Social MediaLast year, I wrote an article that discusses the readiness of social media on this ‘sweetest’ day of the year. I concluded that there will be an extreme number of posts regarding Valentine’s Day – those could be negative or positive sentiments, but they should still blast off social media. I asked, “Is Social Media Ready for Valentine’s Day?” but I think the answer is already obvious. Yes, it is! It should be.

Now, considering that, I’ll try to share some tips on how to creatively use social media on Valentine’s Day. I’m pretty sure that these will still be applicable on the coming years, so keep these things in mind, especially if you have a healthy relationship with your special someone, family, friends, pets, and ‘frienemies.’


The most creative way I could think of using Twitter on V’day is to retweet quotes and mention the person you want to say the message to. Here’s an example:

There surely are a lot of Twitter users or profiles that focuses on sharing love quotes every day, so you won’t definitely run out of tweets to share! And oh, of course, don’t forget using #hashtags, especially if you desire to gain more followers on that day. “Happy Valentines Day” will surely be trending.


We all know that this social media platform is for professionals only, but that doesn’t mean we cannot celebrate V’day there. The best way I could think of is by posting your greetings as a new discussion on your groups. It can benefit you in two ways: 1.) Your presence will increase because you would be able to reach a wider audience, and 2.) You will be able to put a smile on the members’ faces, even for just a while.

Another way is to post a profile status update that looks more like that of Facebook. It could be useful at times like this because almost everyone on the platform knows and feels the presence of Valentine’s Day. It won’t be annoying at all. Isn’t it great to at least take a break from using LinkedIn professionally?

Moreover, if you’re also managing a LinkedIn company page, this will be a great time to greet your followers. It could be easy as 1, 2, and 3! Look at the screenshot below:


That’s it! My tips are pretty quick and simple, but I do hope that they will be helpful for you, even in a little way. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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