As marketers, we are often concerned with the masses. How do we get more people to learn about our products? How do we reach people who don’t know about us yet? How can we grow our user base as quickly as possible?

But our drive to grow the customer base should not blind us to a big driver of sales that may seem contradictory to the idea of growth, that is Exclusivity.

People like things that are exclusive. They want what they can’t have. They want what others covet. They want things that signal to the world that they are one of a select few. It’s in our nature as consumers.

So, as marketers, we can do things to trigger that feeling and create the feeling of exclusivity.

It can start as simply as the words you use in your promotional or website copy. Buffer recently compiled an all-inclusive list of words and phrases that drive conversions, including a list of 12 words that convey exclusivity.

Many companies use exclusivity in their approach to marketing and sales. Groupon and other couponing websites built their businesses around limiting supply. When there are only so many items available, or only so much time to take advantage of an offer, it adds value to whatever you’re selling. It drives up demand, with consumers making decisions based more on instinct than logic.

Besides word choice, here are 3 more ways to incorporate forms of exclusivity into your marketing strategy:

  1. Wait lists and pre-order lists – limit the available supply and create a first come, first serve atmosphere with all new product launches.
  2. Deadlines – when offers are only around for a limited time, it creates an urgency in customers and makes them feel like they are getting a deal that others won’t be getting.
  3. Membership – create a members-only group for your customers to join that gives them special privileges and offers that the general public is not entitled to.

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