A Very Cool LinkedIn Sales Infographic from Salesforce you Can Use and Your LinkedIn Sales Plan

In my 1st Linkedin Sales and Branding book I stated that it is not the exact amount of time you spend on LinkedIn that matters, but how you spend your time and the quality of your network and Groups. Today, I came across a cool blog post from Salesforce Canada on “The Minimalist’s Guide to Sales Prospecting on LinkedIn” and was glad to see other writers and LinkedIn users think the same way. You can grab the infographic they created at the end of this blog post.

I know, by trial and error and over 10 years of solid experience as a LinkedIn premium Sales member and coach that there are many ways you can waste time on LinkedIn without actually selling. This is the biggest problem that LinkedIn members come to me with and are generally at the point, when they want to leave LinkedIn. Then they find me and I turn them around. Seriously. It is true. There are countless of business professionals on LinkedIn who have struggled to find an ROI to the $59.99/month they pay for their Sales Premium accounts.

It isn’t about LinkedIn networking for the sake of networking or growing a following as it may seem on Twitter. It is really about the quality of your networks and Groups and most importantly, about following a custom LinkedIn Daily Sales Plan. How can you spend minimal time on LinkedIn and get the highest ROI from your Premium Subscription monthly payments? Once you do have a content marketing plan for LinkedIn and an action guide, you will know with what to post and how to post. Further, you will have identified influencers in your network with whom you can share your latest LinkedIn posts and articles. Time spent wisely on LinkedIn includes:

  • Time connecting with members of Groups that are directly aligned with your Sales Plan. If you do not have a Sales Plan for your personal brand, you may benefit from Sales Training. In these connections, it is about making proper, personalized introductions where you are adding value. It is about not wasting someone else’s time. It is about getting to the point. It is about support other Group members’ original Discussions , Promotions and Job Posts.
  • Carefully writing and editing an article for the LinkedIn Writing Platform. Try one a week. If that doesnt work, try one very two weeks. If you need help writing, my Content Writing team can help. We have ghost written for hundreds of business professionals on LinkedIn. Writing a great post may take more than an hour. Quality counts. If you are great at writing or have great knowledge and work with a writer, this is an excellent way to build up your selling visibility via personal branding on LinkedIn.
  • Spending time in the morning congratulating people in your network for new business moves, promotions and then actually reaching out to them to arrange a call to catch up.
  • Posting relevant content to your connections, the public, twitter and your Groups based on a specific sales plan.
  • Reading and providing supportive comments to posts by others in your network. The same goes for sharing of that content.
  • Identifying opportunities for you to introduce people in your network to each other. Becoming a resource on LinkedIn is an important thing when it comes to becoming a valued salesperson.

I found the piece and infographic created by Salesforce Canada to be helpful in supporting having a proper plan and proper usage of LinkedIn as the #1 B2B Sales Social Networking tool. Check it out:

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Via Salesforce