Social media has really changed customer service behavior in recent years. The days of telephone, fax, letters and email are gone and social media is becoming more prominent when it comes to offering customer support and services. According to Invespcro, more than 80% of customers use social media to engage brands. This is huge! In other words, your would be losing big if you don’t invest in social media customer support. If you fail to monitor the market, stay on top of the latest trends and strategize, you risk being left behind in an era where everything seems to move very fast.

The State of Social media customer support– Statistics and Trends

So what do you have to do to maintain superior customer support services?

According to Future Customer, today’s consumers are full of higher expectations of the quality of services and products offered and are active on social media. Therefore, they expect brands to offer social media customer support. Therefore, businesses have to offer more efficient social media content, services and support. In order to offer more successful social media interactions, companies should be more mindful of their approach to customers on social media. Here are few things you need to consider when trying to improve your social media support.

  1. Make use of technology.

Many companies are investing heavily in social customer support through the use of technology and there is no reason you should be left behind. Investing and innovating around social media customer experience has become as important as the product itself. As a business owner, you cannot possibly be successful without being technologically compliant especially when it comes to utilizing social media and being on the loop in the emerging trends in customer service. Things like data analytics, augmented reality, cybersecurity, omnichannel support and live chat are some of the things that you require to invest in. by leveraging on these technologies, you will be making the right decision for your business to succeed. By the way, did you know that answering a social media complaint can greatly improve your brand advocacy by 25%?

  1. Create trust

Offering social media customer support could be an indicator of trust. 33% of customers would rather contact a brand via social media than via a phone simply because of convenience and trust. So this offers a great opportunity for companies to provide their customers with trustworthy information. You can use your social media to build relationships and offer insights into your products and services.

Respond to issue quickly

Research shows that 68% of customers expect their issues to be resolved within 2 hours. In fact, 37% expect a response within 30 minutes. Users want to be able to have their issues resolved through a chat much the same way they would talk to a friend. They don’t expect protocols and long waiting times. Therefore a conversational approach is critical.

Although implementing world-class social media support can be challenging, when you do it right, you stand a great chance of growing a loyal, and returning customer who will be your brand ambassador as well.

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