Azuki NFT Collection Hacked

Hackers have exploited a vulnerability existing on Azuki’s social media discord servers to gain control of its Twitter account. These hackers have used Azuki’s Twitter accounts to promote malicious phishing sites, stealing more than $1.7 million worth of NFTs.

Azuki Twitter Account Hacked

In a January 27 blog post, Emily Rose, the Community Manager of the Azuki NFT collection, confirmed that notorious hackers breached their social media servers’ security and gained control of their Twitter account on Friday afternoon.

Launched in January 2022, Azuki is a blue-chip tier non-fungible token collection featuring a limited edition of 10,000 anime-inspired avatars. Azuki has a fanbase of more than 334,000 followers on Twitter.

Hackers have exploited Azuki’s Twitter fan base to promote malicious phishing sites. They linked Azuki’s metaverse platform, The Garden, with fraudulent links and encouraged followers to claim land.

Unfortunately, according to quick findings, hackers have stolen more than $1.7 million from different NFT investors. Some of the NFTs stolen included 74 Otherdeeds with a floor price of $2,700 each.

Hackers have also stolen other NFTs, including 3 Porsche NFTs (floor price ~$3,100 each), 57 Beanz (floor price ~$2,600), 12 Doodles (floor price ~$10,600), 2 Mutant Apes (floor price ~$24,300), and 49 Pudgy Penguins (floor price ~$9,200).

Other Azuki’s Previous Hacks

It’s not the first time the Azuki NFT collection has fallen victim to hacking. In April 2022, another set of hackers compromised the India University Grant Commission’s official Twitter account and promoted fake Azuki NFTs.

The recent hack has attracted the attention of various non-fungible token projects, raising the alarm to caution their users. The Phantom wallet is a perfect example, marking the malicious domains as unsafe and alerting users who attempt to connect their Phantom wallets to the sites.

In the meantime, Dem, the Head of Community and Product Manager at Azuki, has confirmed that the Azuki technical team is actively working with the Twitter security team to regain control of the account.

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