The Mission of Nonprofit Organizations

Unlike for-profit businesses, non-profits typically have an altruistic goal in mind. They exist to help others, not to take in as much profit as possible. Nothing in the human world operates efficiently and successfully without money, though, and so even nonprofit organizations must ensure that they make enough money to pay for their workers and mission itself. That can be a tricky thing to do!

Mobile applications have revolutionized businesses in all areas of the globe and made an international economy a reality. Nowhere are apps quite as heartwarming in bringing in more money as they are for donation mobile apps. Imagine having the capacity to reach out to billions of people who all have the capacity to donate money in their own currency. It gives you a fluid, genuinely open platform to communicate your vision and discreetly give them a one-click way to support your cause.

How a Mobile App for Nonprofit Works

Sodality (Nonprofit mobile apps) work much like other business-oriented apps. A nonprofit is like a business that profits for the good of its “customers” instead of the good of itself. It’s still about making money, and it needs to operate as an efficient business, but the money itself is going to go to help the people you support. Donation mobile apps are ideal for charities who support people with donations of:

  • Food
  • Medical assistance
  • Employment assistance
  • Clothing items
  • Rental and utility assistance

The Best Ways Nonprofit Mobile Apps Help

Mobile devices are widespread and used by the majority of the United States population. 52% of Americans own a tablet, and 77% or more own a smartphone. Unlike other household devices, smartphones are almost constantly with the person who owns them. People cling to their phones the way they cling to their car keys. The difference is people look at their phones more. They’re constantly interacting with mobile devices and the applications that they download, giving you a huge window of opportunity to send notifications and make your app useful to them on a daily basis.

Your application gives people a way to feel good about their contribution to humanity. At heart, most people want to help others. A mobile app that allows them to act on that positive impulse, while not taking much time out of their day, is the easiest way to get the most out of your mobile giving app. Not only do you get help for the people your nonprofit wants to help, but you allow your end-user to feel great about their decision. You can get creative with your app functions and have sights and sounds on there that enhances their experience.

Above all, people value simplicity in their daily lives. Life can get pretty complicated sometimes, and people usually have something pressing to take care of on a daily basis, whether it’s getting the kids to school, paying bills, or doing something at work (or home). Mobile apps have allowed people to simplify the lesser things in their lives so that they can fit more into their day. Giving via a mobile app gives them a one-click way to reach out and help others without having to take much time away from that daily grind. Because of this, using a mobile app to allow your users to donate to your charity helps you by increasing donations and helps them by clearing the rest of their clock for the matters immediately pressing in their lives.

Creating an App

Many tech providers recognized the good that mobile apps can do for churches and other charities that want to allow mobile device users to have a quick way to give. They’ve crafted seamless mobile apps that can be customized and that your users can use in only a few minutes after you’ve made the app available to them. Having that mobile app for your users is vital. Without it, they’re much less likely to give in person or through the mail.

In today’s world, people use mobile devices to take care of everything from plane tickets to hotel reservations to charitable donations. If your organization doesn’t have a mobile application set up for your users to give through, you’re really missing out on a golden opportunity and selling your charity short. A mobile app for nonprofit is your ticket to be more helpful to your charity. It’s going to increase your donations by inspiring people to give more and allowing them to give more easily.

All charities want to do good for the people they represent and help. They want those people to get the food, rental assistance, or guidance they need. Mobile apps for nonprofits are so creatively done these days that you can even add inspirational content for givers to read each day, too, and keep them updated about your church or charity throughout the time you’re serving them. It’s incredibly easy to set up a mobile app for your charity and get more people involved on a daily basis. They’ll have a constant connection to your charity, your information, and your inspirational messages that inspire others to give of themselves. You can only do this, though, if you get that mobile app going and take advantage of all the ways mobile apps benefit nonprofits in today’s world.

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