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Great news! You have subscribers. Every week, maybe even every day, you plan on sending out ‘newsletters’ to your customers. This is an email marketing strategy that allows you to do a lot with your business, more or less with the touch of a button. A newsletter is a valuable tool for both your company and your customers. By taking the right approach to your newsletters, you can get your name out there more, enhance your relationships with your customers, and ultimately increase sales for your company.

But, before you get going, there are a few things you should know about creating your newsletter. Here’s what you should and shouldn’t be doing.

newsletter, email newsletter, email marketing, marketing automation, subscribers

You Should:

Target Your Audience

Who is this newsletter going to? Surely, just because they are all your customers, doesn’t mean they all have the same interests or needs. Using a marketing automation tool like The Mission Suite, you can take a look at your audience and get the information organized. By taking a look at your demographics, the buyers’ history, and your own goals of the company, you can create a newsletter that’s personalized for your target audience.

Include Meaningful Information

If a customer has already subscribed, it means you’re doing something right so far. This person obviously has an interest in what you’re offering, and they want to hear more from you. Hone in on that. Understand what it is that may have gotten this person to subscribe in the first place. From there, make sure your newsletters are not only informative but exciting to read. Try to incorporate humor, facts, something that could be relative to the reader’s everyday life, as well as some images.

Talk About What’s New

Got any sales coming around the corner? Holiday specials? Maybe a promo code that will have the customer save money on their overall purchase? These are all very important things you want to highlight in your newsletter. In fact, most people will open the newsletter if they know there’s an incentive to do so. Consider that before you click the send button.

Have a Strong Subject Line

If there is an incentive you’re including in your newsletter, it should be clear from the moment it arrives in your readers’ inbox. The way to do this is by creating a strong subject line. There are services that can automate a good one for you; one that will leave customers hanging so that they’ll open up the newsletter.

newsletter, email newsletter, email marketing, marketing automation, subscribers

You Shouldn’t:

Write a Novel

Unless you’re a publishing company or you’re selling author who wants to give away a free eBook, do not write a novel in your newsletter. Keep it short, advisably less than 500 words. Remember, getting readers to open emails in the first place is hard enough. Getting them to stay in that email and actually read it is even harder. Keep it simple and lighthearted; something they can take with them throughout the day and maybe say, “Hey, I read this thing this morning…”

Have an Unorganized Schedule

If your newsletters are good enough, your audience will really look forward to having them appear in their inbox. Perhaps every week you send out information on where your client can find discounts on vacation deals, or where they can save money at a restaurant this week. Well, that sure won’t be relevant if you send it out on Saturday morning when the discount ends that same evening. Make sure your email newsletters are consistently scheduled, so your readers know what to expect and when to expect it.

Use Strange Fonts or Create Eyesores

The most important thing when it comes to your newsletter is that it’s readable. Besides the writing actually being fluid, you need to also be sure that the text itself and everything surrounding that text isn’t an eyesore for the reader. Stick with readable fonts, neutral colors, and basic images. And, make sure you change it up once in a while, too. If you constantly use the same layout, readers will get bored.

Be Modest

Of course, we should all be a little modest. But in this case, modesty won’t give you the results you’re looking for. We’re talking about putting yourself out there all the way. A newsletter is a great way to remind new customers who you are. Therefore, your newsletters should include backlinks to your landing pages, call to action buttons, and sharing icons so that your readers can spread the love.

The Mission Suite can provide you with all the information you need to create awesome newsletters for your subscribers. Request a demo and learn more today.

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