Any business must have a marketing plan, and the audience must also be defined elaborately if it is to succeed. Video marketing is certainly not a new form of advertising, but it is now becoming an integral channel of marketing and advertising of business brands. Once you know your business objects and the audience, you can use the online videos to market your business and achieve great results. According to Invespcro, 90% of marketers think that video marketing is crucial to the success of their online business. Moreover, 81% of online businesses now use video marketing compared to only 63% that used it last year. These statistics show that video marketing is the holy Grail of online business.

The State of video marketing

Why do consumers like videos?

There has to be something about online videos that attracts consumers. It is no coincidence that 60% of consumers prefer to watch online videos than to watch TV. According to Digital Marketing Institute, consumers like watching online videos because they are entertaining, easy to digest, informative and devoid of unnecessary content and easily accessible. Watching TV on the other hand comes with additional buggage. From unwanted ads and content-which you have no control over-to inconvenience and expensive makes TV a declining choice for both markerters and consumers. Simply put, online videos are easily accessible to anyone with internet access and the content is easy and cheap to produce.

Videos triumph over text as well

It is not only TV that online videos boast clear advantage over. Consumers also prefer watching online videos to reading plain text. According to research by Core insight, when online consumers are presented with both text and video content on the same website, 72% of consumers tend to watch video content than read plain text in order to learn about a service or product. In another 2019 study by Wyzowl, 87% of online consumers say they would love to see brands produce more video content with 79% of them saying videos have persuaded them to make a purchase decision in the past.

Having clearly learnt that online videos are the best way to attract audience and improve sales as well as brand engagements, it is time to invest in producing great marketing videos. With more online businesses going for video content, obviously those that will produce quality video content will have an edge. So do not just produce a video, any video. Invest in producing highest quality video content that engage.


Videos can give you an edge over your competition no matter how big. Invest in quality and authenticity as well as understand the right time to publish your videos. It is also worth noting that shorter videos tend to do better than longer videos.

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