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Non-Profit Marketing

10 Nonprofit Industry Trends for 2022

As we are heading towards the end of 2021, it will be exciting to learn on what experts see as…

Jay Charara
November 23, 2021
Non-Profit Marketing

5 Reasons Partnering With a Nonprofit Will Help Market Your Company

The idea of partnering with a nonprofit organization in your community may initially seem intimidating if your company has not…

Naomi Schapiro
November 22, 2021
Non-Profit Marketing

7 Innovative Fundraising Strategies to Build Engagement and Raise More Money Online

COVID-19 has changed the fundraising landscape for nonprofits. Even organizations that previously relied on in-person events to raise donations have…

Andi Graham
October 8, 2021
Non-Profit Marketing

10 Exciting Nonprofit Ideas That Are In-Need Right Now

You’ve always wanted to start a business that lets you follow your passion. Why not use your passions and business…

Alaina Brandenburger
September 3, 2021
Non-Profit Marketing

10 Halloween Fundraising Ideas for Your Nonprofit

Many nonprofit organizations need to fundraise constantly, and yours is probably no different. You likely do at least one big…

Alaina Brandenburger
August 31, 2021
Non-Profit Marketing

Fractional CMOs for Nonprofit Marketing: Why It Just Works

Hiring a fractional CMO for your nonprofit marketing could be the smartest move you’ll make. We understand that underlying doubt…

Liz Papagni
August 17, 2021
Non-Profit Marketing

14 Unique Fall Fundraiser Ideas to Boost Donations

If your nonprofit relies on end-of-year giving initiatives, you may set your sights on the holiday season as a chief…

Stephanie Lica
August 4, 2021
Non-Profit Marketing

How to Secure Buy-In for Your Youth-Centered Campaign

Capturing the attention of young people takes serious effort, but breaking through the cacophony of noise and the constant blur…

Brandon Zelasko
August 2, 2021
Non-Profit Marketing

How to Use Facebook for Nonprofits

Social media is a crowded landscape. It can be difficult for even large businesses to break through the noise, let…

John Bogna
July 29, 2021
Non-Profit Marketing

How to Start a Nonprofit Organization

Helping others on a large scale isn’t easy. You need more than a dream and a commitment. You need to…

Megan Smith
July 16, 2021
Non-Profit Marketing

Steps to Take When Starting a Nonprofit Data Integration

Depending on the type and number of systems your nonprofit uses, your data may be scattered across a wide variety…

Corie Stark
July 14, 2021
Non-Profit Marketing

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