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10 Reasons Why LinkedIn is Important to Grow Your Business

Having more than 700 million members spread across the globe, LinkedIn has evolved into a powerful marketing tool. With…

Dinesh Agarwal
January 12, 2022

Is LinkedIn Just Business, or Pleasure Too?

LinkedIn has changed from a stuffy professional platform into one that encourages personal sharing and funny videos. Is this…

Sahail Ashraf
December 7, 2021

Why 46 Percent of LinkedIn Ads Fail

Most B2B marketing benchmark reports are completely useless. That’s because either 1) the results were generated through surveys, which…

Howard J. Sewell
November 29, 2021

Executives Need to Get a Lot More Real in 2022 on LinkedIn

2021 was the year executives got more active on LinkedIn. And, for many us who have been urging execs…

Arik Hanson
November 24, 2021

5 Things to Focus on Before Running Paid Advertising on LinkedIn

Advertising on LinkedIn is very effective. Many companies from different industries and sizes have had great success using all…

Jim Cusick
November 16, 2021

9 Recommendations to Get the Most From Your LinkedIn Promoted Posts

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of questions from friends and clients about LinkedIn advertising–specifically promoted posts. And it…

Arik Hanson
November 15, 2021

What I Learned About “Going Viral” on LinkedIn Last Week

Last week I had my first experience with a post of mine “going viral” on LinkedIn. The funny thing…

Arik Hanson
November 5, 2021

Do I Have Control of My Employees’ LinkedIn Activity?

The question of whether or not you have control over what your employees do with their LinkedIn profiles and…

Jim Cusick
November 2, 2021

7 LinkedIn Automation Tools to Reach Out to More Leads

LinkedIn is no longer limited to a job-seeking platform; it now allows brands to create company pages to promote…

Sweta Panigrahi
October 27, 2021

Over 50: The Biggest LinkedIn Profile Mistakes to Avoid

If a tree falls in a forest, but no one hears it, does it make a sound? I like…

Wendy Marx
October 25, 2021

Pet Peeves: LinkedIn Surveys

This is #B2BPetPeeves week (Thanks Hank Barnes and friends). This morning I started scrolling through my LinkedIn Feed. I…

Dave Brock
October 16, 2021

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