, Windows $99,99/year for Android, $129,99/year for iOS

7. Mobile Tracker – Cheap Albeit Limited Spy App

Mobile Tracker is the best free Tinder spy app

Mobile Tracker is one of the few apps on this list to have a free version. It provides many of the same features its paid competitors do, albeit it’s a little less polished and the features are scaled-down in terms of power. It does fine in terms of Tinder monitoring but struggles with apps like Snapchat or Instagram.

It does have some Tinder-specific features such as the ability to track all messages, track profile details, as well as look at all media sent through the app. Outside of this, Mobile Tracker also allows you to remotely take control of the spied phone and turn on their microphone or get a screenshot. It also provides GPS tracking and keylogging capabilities, letting it serve pretty well as an all-rounder spying application.


  • Free version with a cheap, $5,99 premium plan
  • Tinder message monitoring
  • GPS tracking
  • Remote control capabilities
  • Allows you to look at spied profiles


  • Limited features compared to paid counterparts
  • No mobile app for end users- you have to go to the company website.
  • Relatively unintuitive to use
Operating Systems Supported Price
iOS, Android $5,99 with a free version available

8. Hoverwatch – Screenshot-Based Spying Tool

Hoverwatch is one of the best Tinder spy apps with a free version

Hoverwatch is a screenshot-based generalist spying tool that works great with Tinder. Instead of relying on complex features to help it read text, Hoverwatch simply sends you continuous screenshots of the targeted phone.

This makes Hoverwatch insanely easy to use, as you don’t need to hassle yourself with long setups, or with switching between different features. You can simply wait on the dashboard and let the screenshots come in. Since the app is based on screenshots, there’s no need for timestamps, as you can directly see the time on the target’s phone.

This screenshot-based nature is what allows Hoverwatch to monitor every single facet of Tinder usage, be it swiping through matches or messaging a potential date. Outside of this, it provides GPS tracking features, and automatically records all incoming and outgoing calls.


  • Extremely intuitive and easy to use
  • Monitors all facets of Tinder usage
  • Automatically records all calls
  • GPS tracking
  • Stays hidden while on the target’s phone


  • Screenshots aren’t organized on a per-app basis
  • Limited in its scope
Operating Systems Supported Price
Android, iOS $99,95/year

9. Spyera – Expensive But Worthwhile

Spyera is one of the best Tinder keyloggers and has advanced spyware features

Spyera is an extremely feature-rich Tinder spy app. It comes packed with Tinder-focused features such as the ability to monitor matches, their profiles, as well as any messages exchanged with them.

The tool is well-known for its ability to spy on browser activity, in addition to taking a screenshot every time the spied user visits a page even if they’re using a VPN. The keylogging feature makes it extremely easy to see what exactly they’re looking for, or what info they’re entering into a website. Spyera also works perfectly on Windows and macOS, which means that you can monitor Tinder activity even if your loved one is using it from their computer.

This makes it a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to monitor multiple devices. You can even take advantage of their special pricing plan where you can monitor one PC, one tablet, and one phone. With that being said, the tool is quite expensive, costing more than twice what comparable utilities do.


  • Extremely in-depth features
  • Windows and macOS monitoring
  • Tinder-focused features
  • Browser activity spying


  • Much more expensive than other apps in the space
Operating Systems Supported Price
Android, iOS, Windows, macOS $389/year

10. IKeyMontior – Free But Narrow in Terms of Features

iKeyMonitor has a great spyware free plan and native language keylogger support

iKeyMonitor is a free Tinder spy app with useful, albeit limited features. It takes screenshots of Tinder activity, in addition to letting you spy on messages, both send and received. However, the screenshot-taking interval is relatively long, so you might miss some stuff if they’re using the app quickly.

The tool also provides monitoring for a variety of social media sites and will alert you whenever the target receives or makes a phone call. It also lets you browse through call logs and browser history. IkeyMonitor also gives you access to GPS tracking and geofencing features to ensure you’re always up to date on the spied device’s location.

Outside of this, a fairly neat feature is that the app notifies you of all calendar events and the like the target sets up on their phone. If your loved one is the type to make a calendar entry for a Tinder date this could be an excellent asset to have.


  • Month-long free trial
  • The free version is fairly well-equipped
  • Tinder screenshots
  • Alerts when calendar events occur or are made
  • GPS tracking


  • Slightly confusing UI
  • The premium plan is more expensive than necessitated by its features
Operating Systems Supported Price
Android, iOS Free or $29,99 a month for the paid version

Best Tinder Spy Apps Compared

Best Tinder Spy App Price Compatible Operating Systems
mSpy $139,92/year Android, iOS, macOS, Windows
Eyezy $119,88/year Android, iOS
uMobix $179,88/year Android, iOS
Cocospy $99,99/year on Android, $129,99/year on iOS Android, iOS
XNSpy $99,99/year for Android, $129,99/year for iOS Windows, iOS, Android
Spyic $99,99/year for Android, $129,99/year for iOS iOS, Android, Windows
Mobile Track $5,99 with a free version available Android, iOS
Hoverwatch $99,95/year Android, iOS
Spyera $389/year Android, iOS, Windows, macOS
iKeyMonitor Free or $29,99 a month for the paid version Android, iOS

How do Tinder Spy Apps Work?

