Snowflakes, fairy lights, reindeer and Santa! With these things showing up all over the internet, we know it is time to gear up with Christmas marketing campaigns. The biggest holiday of the year is just a month away and this is the peak time for marketers to run campaigns to display their brand’s holiday offerings and connect with their customers, members and followers.

Email marketers have begun creating and sending glittering festive emails for Christmas to shout out their brand’s offerings. Here are some of our favorites from last year’s Christmas; we’re sure they’ll help you with last minute ideas and tweaks. And if you haven’t begun yet, use these Christmas sale email examples as design inspirations.

Add gamification to keep the subscribers engaged

Brand: Two

This email from Two effectively makes use of interactive gamification to add to the festive feel of Christmas. The brand sends wishes and allows the subscribers to engage with the email by encouraging them to decorate the Christmas tree. To improve social sharing, the brand asks to share the decorated Christmas tree creations on Twitter using #XmasHTreeMail.

Share gift ideas and easy gifting guides

Brand: Neiman Marcus

Subject Line: Forget someone? Get a gift to them by Christmas

Christmas is a lot about giving gifts to loved ones. Your subscribers are constantly looking out for ideas and suggestions for Christmas gifts.

This email from Neiman Marcus is all about GiftNow, that helps subscribers and last-minute gift shoppers with cool gift ideas. The subject line is enticing, and the copy is concise with a clear CTA. Moreover, apart from the product images, the email has a video that provides further information.

Neiman Marcus_christmas email
To view interactivity, click on the image

Go out of your way and say Thanks!

Brand: Woolrich

Subject Line: Merry Christmas & Winter Clearance Sale

Christmas marks the end of the year, and it is a good occasion to say thanks to your subscribers and customers. Show your gratitude to them by sending them creative emails that sell nothing but simply thank your customers for doing business over the last year- like this email from Woolrich. The email also focuses on promoting the winter clearance sale. The brand highlights the offer in the pre-header and uses attractive imagery to promote the sale.

Woolrich_christmas email

Send a series of emails and create urgency

Brand: David Jones

Subject Line: Today’s Christmas offer is… all about the finishing touches

Brands like David Jones send a series called “# Days of Christmas” to promote their Christmas offers. The brand uses subject lines that are easy to understand and promote different offers daily. With the use of a countdown timer, the brand creates a sense of urgency that entices them to click. The offers are distinct yet catchy and are represented using a right balance of white space and images.

To view interactivity, click on the image

Use attention-grabbing GIFs

Brand: Terrain

Subject Line: Get cozy.

Using GIFs and interactive elements in your emails is a great way to get subscribers inquisitive about and interested in your brand’s offers.

This email from Terrain uses GIF animation to exhibit their winter warm-up products. The images and CTA lure the subscribers to click-through and place the order to get them delivered before Christmas.

To view interactivity, click on the image

Provide a Sneak Peek of the sale items

Brand: Public Desire

Subject Line: We just couldn’t wait to give you this

Showcase your sale products in the Christmas sale emails to draw the customers’ attention towards making the purchase.

This email from Public Desire emphasizes on the Christmas sale offer and then displays a set of items with the sizes and prices. Moreover, it has an offer for last-minute shoppers that is made prominent using GIF animation. With the right combination of colors and an eye-catchy CTA, the email is not just apt for Christmas but can be used for any sale.

To view interactivity, click on the image

Wrapping Up:

Christmas is all about spreading the joy! Try to bring a smile on your subscribers’ faces by sending attractive and lively emails.

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