Dominic is a Nairobi, Kenya based crypto news writer enthusiastic about NFTs, DeFi, GameFi, the Metaverse and blockchain tech in general, with five years experience in the field, alongside his own personal trading and investing journey. Dominic holds a Bachelor's degree in Journalism, Media, and Communication Studies, and has been blogging and producing educational materials for retail investors in the financial markets since graduating.

Dominic also produces his own NFT and crypto newsletter, taking the initiative to set up his own mailing list with free articles which he uses for reverse outreach to leading media publications. Find and subscribe to that on Substack.

Some of Dominic's other published work covering the latest developments in the cryptocurrency and non-fungible token space can also be found on Dominic is optimistic that crypto can help people in developing countries and underbanked populations achieve a greater degree of financial freedom.