Text message marketing and email marketing both cater to business owners looking for an affordable mass communication method. Both marketing methods encourage brands to send out valuable information and exclusive offers. On the surface, they appear extremely similar, but if you dig deeper, you’ll realize the benefits to each method. While email marketing has been around for a while and built up a noteworthy fan base, text marketing is new to the arena. In this infographic, you will see a comparison between open rates, click through rates and overall effectiveness of the two methods.

The average open rate of a text message sits at about 99%, while email ranges from 28-33%. Next to this, the click through rates are vastly different. Include a link in your text message, and you will observe a CTR of about 36%. For email marketing, the CTR usually sits between 6-7%.

With email marketing, research shows that the more messages, the better. On the contrary, text message marketing preaches exclusivity. Most successful users send between 4-6 campaigns a month, while email marketing finds better response and engagement rates with up to 30 campaigns a month.

Although text message marketing isn’t the end all be all, these numbers speak to the high level of effectiveness. Never center your marketing strategy around one method. Instead, create cohesive campaigns with several high performing tactics. At the end of the day, it’s all about ROI. Pick the methods that give you the most bang for your buck. Set goals around each campaign. Go into it knowing what you want. Are you looking to directly increase sales, or do you want to gather hundreds of qualified leads? Maybe you’re just trying to increase brand awareness, and that’s completely acceptable.

Use this infographic to help you decide how email marketing and text message marketing can help you grow your business.

The original infographic can be found on the SlickText.com blog.

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