In the 2000s, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) were dominating the marketing industry. Then in the early 2010s, we witnessed the rise of social media marketing. Not to mention, AI Chatbots have proven to be an industry trend in social media automation. The main reason is, most users have stopped downloading apps. Since AI Chatbots are computer programs that are designed to keep a conversation going smoothly and naturally with humans, it’s all about messaging now!

AI Chatbots and Marketers

A Chatbot is an excellent marketing channel and an exciting opportunity for businesses to experiment with novel communication ways. According to Neil Patel, there is more than an 80% chance of messages to open by internet users if they are sent directly from an authentic brand. Therefore, manual systems are not meant to carry on with a significant amount of follow-ups, and that is where AI-enabled Chatbots come to save the world!

Nowadays, most marketers are satisfying clients, enjoying fewer competitors, delivering value bots, less ad, and app fatigue with an exponential ROI. As per a published report, more than 2 Billion conversation texts are exchanged monthly involving 18 Million customers and businesses both. Moreover, 54% of the consumers are like to buy from an instantly messenger-available company (Hubspot). This shows that consumer behavior has clearly shifted from social networks to messaging platforms willingly.

How You Can Utilize AI Chatbots For Marketing Your Business

Digital marketing Chatbots have gained potential pleatue in the last few years and considered as the new black in the marketing industry. Thus, in the article below, we will share ways how businesses can leverage AI Chatbots and get the most out of their creativity and effort. Then we will go through the sky-high future of the amazingly designed technology for businesses.
Let’s start!

Analyzing Data

People may not bother to spare a few minutes to write a review or complete a survey unless they have been offered an incentive or a reward to do so. In this case, Chatbots provide an emotional approach to soften the tone and gather data. They naturally introduce questions to an ongoing conversation. AI Chatbots provides the perfect way out to gather more real-time feedback from customers in a natural form. Therefore, the data can be taken directly from the consumer is beneficial in giving a clear personalized insight into customer’s needs. Also, marketers can now design their strategy to focus and creating more of an inbound approach for businesses.

AI Chatbots and Marketers

Performing Market Research

At the end of the day, results are all that matters. There are three main objectives for marketers seeking a profitable growth for their business and to achieve adequate sales via Chatbots:

  • Need identification
  • Consumer targeting
  • Brand awareness

AI Chatbots and Marketers

Additionally, getting relevant information straight out of your consumer’s mind can be a perfect medium to drive results and engaging them with the brand more than superficially. Business development experts are tasked to find opportunities for performing market research and driving data coming right from the ultimate user. Digital means are the best way to get it done quickly. Nowadays, people appreciate the personalized experience more than ever before, and AI Chatbots are proven to be an accurate tool to get it done. Undoubtedly, AI Chatbots are the best vehicle to proceed with unbiased online marketing surveys.

Making Mobile-Friendly Applications

In a published study, 50% of smartphone users don’t download any app during the study duration. Also, 63% of the respondents were not interested even in newly launched apps as well. Not very conventional, every business was just pushing apps a few years back. However, many companies designed applications that were just eating phone data storage. Consumers got tired of downloading data gauging apps that were mostly ended in uninstallation, causing App Fatigue.

AI Chatbots and Marketers

Fortunately, Chatbots offer 24/7 customer support without any additional app installation. They can be used on all kinds of mobile device messenger application, and users can access them on just away with a single click. They can be used on a company’s website or an already installed social media app as well.

Producing Personalized Content

There is a psychology behind the fact that customers like those brands who know their preferences. Around 75% of consumers recommend a brand to their social circle after having an excellent personalized experience. Fortunately, the social media integration of AI Chatbots can gather the exact information of every single user with whom business is interacting and lead marketers to convert them into loyal prospects. Moreover, an interaction with the brand which calls you by name can alter the nature of conversation into a brand’s favor.

