How To Make Money With NewslettersWhether you have been running a newsletter for your company or organization for a long time, or you are thinking about doing one, you may wonder about whether you should run advertising in newsletters. Or perhaps you are looking to run ads in someone else’s newsletter, and want to know whether it is a good use of your money. Well, there is real value to running advertising in newsletters, making it a win-win for both parties. Here are some reasons:

For the newsletter publisher:

Financial benefit

Depending upon how many ads you run, and how much you are able to charge, you can get money for your costs in running your newsletter, and even more money that can go towards your business, or towards you making more money in your profession.

Additional credibility

Newsletter publishers may worry that they might turn off readers by running ads. But sometimes, a funny thing happens – they may gain credibility with their subscribers by doing so. That is because if the ads are professional-looking, and from a company or organization that is of interest to the subscribers, the advertisements can potentially give the newsletter more credibility, because it is popular enough to draw such advertising interest.

For the newsletter advertiser:

Reasonable cost

It is a proven fact that advertising can improve sales and interest in your company. However, many advertising opportunities out there, such as Google AdSense, radio or television advertising, or print display ads, can be very expensive.  Newsletter advertisements can be much more in your price range, especially if you are an up-and-coming company.

A targeted audience

Not only can newsletter ads potentially cost much less than other forms of advertising, but you can finely target your audience. For example, if you sell gourmet dog food, you can advertise in a newsletter for dog lovers, and have a built-in audience. If you run the ads through a newsletter advertising company like LiveIntent, you can even target the ads even further, by only having the ads run in newsletter subscribers who fit the demographic criteria you are looking for.

The halo effect

What the halo effect means is that you may get some sales or interest from your ads because you are subscribing in a newsletter that people like. The readers may have such good feelings for the newsletter, that they want to support those who support it. It is something to consider when considering newsletter advertising.

In summary, whether you are a publisher or an advertiser, advertising in newsletters can have some terrific benefits.