Influencer marketing is developing rapidly. More and more brands are redirecting their ad budgets to this channel. According to HypeAuditor, the size of the Instagram influencer marketing market in 2020 was more than $ 5 billion.

If you don’t already use influencers to promote your brand, then perhaps these five compelling benefits will convince you to pay attention to this promotion channel.

1. People block ads but watch influencer content on social media

Ad blockers are very common. Now, about a third of all users have some kind of ad-blocking technology helping to prevent online advertisements being presented to them.

However, ad block does not mean brands are unable to reach their target audience online but instead, has simply changed the way advertising is curated and has created its own evolution; influencer marketing.

People are happy to consume and respond to content from influencers. Using influencers to promote your product assures you that content will not be blocked and will be seen by your target audience. Of course, provided that you choose the right influencer.

2. Influencers produce relatively inexpensive content

It’s expensive to produce branded content. You need a photographer, a model, a location, it all costs a lot of money. At the same time, an influencer with a small subscription base will be happy to work with you for a small fee or in exchange for your product/service.

The influencer will independently produce the content, make a promo on its subscriber base.

Creator’s content tends to look more natural and authentic than branded content and gets more likes and comments on social media.

3. Influencers increase the level of trust in your product

People trust people and buy from people. The right creator has an impact on his audience. If your product suits the creator, then his recommendation will look natural and increase the level of trust in your product.

You will be able to repurpose and use the content that the influencer will create on your website, your social networks, which will also increase the level of trust.

People love it when a person, not a brand, talks about a product.

4. Influencers increase your social media presence

Increasing your follower count may not be the goal of your campaign, but it will be a welcome addition.

Your subscribers become part of your owned media. They are connected with you and you don’t have to pay extra money to deliver your content to them.

Over time, your followers can become loyal followers of your brand. When an influencer mentions your account, a new audience goes to you, and if they like your brand and your content, they stay with you.

5. Influencer marketing becomes a performance channel and you can predict its results

The time has passed when posting with an influencer was a pig in a poke. Brands gain experience in placement, and with experience comes numbers and an accurate understanding of what works and what doesn’t. You can calculate in advance the effect of placing your ad on an influencer’s feed. Taking account indicators as a basis, you can predict the number of likes, comments, reach of an influencer’s post. This allows you to more accurately plan budgets and campaign results.

Influencer marketing is growing, and influencer marketing budgets are increasing. As always, the winners will be those companies that learn to use the full power of influencers before others.

If you are still thinking about whether this channel is right for you, then it may be worth giving it a try, especially since the test input is not so large and a few thousand dollars may be enough for you to evaluate its effectiveness.

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