Are you ready to take a step forward? Email marketing automation can help you do it faster.

Even though email marketing is decades old, it’s still one of the most effective promotional tools for businesses of all types and sizes. If you want to take full advantage of email marketing, you need to learn how to automate the process.

In the modern era, when AI and machine learning are taking over the world, staying behind the competition is easy. All you have to do is ignore the progress.

Email marketing automation can boost your company’s promotional campaign productivity, especially if you take care of the best available tools.

Automatic emails? Boring, non-personalized, and ineffective, right? Completely wrong! These days, an automated email can be individualized, full of valuable content and highly convertible. Want to learn more?

Read on. This simple 10-minute read could change your life and incentivize your customers to engage with you. Or at least boost the efficiency of your marketing campaign.

What Is Email Marketing Automation?

Newsletters, special offers, one-time campaigns are designed to be mailed out to the potential or existing clients on your email list. Basically, you send the same information to hundreds of people with one click.

An automatic email campaign needs your attention once as well. However, it sends the message to individuals only if and when they meet certain criteria.

For example, you need to send a welcome email every time a person signs up for your website. You create this email to welcome the person and tell him or her about the benefits awaiting them at the website. Then you tell a program to send this email only after the signup occurs.

It would be a considerable waste of money to craft such emails manually each time someone signs up. Instead, the program monitors the signup actions and sends the email at just the right time without your assistance.

This is what email automation is about. You create an email just once, and it is mailed every time a person meets certain criteria, such as signing up or making a purchase or abandoning the cart, etc.

This automation option is an excellent way to free up your time and help you save money on marketing efforts.

Email automation
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Email Marketing Automation and Validation Tools

Email marketing automation sounds amazing, doesn’t it? But in order for it to work properly, you need to have a clean email list. By sending automated messages to wrong addresses and getting bounced responses, you are nullifying all the benefits provided by email marketing automation programs.

People tend to make typos and share wrong addresses. Without checking each email address, you are bound to make unfortunate mailing mistakes. Your entire email marketing campaign could be hindered by just a couple of wrong emails.

How does it happen? You spend your time and money on drafting content and setting up email automation programs. Imagine a person signing up to your website and not getting the welcome email. In the majority of cases, these clients simply forget that they signed up.

Email validation

Now imagine a person leaving the cart without making a purchase because of some distraction. Without sending an automated abandoned cart email, you may never make the sale. But the email may never get to the recipient due to a silly typing error.

In order for the email marketing automation to work properly, you have to consider an email checker API program. It can maintain your email list hygiene and make sure all your emails reach the recipients.

While checking the email list by hand is possible, it takes a long time while removing the automation from the picture.

Boosting Productivity With Email Marketing Automation

Here are a few ways you can boost your company’s productivity by email marketing automation coupled with validation tools.

1. Improve Your Customer Relationships

Email marketing automation helps you build a closer relationship with your customers by creating ”Happy Birthday” emails. You can also make the right connection by sending personalized welcome and “thank you” emails. The “thank you” emails are usually so often neglected, and yet, they help your users know you’re staying up to date with them and always happy to jump into conversations.

Without email automation, such messages would take too much time, especially for a large customer base. With the program, you can establish an excellent client-provider connection without too much effort.

2. Sell More Products

While you are analyzing the purchases your customers are making and the way they are making them, you can use the data to sell more with email automation.

For example, sending abandoned carts emails timely can bring back many forgetful customers. Or sending special offers on the items your clients have been viewing can help them make a better purchase.

Email automation also helps you follow up on purchases to make sure your customers are happy. They are a great way to get much-needed reviews for company analysis and further marketing efforts.

You can also personalize product recommendations based on what clients have been purchasing.

3. Bring Back Old Clients

Did you know that 80 percent of future profits come from just 20 percent of your existing customers? That’s why it’s vital not to lose your old clients.

Email marketing automation can help you bring the old clients back by giving them an incentive, such as discounts or new product offers.

By automating your email marketing process you can make sure none of the existing customers are lost. By nurturing the relationship with them, you can boost your sales tremendously.

4. Get Valuable Feedback

Feedback is your chance for improvement and a big assistant for bringing in new customers. Email marketing automation can help you get valuable feedback from your existing clients.

Every time they make a purchase, a follow-up email with the request for feedback should appear in their mailbox.

5. Capitalize on Promotions

By arranging sales from time to time, you hope to attract new clients and lure back old ones. But not all products are created equal. Some clients may benefit from the sales while others don’t need the products you lower the price on.

Email promotions

Email marketing automation can help you notify the right clients about the upcoming promotions without any time-consuming manual work.

Final Thoughts

Email marketing automation is an excellent way to nurture relationships with your clients and save time and money on the marketing campaign. However, it’s only possible with a clean email list.

By taking full advantage of email marketing automation, you can stay ahead of the competition and boost your company’s productivity.

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