AI Chatbots and Marketers

Refreshing Social Media Presence

It is impossible to answer every query on the company’s social media profiles manually. To be realistic, it is costly and time-consuming as well. Here, AI Chatbots can make a business 24/7 available to their prospects. Besides saving time and money, they keep your social media presence alive. Chatbots can answer the questions and lead the chat towards a smooth conversation. It helps to drive stepwise communication ahead of the user’s expectations. They offer recommendations and advice as per the user’s preference and history.

Assisting & Manage Visitors

An ideal lead can be converted into a potential customer by correct assistance. Lead creation and lead nurturing are two essential components of every digital marketing strategy. However, both are time-consuming and expensive, to some extent. AI Chatbots facilitate marketers by getting them with automated data that can lead them to craft personalized messages and guides to assist their customers through their purchase journey with Branded Links.

To design an ideal Chatbot to achieve your digital marketing goal, try to find customer’s pain points, and integrate smart branded links and consumer assistance into it. Afterward, ease possible stuck steps of their buying journey and run split tests to analyze compliance with those personalized messages.

AI Chatbots and Marketers

As we mentioned above, Chatbots are fantastic in uniquely engaging and retaining customers for an extended period. You can send some engaging videos, infographics, or blogs, to catch the attention of your clients, including a strong Call To Action in the end. Hence, Chatbots are incompatibly capable of grabbing the attention of audiences and proceeding them towards a fruitful conversation. They enable marketers to send reliable information infusing a brand’s message as well.

Move Customers Via Sales Funnel

As we mentioned above, Lead generation and lead nurturing are two primary goals for conversions. AI Chatbot enables marketers to design a customized funnel to guide the potential prospect through the buying journey. Gathering and analyzing data has been made as effective as possible, thanks to Chatbots. Marketers can now just need to run and split test on personalized messages. This makes them able to craft a tailored plan for every lead on social media as well as on websites.

Sending Relevant Recommendations

Chatbots are a fantastic opportunity to deliver information that is relevant to customer’s needs. They make interactions qualified and fun. There are lots of ways to customize the conversation by personalized rebranding and to get the idea of the user’s needs. By this, you will be able to recommend a tailored solution. The strategy is proven to improve a brand’s reliability and enhance awareness.

Preparing For The Future

With the considerable success and exceptional utilization of Chatbots for marketing, anyone can bet they are made to shine brighter shortly as the new black:

AI Chatbots and Marketers

Run-Time Insights

Undoubtedly, Chatbots take the conversation to a highly personal level and make users talk to them just like a friend because they are compatible and acceptable. Businesses can save and utilize gathered data to craft personalized content via insights, creating a better user experience.

AI Chatbots and Marketers


Today, social media advertising has become more specific. Chatbots can leverage marketers with generic personalized conversations that have three times more opening rates comparatively non-personalized content (Medium). Businesses can share and suggest their products, tutorials, blogs, and even services that a user has inquired for. If the clients find it authentic, they will know where to look for in the problem. This is why they will see your company, not just a seller, but as a relevant solution provider.

AI Chatbots and Marketers

Spreading Brand Awareness

Lastly, after being more personalized with the user and having some golden insights, it’s your time to spread awareness. Most marketers recommend pushing brand identity in a single direction for prospects. Therefore, Chatbots are still preferred to infuse the live entity into the personality of a brand. They also facilitate conversations to enhance and spread brand awareness.

Let’s Sum It Up

Lastly, Chatbots are absolute and exciting in dealing with customer care. With Chatbots, marketers can personalize and customize conversations to a greater extend. Concerning their UX and UI, their adaptability is the best that any brand can rely on for serving clients with the right edge. A utility centric and well-planned Chatbot is a wellspring of leveraging marketing tactics. Not to mention, extraordinarily fun-filled and useful way to connect to the audiences. ‘Thus, AI Chatbots just the beginning; opportunities are unlimited, and possibilities are endless. It’s up to you how you utilize Chatbots, infusing passion, and creativity.