What if there were 10 rules that you could implement and live by that would build your teams leadership skills effectively, would you be interested? In this episode of The Solutions Oriented Leader Podcast I am going to share with you my 10 rules for building your teams leadership skills successfully.

It’s simply a matter of creating the right organizational culture. Specifically, you’ll want to build a company culture in which your team members can all develop effective team leadership skills. As a transformational leadership keynote speaker, I’ve worked with many companies and associations who have recognized the importance of building their teams leadership skills

The question is how? How can you encourage the people who work with you to develop effective leadership skills? Let me share my 10 rules for building your teams leadership skills and you will be on your way!

10 Rules for Building Your Teams Leadership Skills

Rule #1 Be the example

Your team is going to be watching every step you make it’s no different than your children they do exactly what you do. You must set the example of true leadership. When I deliver a transformational leadership keynote speech, I use examples of leaders who are walking their talk because that’s what works!

Rule #2 acknowledge and recognize your team members strengths

As a solutions-oriented leader if you attempt to do all the work yourself you will never be successful. There are many people on your team that have strengths that you do not possess it’s important to acknowledge their strengths and utilized them to benefit the team. This will have a positive effect empowering your team members and growing their leadership skills at the same time.

Rule #3 empower each member of your team to make decisions

if you want your team to grow their transformational leadership skills and become solutions-oriented leaders, they need to make decisions on their own. Of course, they’re going to fail and make wrong decisions that’s all part of the growing process. If you don’t allow this to happen, you will stagnate the team and prevent the growth of their leadership skills.

Rule #4 people like responsibility

if you really want to retain your best employees and see them grow it’s important to add additional responsibilities to their plate. This has an empowering effect on their leadership skills and growth potential as a transformational leader. It also shows them that there is a possibility of growth opportunities in their future.

Rule #5 trust is the key

when you help your team members to develop their leadership skills it’s important that you place a large level of trust in what they’re about to do. Understanding the importance of trust when you are developing your teams transformational leadership skills is not easy, however the benefits are enormous.

Rule #6 future pace your team to victory

Another way you could use transformation of leadership skills to grow your team’s leadership skills is by future pacing them to victory! This simply means showing them what things will look like when they become transformational leaders by keeping them focused on the goals and objectives of the team.

Rule #7 push your team to be the best

As a transformational leadership keynote speaker and executive coach, I understand the importance of pushing your team to be the best. The best athletes and entrepreneurs in the world push their teams to achieve goals they never thought they could accomplish! The key is to understand when to push and went to hold back.

Rule #8 give respect

One of the hallmarks of transformational leaders is that they command the respect of their colleagues and peers. If you want to develop a whole team of transformational leaders who are making a difference you must give respect to get respect! Whenever I’m delivering a transformational leadership keynote speech the first people, I make sure to acknowledge are the audiovisual team who are in charge of the cameras and the audio. They are also in charge of my life when I’m working so I give them the ultimate respect as soon as I entered the building.

Rule #9 praise, visualization and affirmation

Everyone wants love appreciation and respect and if you want to become a solutions-oriented leader and develop your teams skills you must praise, visualize and affirm your message consistently. This can truly help motivate your team to achieve goals above their expectations.

Rule #10 don’t feed into fear

Too many people fall into fear and I always say fear stands for (false evidence appearing real). Most of the things we worry about never happen! However, if we do focus on all of the worst things that could possibly happen, we will eventually attract that into our lives. That’s why it’s important to keep future pacing your team with a motivational message.

I believe if you implement these 10 rules for building your team’s leadership skills your results will far exceed your expectations and you will have developed through your transformational leadership skills, an entire team of solutions-oriented leaders.