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Online marketing such as paid search and paid media campaigns are an effective way to drive results.  Check out these online marketing tips and best practices.

11 Legitimately Scary PPC Stats Every Advertiser Should Know (+Survival Tips)

Each October, my friends and I meet throughout the month to watch scary movies leading up to Halloween. But while…

Susie Marino
October 31, 2021
Online Marketing

4 Easy Lead Qualification Strategies for Better Clicks & Conversions

Racking up conversion metrics on your channels may look great. Having a click-through rate is something most paid media advertisers…

Joe Martinez
October 29, 2021
Online Marketing

A One Page Marketing Plan to Help Your Business Soar

Small business owners often suffer from time and resource limitations. If you are one of them, you must have wished…

Ankit Thakor
October 27, 2021
Online Marketing

Every PPC Metric Under the Sun (+How to Improve Each & Every One)

If you’re in marketing, advertising, or doing anything related to PPC, odds are you’re not a fan of math. Crazy,…

Susie Marino
October 23, 2021
Online Marketing

How Technology Impacts Online Advertising

The growing use of mobile phones and wearable gadgets is causing a shift in marketing. One of the issues that…

Dildeep Singh
October 21, 2021
Online Marketing

The 12 Best TikTok Marketing Tips That Actually Work

TikTok marketing is different in many ways from Instagram marketing and other social media strategies. And that’s because of the…

Andres Muñoz
October 19, 2021
Online Marketing

Can We Trust View-Through Conversions? An Experiment Reveals!

Because display ads tend to have low conversion rates, many advertisers (or their clients) are quick to question their effectiveness…

Kristen McCormick
October 18, 2021
Online Marketing

New Paid Search Advertising Benchmarks for 2021

In today's day and age, when we want to buy something, our knee-jerk reaction is to head to Google (or…

Kristen McCormick
October 17, 2021
Online Marketing

What Growth Marketing Really Means (+22 Strategies to Do It Right)

To many business owners and marketers, the term "growth marketing" may seem redundant. Marketing is what you do to grow…

Eduard Klein
October 16, 2021
Online Marketing

Why Conversion Rate Optimisation Is the Most Important Element of PPC

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO), is the process of optimising your landing pages, sponsored ads and website design to raise your…

Paul Morris
October 14, 2021
Online Marketing

17+ Call-to-Action Examples: How to Create Converting eCommerce CTAs for All Marketing Channels

Here’s the thing: a call-to-action can make or break even the most comprehensive eCommerce marketing strategy. CTAs may seem like…

Nicole Blanckenberg
October 11, 2021
Online Marketing

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