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Dr.  Rick Goodman is one of the most sought-after leadership and engagement experts today.  His keynote presentations and workshops have produced transformational results leading to highly engaged employees, increased productivity and HIGHER PROFITS.

Dr. Rick has delivered over 1,000 presentations in all 50 states and in 23 countries. He is a “Certified Speaking Professional” (CSP), which is the speaker profession’s international measure of speaking experience and skill. Fewer than one percent of all professional speakers worldwide hold this designation.

In addition to his 30-year speaking career, Dr. Rick is the author of three books: His first book titled “Living A Championship Life - A Game Plan For Success” combined his success philosophy with stories compiled during his tenure as one of the team physicians for the Super Bowl Champion St. Louis Rams.  

His quest to solve our world’s newest challenge, communicating with our children in the age of social media and cell phones led to the book “Jamie’s Journey - Travels with My Dad” written by his then 16-year-old daughter. Dr. Rick’s latest book “The Solutions Oriented Leader - Your Comprehensive Guide to Achieve World-Class Results” was #1 on Amazon Kindle when it was released.

Dr. Rick is also a successful entrepreneur who walks his talk and shares his winning philosophies with his audiences. He has built several extremely successful multimillion-dollar businesses and uses those experiences to provide solutions for his clients and audiences throughout the world.

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Workplace Culture

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April 24, 2021

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March 27, 2021