We’ve all been reeled in with a fun slogan. It’s what brands use to catch someone’s eye and make them think for a second. It’s also what a simple association that helps people connect with a brand.

Similarly, a referral slogan can do the same thing. Though it’s not a slogan that represents the brand as a whole, like the ones mentioned above.

But, it does reel customers to participate in a referral program, and it gives the program a unique twist.

Let’s learn more.

Key Highlights on Referral Slogans

  • Essential for Engagement: A clever referral slogan captures attention, making it crucial for boosting participation in referral programs.
  • Components of Success: Effective slogans often include the incentive, how to achieve it, and sometimes the reason behind the referral program.
  • Variety is Key: From highlighting rewards to invoking a feel-good message or emphasizing freebies, the approach can vary greatly but the goal remains the same – to entice and engage.
  • Strategic Communication: These slogans condense the essence of a referral program into a brief, memorable phrase, making it easier to promote across various platforms without overwhelming potential participants.
  • Impact on Growth: A well-crafted referral slogan can significantly enhance a program’s visibility and effectiveness, leading to increased referral traffic and, ultimately, growth for the brand.

What is a referral slogan?

You may be more familiar with the term referral headline or catchphrase. A referral slogan is simply the phrase or quote used to explain the benefits of joining a program.

It’s typically the catchphrase used to pique interest in your program. For example, you may just use the referral slogan when promoting the program via email or online. This slogan is usually what drives people to your program landing page where they can then read more information about the program and sign up. It’s also catchy referral sayings that will keep word of mouth flowing.

Why you need a catchy referral slogan

This is your chance to gain attention and get people interested in your referral program (and any good referral marketing guide will touch on this). Your slogan acts as a tell-all for you. It can give someone the general idea of what’s expected and what someone will get out of it.

You’ll likely want to promote your referral program everywhere you can. But, you most likely don’t want to talk about it in-depth in your promotions. The referral slogan can help you cover the main points of your program, without overwhelming viewers.

You’re likely to see a referral slogan used in these scenarios followed by a CTA to the signup page…

  • In an email
  • Shared by the brand on social media
  • On the main homepage
  • As an ad

If you think about it, the referral slogan is what will help your word of mouth increase. As it’s the catchy phrase that will help encourage people to sign up for your program and share you!

Components of a referral slogan

Now that you understand what a referral slogan is, you should know the components that make it up. Keep in mind that these types of slogans are relatively short. However, they are usually packed with information.

Part 1: Explains the incentive

If a referral program offers an incentive, you’ll likely see it in the slogan. When people see the dollar signs or the word free, they are instantly intrigued.

Part 2: Discusses how to achieve the incentive

If the incentive is listed, you’ll likely state how to earn it. One word alone can cover this component, for example, “give” or “share”.

Part 3 (optional): Covers the reason for the referral program

This one isn’t used quite as much, but when there is no incentive or the business wants to spin away from traditional slogans, you’ll see this component used. It usually helps explain why the person should refer, “Don’t keep us a secret”, or “Be a hero”, etc. are used in this sense. These types of statements can be added and combined with the parts mentioned above to create an insightful slogan that packs a punch.

Here are some fun referral slogans to try

Let’s dive into some slogans to see everything we have mentioned put into action.

Flashing the reward

One of the most common types of referral slogan used. Those that take about the reward really get people’s attention. Why? Because people want to know right away whether joining and sharing is worth their time.

pasted image 0 14

In the example above, the Colourpop referral program uses a simple 4-word slogan. It covers the incentive and how to get it.

Here are other referral slogans that follow the same strategy.

  1. Share $10, earn $15 for yourself!
  2. Give $100, get $100 for yourself
  3. Share with your friends and get $10
  4. Want $25? Share now
  5. You want $50? Give $50 first
  6. Get $25 when you share with a friend
  7. Earn $10 now
  8. Earn points
  9. Get cash for sharing
  10. Share $75 with a friend, get $75 for yourself
  11. Invite friends. Get $20.
  12. Spread the love, and get $30 when your friend signs up
  13. Call on your friends, and you both can earn $10
  14. Spread the word for $25

Driving with a feel-good motive

Sometimes you’ll see a brand use some extra fluffy words that act as a friendly PSA. These feel-good words help motivate people to share. You’ll find for the most part the message drives itself so stating the incentive doesn’t matter.

pasted image 0 15

Shipt’s referral slogan uses the power of love to drive the message. It is then followed by a descriptive text that further explains the program and benefits. But the catchy slogan does a great job at piquing interest on its own.

Here are some more slogans that follow the same strategy.

  1. Refer & Earn. Share. Get Paid. Repeat!
  2. Reward Your Friends
  3. Refer and You Shall Receive
  4. Help us, help you
  5. Want to help each other out?
  6. Do it for your friends!
  7. Here’s an easy way to show you care
  8. This is just our way of saying thanks
  9. Spread the love
  10. Let us know those you know
  11. Be part of the team and share
  12. Have friends?
  13. They win and you win, it’s a win-win
  14. It pays to have friends
  15. You know you love us, your friends will too

Calling all freebies

Sometimes an easy way to gain attention is to use the word free. If your incentive offers something free, you may want to use it as a driver in your referral slogan. That little word really does get people amped.

pasted image 0 13

Take Dropbox’s referral program, for example. They have one of the most well-known programs in town. And all they offer is a little bit more free space for people to store their files. It’s what people want, and it really works. Similarly, Uber gives out free ride credit, which in most cases means they offer a free ride, and their program is equally as popular.

Here are some other slogan ideas that follow that same rule.

  1. Invite your friends and earn a free ride
  2. Share for free shipping
  3. Earn free socks by sharing with your friends
  4. Share now and get a free mascara
  5. Get a free month on your subscription now
  6. Share for freebies
  7. Earn a free turn by sharing
  8. Get an extra raffle ticket by telling your friends
  9. Let your friends make you money
  10. Unleash your power and earn a free night’s stay
  11. Make free money via your friends


As you can see, you can grab someone’s attention in a variety of ways and that it’s an important factor in the health of your program. If you use the right driving force for an effective referral program, you might just get the referral traffic you’ve been dreaming of.

The trick is to play around with it to find that sweet spot. You may want to try using your incentive as the driving factor. If that doesn’t work, you may want to try switching up the headline or referral slogan to use more feel-good words. Which referral sayings catch your eye?

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