There are two main ways in which the best Tinder spy apps work:

  1. Keylogging: Using keylogging, Tinder spy apps can track what is being sent to whom with ease. Keylogging features also enable these tools to spy on other dating apps.
  2. In-Depth Spying: By providing Tinder-specific features, Tinder spy apps can look at the spied user’s dating preferences and other details. However, this is more difficult to accomplish, hence why it’s present on fewer tools.

How to Spy on Someone’s Tinder Messages without Target Phone

Most apps will be unable to let you spy on a target’s phone without access to it. Currently, this is not possible to do entirely secretly. However, if you get the user to follow the installation link for mSpy or a similar app, they can download it without seeing that it’s a spying app.

On iOS devices, this is possible with some apps in case you have the owner’s iCloud login details, in which case as long as they have synchronization turned on, you should be able to remotely install a Tinder spy app.

Are Tinder Phone Spy Apps Safe?

While there are a lot of fake Tinder spy tools, as long as you steer clear of any apps that offer something that sounds too good(such as being able to remotely spy on Tinder accounts just with your browser) and stick to the apps on this list, you’ll be safe. We’ve tested each of these apps thoroughly and none of them have caused any issues on either side.

Free Spy Apps for Tinders

There are a couple free Tinder spy tools out there. While there are some that work and they do provide some rudimentary features, they’re mostly highly flawed. The best free Tinder spy apps like Cheatbuster do actually work and will let you see things such as if your loved one is on Tinder.

Other free solutions like iKeyMonitor will enable you to look at messages and will even timestamp them. However, they are much weaker in the UI department across the board, being more difficult and unstable to use. While this still allows you to spy on Tinder for free, paid apps offer much more.

First of all, apps that let you spy on Tinder for free generally rely exclusively on keylogging features to do so. This means there’s no way to get match or dating preference data. Furthermore, they offer much less in terms of spy functionalities outside of Tinder. 

Finally, they tend to be more unreliable, as they’re funded either through donations or ads. Relying on donations means the app could go down at any time if the company doesn’t get enough to fund their servers, while ads are annoying and will mess with the spying experience. Rather than deal with all that, most customers opt to use mSpy instead.

How to Use a Tinder Spy App

For iOS Devices

Step 1: Ensure The iPhone Has Jailbreak And Internet Access

Step 2: Create an account on mSpy.com

Creating your account with mSpy

Once you’ve created an account, follow these steps:

  1. Pick “iOS” when asked for the OS of the monitored device
  2. Select one of the 3 subscriptions
  3. Open your email and look at the link to your registration code, Control Panel, Username, and Password, as well as the download link you’ll need.

Step 3: Open The Cydia App And Install mSpy

Cydia app is necessary for downloading mSpy- the best Tinder spy app

Step 4: Open mTechnology Repository And Start Spying

mSpy's neat dashboard

  1. Go to the app “mTechnology Repository”
  2. Press “iPhone Internal Service”- this is the name mSpy uses in the target’s phone
  3. Press “Accept” and follow the prompts on screen
  4. Go to your homepage and press the “mSpy” icon
  5. Accelt the license agreement
  6. Enter your registration code
  7. Restart the target phone

For Android Devices

Step 1: Create An Account on mSpy

Creating your account with mSpy

Once you’ve created an account, follow these steps:

  1. Pick “Android” when asked for the operating system of the monitored device
  2. Select one of the 3 subscriptions
  3. Open your email and look at the link to your registration code, Control Panel, Username, and Password, as well as the download link you’ll need.

Step 2: Ensure Play Protect Is Disabled On Your Target’s Phone

Disabling Play Protect on the target Android device

Step 3: Download mSpy

Step 4: Open mSpy And Start Spying on Tinder

  1. If a prompt pops up at the bottom of your screen press “Open” then “Settings” then “Allow from This Source”
  2. Press “Next”
  3. “Press “Open”
  4. Tick “Agree” on the License Agreement
  5. Allow all permissions if a prompt appears
  6. Type in the Registration Code you got through email
  7. Press “Complete Installation”


The best Tinder spy apps make monitoring Tinder usage a breeze. These apps will allow you to spy on your spouse or children to ensure they aren’t using the app for the wrong reasons.
From our testing, mSpy is the best spy app for Tinder in 2022.

It comes at a reasonable price tag and offers a plethora of Tinder-focused features, such as looking at their matches’ profile details, monitoring their messaging, as well as being alerted if they so much as turn the app on. It also works on other popular dating apps like Bumble.

Outside of this, it’s an excellent phone spy app in general, allowing you to spy on all of their activities outside of Tinder. Sign up today to ensure you’re never in the dark about your loved one’s activities again!


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